Wednesday 24th of June 2020

National's toddmullerBoP Suspects Undetected Community Spread of Covid-19 in NZ.

Thomas Muller's first ever match for Bayern ?
'The shambles continues': Todd Muller savages Govt, Air Commodore Webb over new quarantine dramas.
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Now that New Zealanders started to breathe again, understanding that there will be new cases of Covid-19 with New Zealanders returning, Todd Muller is telling us to go into full panic mode about community spread. He has no evidence, but he says it's so, because he's omniscient.

Todd Muller HOPES for COVID19 community spread and his hollering for open borders (Aussie air-bubble, import 1000s of overseas students from pandemic riddled countries) is in sympathy. NZNationalParty is nothing but opportunist, greedy and destructive.

Is Muller calling for us to go back to Level 3 or Level 4? That would be the reasonable demand if he truly believed we had community transmission.
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Listening to Todd Muller go on and on about how very tough NZ has had it during Covid-19 when the reality is that NZ has had it easier than most of the rest of the World so far.
This has Hooton written all over it. Muller is just parroting his PR lobbyist. And if it is actually what Muller thinks and he wants to right about it, really shows where his heart is.
No secret Todd Muller was MIA with Kaye & Woodhouse batting on COVID19nz quarantine border bungle but now he is creeping back on to the parapet he could at least be responsible not scaremonger about community transmission.

Muller probably one of the most intelligent players itw.
Hooters has unlocked Level 1, Muller is now trending - remember tweeps, if you don't feed the trolls...
Todd Muller has quickly jumped astride the unexpected gift horse that Jacinda Ardern sent him and played himself into being a clear contender for the September 19 election. Fran O'Sullivan.
Matthew Hooton has been very good at teaching Todd Muller how to sneer, smear and scare. But it is not the message that NZ wants to hear.
Whenever Muller does his predictable drone about how the govts handling of covid19 is a disaster, he never says how National would have done it differently. Wonder what they would have done? Fucking hate armchair experts after the fact.

He and Muller should be forced to wear the MAGA CAP MAKE AMEN GENUINE AGAIN ???? ? ???? Talk about their religious values Decency, Honesty, Respect ???the hypocrisy ???
More lack-brained comments on NZMorningReport from Todd Muller, who thinks non-compliance with a rule means the rule is at fault, therefore the writer of the rule is at fault. Wrong. If I give you written instructions which you fail to obey, you are at fault, not me.

Michael Woodhouse to Todd Muller RE: The Homeless Man in Quarantine.
Lewandowski and Muller aren't one person.
Muller's antics are a National disgrace.
Salah > Ronaldo and Muller should be in there imo over Kroos 23 assists this season And Sancho has been incredible too.
In order: Messi Lewandowski Neymar VVG KDB Muller Sancho Salah Haaland Werner This season Last 3 years: Messi Salah VVD Mbappe Ronaldo Lewandowski KDB Hazard or something.
Oh he suspects it does he? i'm glad he suspects it. i suspect todd muller shit his pants on live tv. that's what i suspect.
Most official goals at senior level (club and country) Messi700 Pele 757 (815 games) Bican 756 (494) Romario 749 (972) Cristiano 726 (1005) Puskas 705 (715) MESSI 699 (859) Gerd Muller 673 (749) Will Leo become the 6th player ever to score 700 official senior goals tonight?

Lewandowski has scored more goals than the midget and Muller has more assists too,there is nothing special about that growth hormone fraud.
Elijah McClains murder is really hard to talk about like dude really played music to soothe cats at shelters during his free time like cops are so so evil bro.
A baby black-browed barbet (Muller's barbet) calling from it's tree hole nest ? birds birding birdwatching birdphotography Photo credit: leechentou.
If Todd Muller suspects there is undetected community transmission in NZ, he needs to back this claim up with scientific evidence. He can not just blurt out any alarmist claims without repercussions. Nats. have lost all credibility and have nothing to offer but attack politics.

On The Wire at 12: FelixJWalton reflects on Todd Muller's first month as the National party leader.
It's as if Muller hopes for a catastrophe. Very distasteful.
No it was a muller one you know with the chocolate in.
Ha so you want Pope Muller a homophobic. Racist, so you can make women who are unfortunate enough to need an abortion criminals, stop gay marriage, cut benefits and run us in to the ground like you did in nationals last term. The government has done well in unprecedented times.

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Todd Muller: Why, then, has testing been voluntary between 8 June and the announcement of the public health order yesterday? Hon JACINDA ARDERN: The clear point is that it shouldn't have been.
Me ignorar no whats, comer e ignorar no whats.
I hear he was bragging about cognitive tests from 2 years ago... It changes rapidly, and from the Muller report, the only thing he remembers is "I do not recall".
Wesker was a deadbeat father. Jake Muller agrees.
Unless Woodhouse can stump up with proof of his homeless man claim he is in deep shit and Muller needs to sack him as Health spokesman- forthwith .This is malicious and reckless game playing and a waste of resources during a global pandemic.

The democrats have a crap candidate and they are desperate. Joe Biden is like Robert Muller to the crooked FBI. He is just there as prop.
The most underrated player should be Thomas Muller.
I'm starting to suspect Muller is a scarifical lamb, I don't think National are really trying this election. Wonder who they could be making way for ? Collins maybe ?
Cocaine. it was cocaine.
Stop talking out of your ass, Muller. Show us the data. Show us the numbers you are basing these claims on. You can't. This kind of irresponsibility is disqualifying. You deserve derision not only for being out of your depth, but also for fear-mongering. Shame on you.

He seemed to have conveniently missed the part of the Horrowitlezz report that stated DNC hacked their own server. Coincidentally so did Cessions, Rosewinestain McGhant McCon (who's gone) Muller Burr and Duhman incompetent or in cahoots.

Summer 16. Controlla and One dance blasting in the background. Life was good.
Judging by the comments this Todd Muller interview did not land well with public. The direct opposite reaction from the public than what Andrea Vance claimed a few days ago. I wonder where she gathers her public opinions from?

Good "sensible" answers by Todd Muller.? I told you from the beginning ?that he is the real deal. ? Ardern may have PR ability & communicate well but she doesn't have the ability & capacity to run NZ properly. Look at the cock ups!

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I try to talk to as many people as I can in my daily life. We need to remember that vast majority of ppl are not actively politically engaged. My sense is most Kiwis barely know who Muller is, Jacinda remains widely popular. And that our Covid effort on balance has been good.

Muller is a dickhead.
Pussy wet make him dive like a scuba Off days I rock Franck Muller, who fuelled ya? I'on work jobs bitch I work bitches got them on the gram fake profile stalking my pictures. Yeah JT did that ?
Probably unnecessary to test after 14 days isolation. This is what happens when Muller is allowed to lie without challenge on the national radio. No evidence of community transmission whatsoever. He hasn't pulled Woodhouse up on his lies either.

The pattern of a Muller interview. First 3 minutes: Delivery from script that sounds just like Hooton except without the dripping sneer Remainder: Floundering/blustering ad libbing in response to questions.

It would be quite nice if National supporters held their leadership to at least a quarter of the standards we all hold the govt to, wouldn't it? We all spent last week united in condemning the quarantine oversight. Will a single Tory speak out against Muller's utter madness?

Fairly bold claim by Muller to completely discredit the New Zealand Military, Ministry of Health and other public service officials who found no evidence to back Woodhouse's claim.

What You Really Think

Todd Muller HOPES for COVID19 community spread and his hollering for open borders (Aussie air-bubble, import 1000s of overseas students from pandemic riddled countries) is in sympathy. NZNationalParty is nothing but opportunist, greedy and destructive.


Horrid man, what idiot would vote for him.

Why does he always look like he is melting?

He seems very hysterical and unhinged. Not qualities of a leader. Suspects? Based on what, a gut feeling? Thousands of tests daily say he is wrong. Todd should be held accountable for such baseless comments.

That's a very 'bald' statement.

Dude need to pick a lane. we either have community transmission and therefor need to roll back into a higher level, OR its a good idea to open up to overseas students, the australian bubble and the island bubble. more likely, this human placeholder has no idea.

Because he is such a expert.

"I'm not interested in opposition politics for the sake of it" STOP listening to Hooton then, this is next level repugnant twitter style reckons. Back up your bullshit with evidence. Shambles of a leader.

This has Hooton written all over it. Muller is just parroting his PR lobbyist. And if it is actually what Muller thinks and he wants to right about it, really shows where his heart is.

Their policy is to take our pm down...that is all they have. Will they purposefully infect the country to do it?

Very MAGA! Did he have his hat on as he said that?

How is this person given a mouthpiece without evidence? You are a danger to our health and mental wellbeing. Imagine how many people you have scared with no proof. Despicable.

Keen to hear from National what they would have done differently if in power and what they would do going forward if they win the election. Upcoming election and really impossible to know what their voters are voting for.

Three, going on four, COVID cycles without community transmission. That sort of success being characterized as failure by.

BREAKING: labor party leader Todd Muller calls early election.

Well, thank goodness there is an effective treatment then. Have we finished with the race-baiting now MSM?

Listen to the facts. Everything he said was correct. Where's the scare mongering?

He's as bad as trump saying more testing leads to more cases. Twit alert ?

I'm sure there's an excellent epidemiologist somewhere in the world named Dr Todd Muller. Just a heads up, this guy doesn't appear to be him.

....yeah you're on the NO positive kick...trump junior.

Make up your mind toddmullerBoP? In May you said we were past the worst of it..

I suspect he might have a clue but I also strongly suspect he doesn't.

Appalling leader, have they no one any better?

If this wasn't the most serious issue since WW2, this muppet would be hilarious. Time to show some evidence - what your idol is doing in US doesn't fly here - New Zealand is not maga country.

Labour is incompetent....National is flip floppy there is no clear leadership in this country.....

Muller suspects undetected community spread but wants to brings thousands of overseas students back into NZ. That doesn't make sense and what are Muller's suspicions based on ??? Are we really expected to listen to someone's dreams as reality?

Todd! Absolutely! If you're scared of the second wave go back into quarentine! Stop campaigning! You could just be spreading the virus! Or maybe this is another exaggeration meant to make new zealanders scared, and then vote for you?

Why are you giving conspiracy theories air time? News should be evidence/fact based.

At a time when businesses are trying to get back on their feet, National is actively destroying confidence by spreading completely baseless reckons about community transmission. How do you think that affects hospo and tourism businesses Todd Muller? Disgraceful.

Zero evidence.

Well said.

This last week's just been a shemozzle, quite frankly. I call it a national disgrace." Mr Muller again called for Health Minister David Clark to resign, adding that he shouldn't be passively getting reports from the Health Ministry and "thinks that's fine".

New Zealand has always been told by Dr Bloomfield & PM jacindaardern to expect cases of COVID19nz in the future. For Todd Muller to say he suspects it based on no evidence is irresponsible.

. He..suspects?

Yes, mistakes have been made but but boy are National making a meal of this. Why did they not notify the authorities immediately regarding the 2 women released early? The homeless man in the hotel appears untrue. Usual spin.

Muller indicates homeless man allegation is single source, no corroboration.

What Muller isn't saying is that under any government and any country there would be small numbers of cases dumb a**.

From the guy who was itching to open up a travel bubble with Australia ... is he suggesting lockdown 2.0 too, or just suggesting that we have a problem but no intention of doing anything about it??? If he truly believes this he should be pitching his solution now!


Put up/shut up.

Tv1 breakfast reporters are so far up the arse of the government its a national embarrassment. Their ability to provide objective reporting is completely compromised and the sooner I go the better.

I keep hearing how you are a 'nice man' a 'really nice man', a 'top bloke' even. I'm not seeing it at all behind that shiny blinding catholic facade. Come at us with facts and figures and proof, not wishy washy bullshit. The 1950's called, they miss you!

'suspects'? Useless ? stirring to upset pppl is not what we need.