Saturday 28th of August 2021

Surely For PS30m, From a Marketing And Sporting Perspective AND to Stop Him Going to Man City, Man Utd Should do The Deal And Bring Cristiano Ronaldo Back to Old Trafford.

Social Media Says

Manchester United have been direct contact with Jorge Mendes since yesterday night Cristiano Ronaldo comeback. board talking about figures deal, potential salary also Juventus. MUFC United seriously interested City too.

Manchester United preparing their official contract proposal Cristiano Ronaldo! Jorge Mendes will receive soon. confident now. MUFC Ronaldo Paul Pogba currently involved talk. City race Cristiano Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo told Jorge Mendes open join Manchester United incredible comeback. Contract sent next hours discussing with Cristiano Mendes deal until June 2023. MUFC Manchester City have never sent official proposal.

United have submitted contract offer Cristiano Ronaldo after spoke Alex Ferguson this morning.
Manchester United manager Solskjaer: Cristiano Ronaldo? We've always good communication. Bruno been talking well knows what feel about him. ever going move away from Juventus, knows HERE.

Negotiations and text exchanges with Cristiano Ronaldo's former team-mates in the early hours of this morning appear to have swung the deal in mufc's favour mulive ]MarkOgden_].
Woodwards plan... Ronaldo city rumours build mufc fans burn their Ronaldo shirts. Sign Ronaldo... Everybody shirt again. thinks
Manchester United have everything sign Cristiano Ronaldo. MUFC ]MatteMoretto].
What turn around what comeback Cant believe this happening Cristiano Ronaldo.
Cristiano Ronaldo close joining Manchester United. MUFC ]FabrizioRomano].
must admit sceptical about Ronaldo returning will almost definitely when first video Fergie meeting each other again.
Cristiano-Pogba exchange very much possible. MUFC Juventus tvdellosport).
advanced negotiations with Juventus Jorge Mendes Cristiano Ronaldo mulive ]David_Ornstein].
advanced negotiations Juventus Jorge Mendes over sensational return Trafford Cristiano Ronaldo. MUFC turned down chance recent months focused priority positions good reject.

Juventus waiting news from Jorge Mendes awaiting official approach from mufc Cristiano Ronaldo mulive ]romeoagresti].
closing sensational deal bring Cristiano Ronaldo back have moved ahead Manchester City race sign him. Talks progressed quickly Friday morning with Jorge Mendes although, yet, deal been finalised. ]Matt_Law_DT].

Alex still runs Prem.
advanced negotiations with Juventus Jorge Mendes over return Trafford Cristiano Ronaldo. ]David_Ornstein].
JUST mufc advanced negotiations with Juventus Jorge Mendes over sensational return Trafford Cristiano Ronaldo. With City pulling out, United likeliest destination Ronaldo mufc mujournal ]David_Ornstein lauriewhitwell].

Manchester United advanced negotiations with Juventus Jorge Mendes over sensational return Trafford Cristiano Ronaldo. United turned down chance recent months they focused priority positions good reject. MUFC ]David_Ornstein].

Cristiano Ronaldo 2013: play City mufc? going that. Why? Because hearts Manchester United, thats why.".
Paul Pogba: never thought that ]Varane] would come something about being transfer list. spoke about mufc, told strong team." ]BBC].
Cristiano Ronaldo's return Manchester United imminent. (DiMarzio).
Cristiano Ronaldo told Jorge Mendes that open joining mufc. contract will sent next hours. Discussions around contract until 2023 mulive ]FabrizioRomano].
Talks Cristiano Ronaldo mufc progressed quickly Friday morning with Jorge Mendes although, yet, deal been finalised mulive ]TeleFootball].
stock market reacting. Glazers will watching. Hard this happening now. because Cristiano Ronaldo great, Alex Ferguson.
Cristiano Ronaldo coming back home ladies gentlemen!!!
Ronaldo going home.
United their hijack Ronaldo deal.

What You Really Think

Absolutely not, last thing we need.

Tell Dennis Law.

Ffs. That's the point. We shouldn't be "stopping" him. He should feel that from within. There's absolutely no point otherwise. What a sh*t show.

What kinda reasoning is this? 1. If he actually wants to go to City, why would we wanna bring him over? 2. Bringing him to Utd doesn't address the immediate problems we have.

Because he doesnt want to go to a shit team.

Denis law scored the goal to relegate us and hes our legend still .. why would Ronaldo come now to a team that rebuilds at 36 I read of going to a team that is ready to with the CL I really dont blame him.

Amen to that.

So Man Utd stop City from signing 36 yr old Ronaldo City go and sign Kane or Haaland instead Man Utd left with no under-32 options for a top striker Can see why youre not DOF!

You're assuming he wants to come back to Utd. I don't believe he does.

Sorry city are far ahead in this deal rn.

If you played for man united you dont go to mancity.

30 million plus 500k a week for a 36 year old are you mad?

The stupidest thing I've ever read.

He is 35 FFS. Spend the money on the future not the past.

Dennis law and peter schmeichel would argue that.

I would by CR7 Sell cavani. Sell lingard to hammers Sell dalot to BVB Use the money then to get Saul Niguez.

And am so sure he can guarantee Atleast 20goals a season even when hes 36. And we dont have tt kinda striker now. We could easily loan martial to juve.

Take note.

Like what city did with alexis sanchez? could we please just get 1 or 2 CDMs? our actual needs?

We have Dan James! Let him go.

This got 1681 likes. My god!

If Ronaldo come to city only for money, just let him go, why mufc should be responsible for it?

So why you don't try to bring Ronaldo back?

How about Ronaldo salary ?

You don't need him!!!!! You want another Alexis situation? This clown will throw a fit each matchday he starts on the bench. It'll be petulance every other day. Write him off and know peace.

That why Fergie tried to sign Stevie G he also didn't seem to have a problem when he signed Owen easy to say when you weren't as wanted by clubs as other players.

Don't want him at United.