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Did I save it or did I exit out accidentally? Better do it again and pay attention.
A sound effect for successful save is actually really useful. When I hear a good chime, I don't feel the need to save an extra time. Every game should have one so it's as obvious as possible that the save happened.

Nothing worse than a corrupted save file.

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Never only once. Manual save. Then immediately manual save again. That's a bare minimum.

One of the most relatable post i have ever seen.

I googled "how to save" and it said the game autosaves and i was like a'ight cool and turned off my xbox. next time i booted up i was back at the beginning. never again.

Auto save should be a standard in every game...but every now and then someone breaks that rule (leers at Digimon Cyberspace) and never again can I trust.

Once or twice? You clearly dont know what trust issues is.

]wait, did i save?]().

Me, every time I have to do something which requires jumping from ledge to ledge: <jump><save>,<jump><save>,<jump><save>,<jump><save> THANK YOU GOD I MADE IT <savesavesavitysave>.

I think most of everyone here does it. I do.

Making this same meme over and over is bad, but you making the same comment every time is even worse.

When I was a kid, I had a broken copy of Pokemon Fire Red. The game cartridge would refuse to register me saving unless I did it 5 times. So everytime I went to save, I would need to do it 5 times or it would just not register and forget my progress. That really instilled a habit of saving multiple times into me.

I do this almost religiously now after playing certain games that had auto save but it'd still reset quite a bit of my progress when I'd die.

What do you mean once or twice. I spam that save button until my finger hurts.

Yep! And if you lose all your lives? Youre fucked, too.

I blame Bethesda. I don't even trust the manual saves unless I can find the files and copy them.

Isn't it just older games in general?

Yep and always have several manual saves all with different time stamps. Not just in case of losing progress but because sometimes youre at a point where your party is just way too weak for the next boss and you only reached that point because youve used all your health potions. So going back to the exit of the dungeon is impossible. Thats where the other save file saves the day. This is why Ive never finished FF7 my party was way too weak to beat Sephiroth and I was out of potions and tents. But I only had one save. That was like more than 20 years ago and Ive never touched that game since.

Hey, those stealth missions are hard from time to time.

I remember once, cant remember what I was playing, but I kept falling to my death at one part. It would get to the point where as I was falling, Id quick load, try the jump again, fall, quick load. Next time I did it but as I was falling I hit quick save instead.

Fallout New Vegas autosaved me into a loading screen that never loads :(.

The good ol skyrim death loops only fixed by activating god mode in the console.

Yep, I think it has happened to most of us: getting an autosave in a place and time where you cant avoid dying, and using an older save to escape The problem with auto saves is that they usually override each other, so if we are stuck or the file becomes corrupt, we have to start over.

*save file corrupted due to a conflict of too many saves in a row*.

Thanks Leisure Suit Larry!

Fucking hate games where you can't do manual saves and have to rely only on the autosaves. Played Just Cause 3 recently where it's like that. And playing No Man's Sky now where you also can't just do a manual save from the pause menu, it saves every time you exit your spaceship or on save beacons you can find/make. Hate having to think about needing to go back inside my spaceship just so I can exit it so the game can make a save.

**game randomly crashes**.

There are tho. But they are far in-between.

After 12 jours of gameplay without saving... Edit: welp "jours" I will just pretend that was on purpose.

In games that allow it, I have two, or even three saves, two that I alternate between, and sometimes a third for important points, like a new chapter or entering a new region.

This man has the worlds three biggest and finest balls.

Welcome to r/gaming a subreddit full of shit.

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