Saturday 25th of December 2021

My Mom Got me Super Mario Sheets For Christmas. I'm 22 And Have Been Living in my Own Apartment For 4 Years, so I Looked Confused And Disappointed. She Said "What? It's Not Like Anyone Else is Going to See Your Sheets" And Now I Don't Know if That Was ignorance, an insult or innocence...

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Your mom got you an awesome gift. Also class="u-nolinkc" href="">burned your ass. Also if you have class="u-nolinkc" href="">a date over and they like them, keep em.
Im 38 and Id be stoked too.
class="u-nolinkc" href="">I would be, but I've always been more of class="u-nolinkc" href="">a Sonic fan. At least he can outrun the pain...

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Only Jokes , Merry Christmas bud.

Mario Bedsheets is pretty cool.

Yeah thats a boss gift for sure.

We all do.

I also choose this guys mom.

I choose this guy's mom.

Had to double check this wasnt r/RoastMe.

]how about OPs post with Spider-Man sheets from earlier this year]().

"I sleep in a racing car, do you?" -- ]Kirk Van Houten]().

Scrolled for this.

I imagine hes standing in his childhood bedroom at his parents house.

Fucking gottem.

Shut up my girlfriend in Canada said they were cool.

I bought a computer just to post this. Glad someone posted.

Lol! Came here to say the same thing.

Hajajajaja i love this. Good eye!

It's like when those people who go nuts about sports make fun of people who like games.

That's it folks! Time to shut the thread down. Let's go home.

Where's my goddamn free award when I need it?!


I didnt notice that and for some reason it made me giggle!

Tbf, my room is kinda "geeky" already so I guess the sheets fit right in. Thanks.

People also think this is embarrassing to have in your early 20s because you think you need to act like an adult but girls love seeing this kind of stuff. I promise. Only downside is themed sheets are usually not as soft but if they are nice then there's no down side. They'll like it even more when you tell them your mom got them for you.

I wanted to "get some", but it's gonna be a little bit harder now.

With his personality she'll be the only person destroying him with his bed sheets.

Yeah but you also sniff gluesticks.

You had me at the first part, not going to lie..

Love her so much it hurts.

If she does like them, fuck her.

10 dollars PayPal and I'll mail them to you You pay for shipping of course. Also you have to sign a contract that states "In case anyone asks what happened to my Christmas present you robbed them and there was nothing I could do".

Thats what I was thinking. Get you a partner who loves those sheets!

"Hey babe, how bout we pay the Mario brothers a visit? I'll show you my warp pipe".

Somewhere in the sewers...

Hah! That's true, I've accidentally outplayed my mom. Going to be telling my future kids about this moment.

If only I was that lucky.

Someone doesn't want grand babies.

The curtains were already doing that.

Nah, it's just guaranteeing nerd genes for any potential grandkids.

Doh, that was a mistake.

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