Monday 10th of August 2020

Trump Says Adding His Face to Mount Rushmore 'sounds Like a Good idea'.

Retweet if they should put President Trump on Mount Rushmore!
I think if you kill 160,000 plus Americans they feel less inclined to put you on mount Rushmore.
White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding President Trump to Mount Rushmore, New York Times reports.
Now we find out that govkristinoem's FLATTERY of Trump has a purpose--getting Trump to DITCH VP Pence and have her as his running mate. Hmm.
When 2 died of Ebola they said Obama should resign. When 4 died in Benghazi they said Hillary should go to jail. When 162,000 died from the Trump Virus, they said put him on Mount Rushmore.
Trump has been in the zone since his speech at mount rushmore. He is unleashed and fighting like hell for the American people. I love it.
Donald Trump has completely insane meltdown about Mount Rushmore PalmerReport Once again proving ... TrumpleThinSkin has no business running a Country, let alone a Country Club. (Bedbugs be Best).
Barack Obama should be on Mount Rushmore.
White House aides reached out to South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem last year about the process of adding additional presidents to Mount Rushmore. Noem then greeted Trump last month with a four-foot replica of Mount Rushmore that included his face.

Who will finish Mount Rushmore? (Via joey_ross1358).
Trump asked the governor of South Dakota to add his face to Mount Rushmore. There isn't anyone left in the United States who doesn't know that Trump is a psychopath. There are just people who like that he's a psychopath.

Trump just called the media Fake News for reporting that he wanted to be put on Mount Rushmore. In the same tweet, he also suggested that he wanted to be put on Mount Rushmore. You cant make this crap up!

There's no way trump deserves to be put on Mount Rushmore, especially after FAILING 160,000 Americans who died, and millions more who are broke and suffering. But President Obama? DEFINITELY.
Imagine stealing an election, caging children, extorting an ally, being impeached, killing 165k citizens, but still hoping to be on Mount Rushmore and receive the Nobel Peace Prize.
The bot doesn't do links. He shared a picture of himself at Mount Rushmore after denying that he asked South Dakota to add his face to it.
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Put me on Mount Rushmore too while youre at it!
Mount Rushmore is just 4 giant white dudes staring down at you. Its like if mansplaining were a landmark.
Donald Trump's night so far: - Goes berserk about Scaramucci - Meltdown about Mount Rushmore - This guy has totally lost the plot - Trump is going to prison - It's still only 11pm Donald Trump goes totally berserk about Anthony Scaramucci of all people.

I hope Trump lives to see the day that Barack Obama gets his face on Mount Rushmore. Whos with me?
The whole country is falling apart, and Donald Trump has nothing better to do than yell around about Mount Rushmore and attack Scaramucci. WHAT THE FUCK?
Definitely on the Mount Rushmore of killers of Americans.
New York Times: White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore.
Trump for Mount Rushmore. Who is with me?!
Why does he feel the need to be on Mount Rushmore, when he's already on MountRapemore.
160,000 dead and the president wants to figure out a way to get on mont Rushmore.
I didn't know they carved faces into urinals at Mount Rushmore.
One day Barack Obama will actually be on Mount Rushmore. I only hope it is during Trumps lifetime.
The Fake News got it all wrong! I never asked to be put on Mount Rushmore, I asked them to blow up those failed presidents (who I am treated worse than) and replace the mountain with a Giant Golden Statue of me! Nobody deserves a statue more than me, believe me!

Logged onto twitter to see Trump wants to be added to Mount Rushmore.
Asshole you've done nothing to deserve to be on Mount Rushmore.
Forget Mount Rushmore. Trump should get his own mountain.
NYT: White House reached out to South Dakota governor about adding Trump to Mount Rushmore - CNNPolitics.
Trump wants his face carved on Mount Rushmore: source As a memorial for 160,000 Americans killed on his watch.
If America has to have a giant sculpture of the tangerine shitgibbon, surely put it somewhere more appropriate than Mount Rushmore. Maybe Rikers Island?
StolenSceptre SoCalTanya sarrahh011 Good Morning, Petra ***nulb I Hope You Are Well... I Love Your Description Of Trump On Mount Rushmore... Brilliant.
If you think they should add realDonaldTrump to Mount Rushmore!

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Put it up there!

Old pig eyes.



Absolutely a good idea.

Total bs fake news.

Cmon put our fake news, trump admits its fake news and then trolls cnn back and they melt down over it.

Thatd be EPIC!

Hes right.


OMFG fancy having to look at his ugly face everyday NO THANKS.

Its a complete lie! But I like it!


And this is how most of us feel about that. Doesnt surprise me he wants his giant narcissistic face on stolen land.

Trump 2021.

He doesn't even deserve a sandcastle with his face on it.