Tuesday 28th of March 2023

Nashville Police Have Released The Bodycam Footage And it Cannot be Stressed Enough How Remarkable This Response Was. These Men Are Absolute Heroes.

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VIDEO Police have released body footage officers shooting killing transgender shooter murdered students school employees Nashville Christian school yesterday. These heroes.

appreciate response transparency from Nashville police far. Getting that body footage quickly important. also need manifesto need soon. longer takes, less public will trust whatever eventually see.

BREAKING Nashville School Shooting Police Body Footage Released.
Nashville neutralized killer minutes. Then less than later they release body footage. Meanwhile TxDPS Uvalde killer wreak havoc minutes made legislators sign NDAs view footage. months later they have transparent.

Watch nashville police bodycam footage Full video nashville body camera footage nashville shootout video nashville school video covenant engelbert body engelbert michael collazo Police body footage Audrey Elizabeth Hale Full Link.

This Nashville Police Officer Engelbert hero! After watching body footage actions yesterday, this should recognized. Moved with zero hesitation regard safety, only that people harms Prayers those affected.

Less than hours have body footage Nashville school shooting. We're still waiting release footage from 2021.
Interrupting regularly scheduled ACABing that Nashville took shooter down within minutes making entry textbook execution active shooter response best practices. body footage their impressive. They deserve that much kudos.

Nashville Police have released graphic body footage from elementary school mass shooting video shows cops racing stairs gunning shooter down.
It's interesting body footage Nashville shooting released less than hours after event.
Watch full body-cam police footage heroic Nashville officers taking down armed trans militant.
body footage from Officer Engelbert been released from moments leading death shooter Nashville Covenant School. These scenes familiar all. Insanity doing same thing over over expecting different.

Harumph! Incredible Body-Cam Footage Nashville Shooting Destroys Uvalde Left-Wing Apologists.
body footage from Nashville shooting quickly released takes years footage officers killing unarmed women? footage should released soon needs be.

Full body footage from Nashville shooting. bless officer Engelbert. handled this situation with extreme professional efficiency composure. That squared away.
Heros! Metropolitan Nashville Police body footage.
Police release body footage from officers took transgender shooter targeted Nashville Christian school killed innocent people among them children. Good know this trans maniac gone good!

Yesterday Nashville, Tennessee. Transgender Terrorist decided break into christian school massacre children Staff Members. Body footage police officers have been released. footage shows officers clearing Covenant School building.

Just watched body footage from Nashville. Amazing bravery police. watch with caution. What takes elimination shooter. It's powerful upsetting, watching armed police racing through elementary school.

VIDEO Police have released body footage officers shooting killing transgender shooter murdered students, school employees Nashville Christian school yesterday. Heroes Nashville shooting.

Surveillance video shows Nashville school shooter wearing backwards cap, tactical vest, camouflage pantsshooting through glass doors enter into school, then roaming corridors, seemingly searching potential victims.

Body footage Mondays school shooting worn multiple Nashville officers.
Body footage from Nashville police shows fatal confrontation with school shooter.
police went take terrorist Nashville yesterday true heroes. Theyve released body footage. grateful blue. They their lives line protect others. Thank you.

Officer Engelbert other officers responded immediately Nashville shooter. That body footage intense watch. seeing them threat shoot that sick fuck good guys.

Just watched body footage from Nashville shooting, faint heart. courage bravery those MNPD officers running straight into danger right gunfire should inspire everyone They literal definition heroes. 34:18.

Here's the full 6-minute clip.
Canada, would have taken months, years, ever, body footage. We'd hear mantra "privacy, privacy, privacy", until vomited Good Nashville putting this asap.

What You Really Think

Lifelong conservative and 2nd Amendment advocate but my stomach is churning. We can do so much better.

What a fcked up country Kids cant even go to school and be safe.

Absolutely Heroes! Back The Blue.

Look closely I think shooter style doesnt match!

A huge respect for the officers, true heroes.

Their bravery undoubtedly saved many lives.

Armed guards for schools.

This was really badass actually.

Good move. Thank god they got her.

This is how it's done. None of the Uvalde crap.

JUST FN WOW!! Evil TheDemocrats batshit potus JoeBiden's (& 'I have a son' racist BarackObama's) TransG American terror/family slaughtering.

Now they are proper police officers. Straight amongst it. Superb.


Why are people so sick... Thanks for these policemen no more children had to pass. This society is sick.

Yes maam.

Heros. Nothing else. That human who shot innocent children/people is scum.

Staged video with paid actors and actresses.

If only our lawmakers were half as brave as the responding officers. But they're not. Cowards, afraid of mean words from the NRA. It's past time we ban assault weapons again.


Toxic masculinity.

Its disheartening to see another parenting failure take lives from innocent people. Parents should be criminally & financially liable for the actions of their children. Perhaps suicide killers would think twice if they knew their families would have to pay for their selfish acts.

There are absolutely preemptive actions that can be taken! She had a digital footprint showing all the red flags. If our DOJ was monitoring these types of people instead of political opposition and PTA members, these situations could most definitely be stopped before they occur.

This what it means to be brave, being selfless and putting it on the line when it matters. Training is critical, the last thing you need is seconding guessing or having to stop and think on what to do, every second counts.

Im so glad that those officers were not chickens like the ones in Uvalde.

They should be taken downtown for a BJ and a medal. Fucken hero's, thats why cops are cops. paid to die if necessary.

That AR15 saved lives immediately upon entry where suspect was taken down.

So happy both officers that had to charge in got to put her down. Absolute heroes. Disgusting waste of skin is what the other thing was/were.

He's an amazing leader!

God bless these officers.

Ladies and gentlemen... these are what real men look like. Willing to lay down their life to protect others. Much love and respect brothers.

Blimey lads Skills and courage right there V.

These men are heroes. No question. Thank you gentlemen.

Its like a scene from hardcore Henry.

Should have protection in all schools,waited way to s not the guns,youll never keep weapons out of hands of the corrupt.

Thanks for these brave men. If they hadn't been so fast there would've been more victims,and the count was high enough.

The def of insanity. Doing the same thing and expecting diff results.When will the US do what they need to do around gun control? Unfortunately the NRA has too much control, the second amendement nonsense hamstrings everyone and politicians are too gutless to make any change.

Who could argue that the bravery of these men could be stadged. In a world where movies and cgi show you the greatness of guns. This wouldn't happen if there were no guns.

5:40 was my favorite part.

Absolute fucking heros each and every one of them.

Such bravery.

Awesome response time. True heroes neutralizing the evil.

A country that allows anybody, without distinction, to own guns and rifles , smuggling this for a constitutional right (which incidentally is not even true) is, regrettably, a third world country (not dissimilar from Venezuela or other likewise natioms).

Cannot be prouder.

Everyone hates the police until they need one. Mad props for those officers!


This is an awful crime. In 1996 a gunman entered Dunblane Primary School in Scotland & killed 16 children and their teacher. The UK subsequently introduced tight gun control legislation. There have have been no school shootings in the UK since then. 1 of 2.

Good job. Good police work.

Imagine wanting to defund this service.

Awesome!!!! Thats good police work!!!



Glad I was able to see some other angles.

It was a strong and selfless response by extremely brave, well trained and disciplined officers. But this was a school ffs!! What kind of society allows laws that enable these situations to perpetuate?

This makes me happy. Justice is served! Evil doer gets the karma boomerang :) mmm!

Just think how fast response would have been if there were a few armed teachers or administrators or police officers on site.

H E R O E S.

They needed this guy in Uvalde so bad. I'm convinced if one man would have pushed hard enough they all woulda followed. I hope they would have.

I see the 'toxic masculinity' and I embrace it. These men performed their duties heroically & kept this from being an even worse tragedy.

Incredible bravery.

Cops turned her from He/Him to Was/Were real quick! Nice work!

Wow. They are heros. Prayers for everyone.


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