My 90yo Grandmothers Handwriting Before And After Her Focused Ultrasound Essential Tremor Treatment.

Friday 15th of October 2021

My 90yo Grandmothers Handwriting Before And After Her Focused Ultrasound Essential Tremor Treatment.

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It really is! Were all so excited for her to be able to have her life back. Before she could barely eat or drink anything without assistance but now she doesnt need anyones help.
Seems credible to me.

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I process checks for a living and I send a shit ton back to customers for being illegible. Sorry but I don't risk errors. I feel kinda bad tho cause I'm sure most of the illegible ones are written by really old people trying to pay their bills but im sorry I'm not gonna take a check that's literally just a scribble and I can't tell how much you're trying to pay. Most of the time these old people will also forget a word on the legal line. So they'll write $500.00 in the little box but on the legal line they'll write "Five and 00/100" so they forgot the word hundred. Guess who's getting $5 paid on their bill when they meant to pay $500? These peoe need to learn how to write a check.

It was an outpatient procedure! I believe it took about 2 hours. She was able to choose which hand she wanted them to target and shell be eligible to go back for the other in about a year.

Right lol. We were joking that shell need to call her bank and tell them about this because any checks that she writes now will be flagged as fraud lmao.

Same here. Struggling my whole life because of that BS. Hope that treatment find it's way to germoney...

Is it a diagnosed essential tremor? Doc gave me propranolol to take periodically, works pretty well.

I have very slight essential tremor but it's basically just enough that I can't solder well enough to work as an electrical engineer. Wonder if I could get this.

I believe what happens is (and dont quote me on this. Im not a doctor, just a stupid idiot who is excited for his grandma and wanted to share it with people) they put you in an ultrasound like machine and target parts of your brain believed to be associated with the tremors with soundwaves (?) and they can immediately tell whether or not it worked. I believe the cost was something like $20k USD.

Medicare covers the treatment now. It didn't until July and cost 40k out of pocket.

I hope theyre able to help your mom!

Mrs. This is a sample of my best handwriting.

Looks like the page is laminated, so that could be a dry erase marker. Makes an easy reusable exam.

A larger pen would be easier for someone with tremors to hold.

Probably due to being easier for the patient to see since it usually isn't going to be a younger person with great eyesight. But, I'm not sure. What's weird is that I didn't even pick up on that until you mentioned it.

Heres a link for more info!

Yes. They started about 20 years ago and have gotten progressively worse, mainly within the last 5 or so years.

Oh yea. She likes the cannabis treatments a little too much.

I hope youre able to find out whether this is viable for you!

Heres the website with more info.

Lmao. My mom took them on her 1000 year old samsung.

Its a control test. See the spirals to stay within and the three sets of points for best effort straight lines.

If it does then Ill be the first in line lmao.

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