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Friday 20th of November 2020

Happy NationalChildDay! Today, we Celebrate Canada's Future. With investments in Child Care, And The Canada Child Benefit, we Are Working Hard to Ensure Every Child Has The Best Start in Life.

Happy NationalChildDay! Today, we celebrate Canada's future. With investments in child care, and the Canada Child Benefit, we are working hard to ensure every child has the best start in life.
It is up to each of us to ensure that all children have the love and support they need to thrive and are always treated with dignity and respect. Read Prime Minister Justin Trudeaus statement on NationalChildDay.

All children have the right to be treated with dignity and respect. On NationalChildDay, lets celebrate Canadas commitment to childrens rights. Learn more about child and youth rights here.
Today is NationalChildDay. At SJA we believe all children deserve health and safety so our future generations can thrive!
? In 2019, 372,038 kids were born in Canada! This NationalChildDay, we are proud to announce a partnership with children1stca to explore ways to improve the lives of young Canadians during COVID19.
Today A7G_Official is presenting our findings from the UNICEFCanadas Stay In, Speak Out session on Indigenous Sovereignty. Here is the full report.
On NationalChildDay we celebrate our future! We also commit ourselves as a Liberal government to provide supports for our children and their families to help them thrive.
Did you know that theres a special day, celebrated annually, just for children?
I have always said: "You can seek the wisdom of the ages, but always look at the world through the eyes of a child." This NationalChildDay let's celebrate the young people who will shape this country and change the world of tomorrow.

Represents Canada's commitment to ensure all children have a voice and are protected from harm. We're thrilled to launch free K12 cybersecurity resources as our commitment to help make cyberspace safe for young Canadians.

Kids being SeenAndHeard means to me that all children have the chance to take part in what they want and need. UNCRC Article 12 says that all kids have the right to participate, if kids are told to sit down and shut up how can they participate in this right?

Great vision from a young person as we look towards NationalChildDay this Friday.
The NationalChildDay live event is getting underway RIGHT NOW! To join the event, please : Thank you for helping children to be SeenAndHeard!
As Canada marks NationalChildDay a new poll abacusdataca & children1stca finds that many kids don't know they have rights and an alarming 73% don't know what to do if their rights are violated. Get the full report here.

Each year on NationalChildDay, we celebrate the rights of youth. To commemorate at home, check out these books celebrating the greatness of kids! Read stories of kids finding their voices, going after their dreams and discovering who they're meant to be.

Happy NationalChildDay and WorldChildrensDay! Find out more information at.
Its National Child Day, a day to reflect and recommit to action to fulfil the rights of children in Canada and around the world, including the right to safe, healthy environments in which to live, play, learn and grow.

One more hour to NationalChildDay! If you did not get a chance to register for our 1 p.m. ET event, you can view the event here.
Happy NationalChildDay! A moment to reflect on how we're supporting the children in our lives.
Young people BloorviewSchool have a lot to say! They are amplifying their voices and telling us what a 'Nation where all children truly belong' looks like.
Hurray for all children on NationalChildDay! You are all superheroes, with the superpower of your own goodness. Superkids carry the CHILD Study on their shoulders! Up, up & away! See also the superheroes here.

If the pandemic continues to spin out of control, schools will have to close which must not happen. Our childrens health and wellbeing is at stake.
Today, NationalChildDay, we celebrate childrens rights to be safe, healthy, access education & have a quality standard of living. In these tough times, thank you to children & youth for their perspectives the parents, educators & others who help keep them healthy & safe.

Every child matters and deserves the opportunity to thrive. On NationalChildDay and every day, the best interests of Indigenous children remain our priority to ensure they stay connected to their communities, cultures and languages.

Give them the keys. If youth are the leaders of today, give them the keys!
Must work towards making every effort to make sure every child can live a happy and healthy childhood where their rights are respected and upheld.
Its NationalChildDay nulb Children deserve every opportunity for a bright future- basic needs, protection from harm & to have their voices heard.
Message from Ontario pediatric organizations about new COVID19 modelling data. In other countries, out-of-control transmission has led to closure of schools and daycares. Kids pay a big price when adults don't do the right things.

It's NationalChildDay. Children should be seen AND heard. Especially in these difficult days of the pandemic. Having schools remain open is important for the mental health of children, youth, and families.

Today is NationalChildDay. At Catch Psychotherapy our programs are designed to support children who are struggling due to various forms of abuse, neglect, stress, and trauma. Learn more about our work at .

We're wearing blue shirts today to show our support for the dignity and rights of children in Canada!
HAPPENING NOW! Young people demand a say in their own future and we rally to their side. On NationalChildDay, young people will StayInToSpeakOut on the issues that impact them and TakeBackTheFuture at UNICEFCanadas Youth Activism Summit. Join us!

Thank you AlexMunter for advocating on behalf of all of our children!
UN Special Rapporteur tells a powerful story about coming to Canada as a refugee in the 1980s. Guatemala's military threatened his life for fighting for Indigenous rights. He says that why when UNICEFCanada invited him to speak with youth, he had to say yes.

Its NationalChildDay! Today we recognize the rights of children. To be safe. To be heard. To be part of a family. To have their basic needs met. To know & learn their cultural & traditional background. To be protected. To be loved.Vnulb.

Here I is with my favorite little 2-leggeds! Who's your favs?
Young people are being affected by the pandemic in ways we have never seen before. We need to advocate on their behalf and make room for them at the table. A few thoughts on NationalChildDay.
Parents and guardians can teach their children about their rights by using this child-friendly version of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child!
Kids helping kids be healthy: the spirit of the CHILD Cohort Study captured in a poster by a study participant, giving credit where it is due (to the kids!).
On this NationalChildDay let us reflect on and celebrate the role we all play in supporting the health and wellbeing of children and youth in our communities.
Today is NationalChildDay around the country and together we are raising awareness around the importance of providing children a healthy and happy foundation so that they can grow and succeed.
Happy NationalChildDay! By raising our kids with inclusivity, equity, and kindness, we pave the way for an equal future for every Canadian.
A perfect NationalChildDay action. Help us tell Education Minister Sflecce to StopTheChildCareChanges.
Is celebrated in Canada in recognition of our commitment to upholding the rights of children.
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Today is WorldChildrensDay and NationalChildDay! At Boys and Girls Clubs, we remove barriers and create opportunities so that all children and youth can discover and achieve their dreams.
It's NationalChildDay! Today AlbertaOCYA Child and Youth Advocate Del Graff shares how we can collectively support young people in these challenging times.
YAY, PARENTS! Eight in 10 Canadian kids said they were involved in the decision whether they would return to school in-person or not 93% felt their opinions about going back to school were listened to and taken seriously Source.

National Child Day is a day to celebrate children's rights everywhere. Each of us plays a role in protecting and supporting our youngest citizens, to ensure they are respected and have the opportunity to contribute to our future. Join me in celebrating.

We are very proud to be a national partner with children1stca on NationalChildDay. Tune in at 1pm ET to the event live.
These days of COVID can be very difficult for children. Take some time today on National Child Day and complement a child. You will make the child's day!
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I love when they're happy!!!V.
= give children a voice, protect them from harm and provide their basic needs & opportunities to reach their full potential. ICYMI our porch chat: Understanding Emotional Abuse & Precursors to Violence in the Home.

Its NationalChildDay! Today we celebrate Canadas children and young people, their creativity, ideas and talents. We all have a role to play in ensuring their rights, that they are treated with dignity and respect, and that they have all the love and support to thrive.

"National Child Day is a time to take pause and focus on how young people continue to be impacted in these times of adversity." Don't miss Del's blog on what we can do to support the well-being of young people every day.

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Friendly reminder! Today is NationalChildDay! If you did not get a chance register, you can watch the event live at 1 p.m. ET today here.
Emma, 12, spoke to UNHumanRights on behalf of glass children, siblings of a child with special needs. She asked: Why is there no mention of siblings in the UN's report about children with disabilities? Read her statement.

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.NationalChildDay is an opportunity to celebrate children as active citizens in their own lives & communities, who can meaningfully contribute to decision-making. A DevelopmentalRelationship with a Mentor can prevent ACEs & improve kid's futures!

Today is NationalChildDay, and there is no better day to start your child's financialliteracy journey! We've got 4 easy ways to help you educate your kids, youth and teens about money and personalfinance. Start learning together today!

Today is National Child Day, celebrating children as active participants in their own lives and in communities. Wear blue today to show your support and visit to learn more.
In just 1 hour more than 3000 kids and kids at heart are coming together to celebrate NationalChildDay with children1stca and CBCKidsNews! Will you join us! Go to.
On behalf of the children, youth and families we serve, and on NationalChildDay, we are asking all levels of government and all Ontarians to do their part to stop the spread and prioritize the health and wellbeing of children by keeping schools open.

How is COVID19 affecting Canadian children and their families? Dr. MeghanAzad is leading a new layer of the CHILDSTUDY to determine just that!
November 20th is NationalChildDay and part of what makes our military communities so strong is the shared responsibility for and commitment to our children.
It's NationalChildDay and WorldChildrensDay. Today, and every day, we affirm the rights of children and raise their voices. Let's reimagine the world we want to create. What do children need? We asked them and they told us.

Its NationalChildDay! Children and youth are the leaders of today & tomorrow. Our government will continue to support Canadian families during COVID19 & ensure they have a fair chance at success.

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When are we going to have a "National Government Tells The Truth Day"?

Yes! Investing in our children is investing in the future of our country.

Does the best possible start include a country where airlines rob passengers and government does nothing? MarcGarneau should be demanding airlines RefundPassengers but he is largely silent. Why?


It would be nice if you celebrated SHUT THE HELL UP day!!!

Investing in Canada's future...inoculating against belief in unsubstantiated conspiracy theories!

Pathetic weasel says what?

Government assistance like ODSP expects disabled parents to use child tax for rent, not for the child. If you actually cared about children in poverty you'd make sure their parents have a livable income instead of keeping them in abject poverty so she is can kidnap those kids.

Yeah, Im sure theyll love the debt your government rang up so far.

Thank you, Minister. It is because of liberal_party that the Canadian future is bright for our kids and ourselves. Canada leads; others follow. So appreciative of our government.

The attached is how much your Govt cares about children.

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We appreciate you! Don't let the trolls get to ya. Vnulb.

Kindly Help me sir.

Don't worry for future I'm der der.


Liberals - salute your flag.

Thats weird that transgender day and child day are the same.

Hamdolilah all the time doing the good things and the best movements.

Cute children.

What will we do for Christmas day this year? due to covid not sure if the Salvation army will open.. Let me know how can we help ?

Well done.

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