Friday 26th of March 2021

Prince Harry Fired From Startup After Old Photos Emerge Of Him Wearing Nazi Costume.

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Prince Harry Fired From Startup After Old Photos Emerge Of Him Wearing Nazi Costume.
When youre totally off Twitter and come back to a tl hollering about milkshake duck or shrimp cereal you can appreciate that from a distance this site sometimes reads like a neural net trained on the fever dreams of an omg rawr MySpace kid from 2004 but then you see a Nazi.

Just hand over your weapons. I promise I wont hurt you, Nazi.
Still trying to get past donalds HHS giving 1488 as of migrant children separated at border - then, later admitting they had no idea what actual was & hadnt been keeping track... And I was called Q of the left for raising alarm about Nazi symbols being pumped out of WH.

How the 1943 Khatyn Massacre Became a Symbol of Nazi Atrocities on the Eastern Front.
Go back to their origins and youll understand why. Someone said the Nazis didnt disappear, they simply moved to America.
My soul screamed "Nazi Youth" to me on hearing her recount how aggressive the bullies were and how the targetted kids responded. The Germans have a saying, "beware the beginnings." Note: it is beginnings plural, not just one. Mark my words: this WILL end in War & genocide again.

For you atheism means rejection of imaginary God. For me it means rejection of both imaginary God and slef-proclaimed human Gods. The people who fell for Nazi propaganda were Christians, not rationalists.

It's costing you fuck all you lousy cunt you've cost the tax payer more you dodgy nazi prick.
"Queen And Prince Philip In Warsaw Arriving At The Station From Where 300,000 Jews Were Transported To Nazi Death Camps.
What's dangerous and nasty are our politicians and media calling for vax passes, legitimizing segregation, discrimination, marginalization and bigotry, without any basis in rationality and science. Welcome back Nazi Germany, apartheid SA and pre-civil rights US.

Left: Yeah, but we had to do it because of the right. So its the fault of those nazis.
"Why had I never heard these stories?" JudyBatalion new book discovers the stories of the Nazi-fighting women of the Jewish resistance, who went undercover, smuggled revolvers in teddy bears and were the bearers of the truth.

Again, I can have mixed views on a channel but still go WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK Actual_Context you lying slanderous/libelous piece of trash, do you have a fucking clue as to what a literal nazi is? Get thee to a holocaust museum and educate yourself and leave pundits alone.

Imagine if a German video game company decided it would make a game where you play as Nazi putting down a Warsaw ghetto uprising. This is how depraved this is.
Completely. And yet he seems relatively unscathed. I guess its okay to openly espouse Nazi-like behaviours in the USA these days. See Stephen Miller for more proof, right?
"Queen Meeting Members Of The Jewish Community In Warsaw, Poland At The Spot Where 300,000 Jews Were Transported To Nazi Death Camps During World War II.
Youre a nazi Charlie you flammable plastic tit.
1. Wolfenstein is about ww2, less recent conflict 2. wolfenstein takes place in an alternate timeline rather than framing itself as realistic or accurate 3. wolfenstein is about fighting a nazi regime whereas this other game is about a real life war i can keep going dumbass.

Images of Ahmadreza Djalali resemble those of prisoners in Nazi Camps. There needs to be more action taken immediately.
Why don't you try putting on the 'Nazi' or 'Moaist' lens and take what's useful? I could look through the lens of a serial killer, perhaps if I were a homicide detective, but I certainly wouldn't be making political assertions from what I see. C is a bad lens.

Red-White sympol used of the nowadays Belarusian 5th column was also very popular for the former Nazi collaborators whith is in line with symbols of countries east and south of the Belarusian border.
Dont normalize having a Nazi phase. Shame and make fun of those losers every chance you get. Former Nazis dont deserve sympathy and being treated like growing up a Nazi was just a fad. Show the youth that shit isnt cool by bullying tf out of Nazis.

Facebook really is on some nazi shit.. I called someone a sheep and it auto flagged my comment.
Dude ur being a Nazi dude be nice dude.
Inside a tiny prison cell, Ahmadreza Djalali, a disaster medicine expert & a citizen of Sweden, is dying. This innocent man has spent 4 months in solitary confinement on a daily ration of 100 grams of bread. A prison photo of Djalali resembles a Nazi concentration camps survivor.

I know I'm a moaning old sod. Says in my bio. Things that piss me off. SNP Remainers Illegal immigrants EU Lockdown Masks Kevin Maguire Multi-cultural adverts Nazi Cyclists Potholes (fixed with a bit of tarmac) Joe Biden Kamala Harris New World Order George Soros Labour Add?

Im sure youll be shocked to learn this superstraight nonsense is... Neo Nazis trying to hide the Neo Nazi thing.
Ignore my Burzum tattoo, i got that before i found out varg was a nazi, honest.
I had a fascinating conversation with trekonomics digging into the roots of space billionaires desires for space colonization. Its a mix of Nazi ideas, cosmism, the age of exploration, the ideas in golden age science fiction, and more. Highly recommend.

Queenslanders remember past social media incidents (and apologies) like these ones.
The only bigot here is the nazi demonic left aka you.
You mean the zero Nazi flags and the toy gallows?
Reminds us history will judge us. I have met many asylum seekers on the US-MX border, and their stories remind me of my own relatives' flight from Nazi armies. These families deserve compassion & fair hearings, not family separation, not closed borders.

So are you saying the flag that fly's in France were the 100,000. if the dead service man have layed to rest is a nazi flag.
I don't know all my life I've been called a Nazi just because I'm German. My husband is Russian and that makes things worse but we laugh about it and tell people our children are somebody to be feared.

Local neighborhood shocked to find Nazi stickers on flags and signs in front yards.
Remember this? Fine Gael councillor defends tweet where he expressed 'love' for Nazi-style salute picture .
Wow, you lose all credibility in fighting racism when you openly promote it against another race. MLK is rolling in his grave. Your pal Damon took his words right from KKK pamphlets and Nazi propaganda, only swapping black or Jew with White.

USAandEurope And the nazi regime ?
Making identity politics into law or policy is exactly what was done by the Nazis when they enacted the Nuremberg Laws in 1935 which classified people as Jews, half Jews, quarter Jews, and did the same with Gypsys and Africans. This is the slippery slope that Govt is on.

-UK flys flag from government buildings -Nazis also flew flags from government buildings -Therefore the UK is Nazi Germany I think you might be onto something there.
25 Mar 1939 the Nazis brought in a new law forcing all 10-18y olds into the Hitler Youth. Despite Nazi efforts, thousands of working class teens formed the Edelweiss Pirates, who fought the Hitler Youth and helped Jews and POWs. More in our podcast.

Ok-you said you cant compare us to Germany, yet you just compared us to German Jews. And youre using a standard argument from gun worshipers which is false.
24.03.21 - 77th Anniversary Of The nazi-fascist Fosse Ardeatine Massacre PHOTOS ->.
The Reichstag fire was staged by the Nazi party, Hitler was installed as a dictator and eliminate all democracy and freedom in Germany. Then the Nazis went after all they considered enemies of the Nazi party, millions were arrested and sent to camps.

I've decided to become the Ethio Tweep grammar nazi.
"Wait, Grandpa was a Nazi?!" Femsplainers interview author sil_foti about a discovery that devastated her family history.
Bower specializes in exposing the corrupt. Branson among other powerful men have sued him and lost. He has won multiple awards for his exposes. If I were Markle I'd be nervous. He exposed Klaus Barbi the Nazi.

Sounds like a NAZI experiment.
Because your a horrible wee dictator and your amnesia is getting worse I wouldn't vote for the nazi's if my life depends on it you have stole of the Scottish people we paid for your corrupt lawyer to get you off you should be in jail theif.

Wont be going to a pub where nazi behaviour like yours takes place.
Ted Cruz is what happens when a gunporn pickle has sex with a tub of nazi crisco.
Ya it's definitely going to be extortion but hey, taken straight from your playbook A-SS nazi.
Why are we still using a Nazi propaganda stunt to open the Olympic Games?
So Jews had more power while in concentration camps, death camps, and forced labor camps than Black People, who were outside of said camps, had in Nazi Germany?
AnneliseJoy EllenMarigold RedAndBlackFrog KitemanArgues nmgreenchile ComeOnEileen19 GreenCrayonHole VonandiH Really - trans are Nazi's?
Also love how this is now a politically complex migrant issue now instead of a border crises created by trump and the ice nazis.
Not at all suspicious that Dr. Joseph Christopher Cihlar of Beacon Health Alliance of Hixson, TN got a bunch of glowing reviews on Healthgrades immediately after being outed as a Nazi!
It's hilarious that the loony left see this as an indication of Simon going Nazi rather than a new news channel hiring a range of people to create balanced reporting.
Just like nazi Germany.
Steven has to be better than that stupid Nazi Theis.
If I called you a white supremacists, nazi, kkk, and dont you, your white, you cant have an opinion, you dont rate to talk, you cant have a say etc. Would you be willing to come to my aid when the trail of tears happens again?

In Rescue, the only way to escape Nazi-occupied France is to crack the code and break through enemy lines. Start reading the last release from nielsenwriter.
Would you specify such and act? Because I am not familiar with this. And would you apology me for calling me a nazi what is serious insult. If not, please provide me you personal data, because I want to sue you.

Nazi dems coming for you right to protect yourself... from nazi governments.
I think that Bandera is probably part of their national independence story and his nationalism is what drives his appeal for some fraction of the population. Hard to reconcile your nazi memes with jewish PM's, etc. It is good propaganda for Russian consumption though.

Give me a movie about ballerina Franceska Mann, who stabbed a horny Nazi in the face with her stiletto and led an uprising of 600 Jewish women as they were being led to the gas chambers where one woman even bit an SS officers nose off, over another serial killer biopic any day.

The Albanians allied with them just for fighting the Chetniks, after we saw that the Nazi Germans are not doing the right we left them. They called us traitors because we didnt wanted to give them the Jews. I read many German Army leaders writing about us and calling us Rebels.

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Onion denied pulitzer after hundreds of "I thought it was satire" resurface.

Would you like fries with that, maam?

And referring to someone as a paki.

Now has two jobs in USA. Does he have his GREEN CARD?