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Thursday 18th of June 2020

Claims in Parliament National MP Lobbied For Leave For Sisters Who Have Covid-19.

India unitedly backs our army on the LAC risking lives with great valour against treachery. But one opposition MP continually politicises even national security, oblivious to his party's legacy of losing land to China, & his own prioritisation of their envoys vis-a-vis our govt.

The Bloc have blocked any attempts to deal with racism. The attitude of their MPs is disturbing. As for theJagmeetSingh being kicked out of Parliament - the rule are simple: it is okay to act for an MP to act as a racist it is not okay to call it out.

No one should try to politicize issues related to National Security. We all stand with our security forces and the central government. I am sure that our Army will give a befitting reply to intruders. We will standby the decisions taken by our Hon'ble PM PMOIndia .

And that a National MP pushed for early release for clearly horrible people.
Mr PeterDutton_MP if this rapist has dual citizenship please ensure he's deported once he's released from prison. Ex-UN forces commander's jail sentence extended over backpacker rape .
Sacked Labor Minister AdemSomyurek has told Nine News Federal Labor MP AnthonyByrne_MP taught him "everything" he knows "about branch work". 9News More on this.
.RahulGandhi INCIndia BJP4India Hope for the PM's all party meet on 19 june, the Great National Pappu of Congress - RaGa will not be allowed to enter the meeting venue as he is simply a Congress MP from Wayanad and not opposition Party leader.

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So PeterDutton_MP leaves a man languishing in detention for 3 1/2 yrs 4 no reason Refuses to make a decision Refuses to comply with the act Justice Flick says no more - threatens to charge Dutton with contempt Dutton says Flick is wrong.

The two COVID infected travellers were advocated for early release by national mp Chris Bishop nzpol you cant make this up.
NRIs of Aurangabad working towards community development model with Imtiyaz Jaleel Lok Sabha MP and Maharashtra aimim_national chief imtiaz_jaleel has been in news most recently for refusing to transfer his local area development funds to PM Cares Fund.

National started fake rumours about massive suicide rises during the lockdown now they are lying about what happened with these 2 sister who would never gotten leave if it wasnt for a National MP, seriously fuck all of you.

Totally agree over national strikes, unfortunately too many selfish idiots out there who will let you down and trust me I know a few who'd gladly walk through a picket line. It would be like 1926 all over again!

Were the quotes in this story falsely attributed to you? If so that is awful.
Courts in UP, Tamil Nadu, MP Order Release of Foreign Tablighis.
Then why did she give extensive quotes saying she was in favour of the idea.
BJP mp is having dinner yesterday this is the true face of BJP and how much they care for our national security.
Both the parties have fielded two candidates each for the three seats of the Upper House of Parliament.
Hong Kong national security law added to agenda for standing committee meeting.
Meanwhile in the Yellowstone National Park.
The Morrison Government is gagging all debate on a Treasury bill without allowing even one Opposition MP to speak on it. This is meant to be a national parliament. The Liberals treat it with utter contempt.

A training camp was setup by BJP North Kolkata in which BJP's national secretary Rahul Sinha and MP Raju Bisht were present.
At the diplomatic level, which countries are allies with China? Just 2 - North Korea and Pakistan. China is isolated: SudhanshuTrived - MP, Rajya Sabha & National Spokesperson, BJP.
Angela Crawley MP (Scottish National Party) : 12 Campbell Street, Hamilton, ML3 6AS Virginia Crosbie MP (Conservative) : : House of Commons London, SW1A 0AA 13/20.

Would love every person who dropped a little heart on this to drop a little email about Black history and the national curriculum to Gavin Williamson & their MP. Use the template from CurriculumBlack Don't forget to personalise it to beat the spam filter.

Classic Hipkins move to smear rather than take accountability. DIY POLITICS!
Two Covid-positive women let out after National MP lobbied for release. So the Ministry of Health systems were shite, and the ?NZNationalParty? political antennae were even worse!
Hi, Shah Rukh! Thank you for reaching out to us. The best time to visit national parks in MP is Oct-May. It will be our pleasure to host you.
BET News: BREAKING: Atlanta Officer Charged In Rayshard Brooks Death.
I support Agnes Loheni's Stand.
With gold and blood. MP of Congress collected 0.6 kg of gold to gift to the national defense fund(ndf) From other part of the country,5.327 kg of gold was donated. By now,the ndf had received Rs.2 cr in cash donations. On November 28 the ndf reported people of india.

Claims in Parliament National MP lobbied for leave for sisters who have Covid-19.
Death rate in Delhi is more than 10 times national average coronavirus CoronaOutbreak China COVID19 India COVID coronavirusindia CoronaVirusUpdate ChineseVirus WuhanVirus Maharastra.
So the national mp who hugged and kissed covid infected persons is now in isolation? as well as most of the other mps he has been in contact with... 2 people infected 320.. in 9hours....
NEWS: Central Manchester MP and former National Security Minister, PeterBuntingMP accuses GOJ of suppressing crime statistics. He says it is clear the states of public emergency are not working. He's accusing the government of trying to divert attention away from this failure.

What You Really Think

So given that Bishop and Woodhouse clearly embellished the story abt the women meeting others & kisses and cuddles, how do we know the conditions in isolation that they apparently reported, weren't as bad as Woodhouse made out. Just what was true & what was political scoring.

MP's should be able to lobby HOWEVER someone who knew these two women came up with the malicious 'hugs & kisses' story that Woodhouse got hold of. That HAD NOT come from the women, because it wasn't true, so leaves ONE person - Chris Bishop - spreading malicious gossip.

What's wrong with lobbying to release them? The problem is that they were release unsafely.

Why The F.. K are we not surprised!

Fixed it for you.

Oops dude what part of you stopped working...Nationals Health Minister??? ..... Todd look after the team bruh... K1W1.

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