Saturday 1st of August 2020

August 1st is National Girlfriends Day!

Head to our instgram to CLWIN CLyour group chats wish list to celebrate NationalGirlfriendDay OR for an extra entry... 1. Like this tweet 2. this tweet Winner announced on Monday DM, T&C's apply and can be found on facebook notes.

August 1st is National Girlfriends Day!
Is this boomerang on? Still getting the hang of it girlfriend Speaking of girlfriends, tomorrow is NationalGirlfriendDay and of course, were celebrating our lady friends over at Boyfriend with Free US Shipping!! Just use the code HEYGIRL at.

Theres nobody else like you in the world that can take your place, youre my everything I love you babeVnulb.
Hey before national gf day ends anyone wanna confess 2 me.
Tune into the L A Talk Radio show. Author of WILD ROSE PASS, Karen Hulene Bartell, discusses ways to overcome "Writer's Block."Audio play ~.
Guess my bf forgot.
It's NationalGirlfriendDay and my gf/partner lunarspeIl is amazing and wonderful and regularly makes my brain break with gay. They're beautiful and kind and just. above and beyond. I can't believe how lucky I am.

So what do we do on NationalGirlfriendDay ?
Shout out to my Girlfriend Sister Resisters!! [?] Have a great day and I look forward to seeing how your day is going.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay bby.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay everyone! I love all mine so much.
Youre always the first and the last thing on this heart of mine. No matter where I go, or what I do, Im thinking of you.
Every time you with me its NGD lol ohhh brother.
Happy national girlfriend day to ashley seaver, shes mine im dating her.
Good morning, everyone. Today is National Girlfriend Day, Spider-Man Day and World Lung Cancer Day. Have a happy.
The Girlfriend X The Boyfriend.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to my girlfriends and i>nulb>nulbVnulbVnulbyou know who you are and pls know i love all of you.
Treat yourself on NationalGirlfriendDay with one of our Aromatherapy products!
I swear theres 9 different NationalGirlfriendDay a year.
I guess now would be the perfect time to tell the world we are together Kehlani Happy.
Because of you, I can consider myself as a Girlfriend. Thank you for being there always. Mi amore.
Happy national gf day to my beautiful girlfriends.
Apparently is NationalGirlfriendDay so here's mine. Love you more than you ever know Vnulb.
What did realdonaldtrump get LindseyGrahamSC for NationalGirlfriendDay? Or do they celebrate their relationship on NationalLapdogDay?
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay hmu if you wanna be my gf nulb.
? Let me show yall my whole heartbeat, my Queen, my sun, my anchor. I love her to death and want nothing but the best for her and Ill do it anything to see that happen. She single handily took me from no peace to now i know peace and Im gratefulVnulbily.

Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to the girl Im lucky to call mine I love you.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to all those wonderful women, ladies, theydies, and gentlethems on this wonderfully fine day! That sun shines for you today! And for the ones who prefer darkness, the other half, the night, is yours Vnulb nulb.

Screenshot from a video ft the LOML Victoriashow7 VnulbVnulb.
Didn't even know...doesn't matter I guess right now.
A tiny doodle... happy tfw no gf day :^) it's me and my nonexistent gf!!! also i will interpret this as a day for wlw until i die.
Damn all you beautiful black couples IT WAS SUPPOSE TO BE ME.
Alright, it looks like its time to cry.
Dont have one irl, but furry waifus shall prevail! Dreamkeepers and TwoKinds provides lots of good waifus! Vi, Indigo twins, Lilith and Namah, Flora, Raine, Natani, Kat, many. Let me know who your waifus are in the comments!

Couldn't ask for a better girlfriend, i miss you.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to these beautiful girls.
Can't imagine my life without you, love you forever babe Vnulb.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to the two that keep me sane and worth all the attention. i love you both.
She's awake now so!! happy NationalGirlfriendDay to the best girlfriend in the world cheripeye here are my top 4 gee moments.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay, assholes. piisceesss viiioooneee ikanrelle inisamellalagi paneeey geeejjoooll alatlivital lesmotsderigel yohanareynolds gathcung cleyira Vnulb.
I've nurtured this avatar for exactly one year. In as much as I've been used & discarded by those I liked the most not that I'm a saint & now back to square 1. My PEC vs Depression -- My PEC vs Anxiety nulb I wouldn't wanna date me. *IVnulb*>nulb.

Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to every girls out there. Youre smart, amazing, beautiful, talented and everything in between. Stay awesome, keep slaying queens.
All I know is pain.
I pretend like this day doesnt exist.
It's NationalGirlfriendDay huh.
I know yall are jealous.
Its NationalGirlfriendDay & I can tell how much _Channelrio adores me.
Its apparently NationalGirlfriendDay so I have to show off my baby. Shes absolutely adorable, smart and makes me laugh every single day. So happy I have her in my corner. Love you Baby.
Do you want Credit Card style business card design. Please visit here - , , creditcard dearaugust NationalGirlfriendDay.
Hi if u see this its a scheduled tweet to say love u kay bae.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to me.
Because yes, we're having fun today. Dan ya, ini masih NationalGirlfriendDay So I would like to appreciate my girlfriend here, about how she meant to me. This one for you, Sola.
Good morning Vnulb.
Pining best friends 2 luvers but feelin like u've loved them for more than a lifetime..,,, i heard it's.
I love you Autumn! You love the beach and ocean! My little mermaid -nulb.
Oh today's.
Its NationalGirlfriendsDay not NationalGirlfriendDay people On August 1st, National Girlfriends Day encourages women across the U.S. to get together and celebrate their special bond of friendship.
Last night went something like this She is the Bobby to my Whitney and the crack to my pipe. I love you baby.
Everything about you makes me happy. Youre the kindest most caring person Ive had the pleasure of knowing and I feel especially lucky to be yours. If the wind blows you over Ill catch you Thank you for everything babyy VnulbVnulb.

Happy NationalGirlfriendDay from the Cosmic World!
People who have been single all year getting Valentines depression deja vu on.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay Avatimos ily.
So its NationalGirlfriendDay huh?
Its that one day of the year ladies and gentlemen, who are single.
Oh, just the annual reminder of my loneliness, what a great day!
Reminder that CrestaKamikaze is a very good gf.
Another happy national girlfriends day to the trio michikos formed i love u all sachi lets tease michiko about her smol height luv u all.
The ONE goddamn day I'd love to celebrate... But never could...
Happy nationalgirlfriendday 3 years now love you so much babe.
We all know who's behind the cat costume Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to 2jin.
Paralysed student walks across stage to collect his diploma at graduation ceremony with help from his girlfriend.
Whos the gf for today.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to BoldAspiration.
Its NationalGirlfriendDay so you all have 14 hours to either find me a girlfriend or be my girlfriend.
Oh its.
Happy NationalGirlfriendDay to the best girlfriend/fiance I could ask for. I know it's been a crazy year but I wouldn't want to spend it with anyone else. Thank you for being so supportive and loving like no one else has. I love you so much.

All I want is some food.
Watching everyone post their relationship.
I love youV You're the best thing that has happened to me.
. en fin.
I should never have logged on today.

What You Really Think

Which nation?

Dont have one.

More importantly, its Jerry Garcias birthday.

I need a gf rn.

Big up to you xx.

National cheese burger.

This is so real.

The irony is that you'll have all single people replying to this tweet!

Come say hello on twitch and then dip out:) not plugging the link because im not a self promo puppet Have a beautiful Saturday everyone!!

Dont tell my wife!!!

Im an idiot. Lol.


Dont rub it in.