Wednesday 31st of March 2021

The Deeply Buried Lede of The Nytimes Gaetz Article is That we Finally Know Nestor's Origin Story!

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Hey mattgaetz Does Nestor know you cheated on him?
I feel bad that Nestor had to call the girl in his band class mom.
I just hope matt gaetz doesn't lose custody of nestor.
Maybe it helps explain Nestor?
After all that Nestor weirdness, the only thing that shocked me is the word girl.
HOLY FUCKING SHIT. Matt Gaetz is being investigated by the Justice Department for a long term sexual relationship with a minor. And no, I'm not even fucking talking about Nestor. Now we know why he suddenly announced his exit from politics.

Since the focus is back on Matt Gaetz and his inappropriate dealings with minors, I ask again: What of Nestor???
So apparently mattgaetz has moved on from Nestor. Hes being investigated for having an inappropriate relationship with a minor. How REPUBLICAN of him.
JUST IN: Newsmax adopts Matt Gaetz 20-year-old son Nestor.
GIRL??!! What will Nestor say??! Looks like Bill Barr knows you well.
Does Nestor know about this.
This guy who's been extorting you? Is his name "Nestor"? All you had to do was give him a Nintendo Switch and he would have kept quiet.
But...but...what with Nestor think??
Hey, its ok to discuss Nestor... but making jokes about child sex trafficking is GROSS. Its not funny. Its especially not funny if this kid was trafficked.
From Nestor to molester.
Sigh. This is younger than Nestor, no? Oh and illegal! I'll wait for all the Republicans tweeting their faux outrage at Cuomo to speak out.
Nestor must be angry he wasnt the only 17 year old Gaetz was bonking.
The deeply buried lede of the nytimes Gaetz article is that we finally know Nestor's origin story!
Maybe Q believes that But sane AMERICANS knew who you were when you INTRODUCED NESTOR.
Will no one think of what poor Nestor must be going through.
The obscure statutes about violating interstate commerce clause over sex trafficking commonly used against sex workers (gotta point out mainly PoC as well) are now good and cool because they can be used against Nestor's dad.

So...Matt Gaetz who voted against a human trafficking bill by being the sole vote against it, is currently being investigated for sex trafficking a 17 year old girl. Makes me question his "daddy" role with Nestor.

Youre a creep with a history of weird relationships with minors. Nestor and now this. Maybe just stop lying about the time you spend with adolescents.
I wonder how nestor feels about all of this.
I love how Gaetz stepped up his "check me out hanging with all these women" game AFTER his big "Nestor Galban is my helper... er, no, my aide... er, no that's not right either, my son! Yeah." stumble.
You like the young stuff, Nestors Daddy.
Everyone is so quick to judge Matt Gaetz. For all we know, maybe hes just throwing his boy Nestor some pussy. Until we know any further, Matt Gaetz is a good father and an upstanding citizen.
Matt Gaetzs beloved son Nestor must be taking this hard.
Matt Gaetz is trending. I'm just gonna leave this here. Where's Nestor gonna go?
I will be shocked if it turns out its a 17 year old GIRL I fully expect the investigation to show it was a 17 yr old BOY Nestor will be pissed he was replaced. Where are the Qanon people when you have real children who are being trafficked??

Matt Gaetz: 2008: DUI 2012: Attempts to bribe hotel clerk to get key to room of sleeping Rep. Jose Oliva, R-Miami Calls Nestor: 2016: "A local student" 2017: "My helper" 2020: The son* "I love very much" (*Nestor is not his son) 2021: Under investigation for sex trafficking.

First "adopted" Nestor, now trafficking?!?!
This is really going to upset Nestor.
If you think it's wild that Matt Gaetz is under investigation for sex trafficking a 17 year old girl, wait until you hear about how he adopted a teenaged Cuban boyfriend named Nestor whose dad is still alive and well.

What if his father is actually his adopted son Nestor who came of age in time to adopt Matt and wear a wire.
If only Matt had gotten a legal age 'Nestor'.
But Nestor?
Free Nestor.
Where is his son Nestor? This is really damning, especially for his son.
I forgot about Nestor. Yikes.
Poor Nestor was the last person to hear about it.
Youve never had a relationship with a 17 year old? Lets ask Nestor.
Baby Monitor with Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera and 3.2'' LCD Screen, Infrared Night Vision (Black) Nestor.
I wonder if Nestor approves of this plan for his *dad*.
If this thread was true, would the FBI want you to put this on Twitter? Who gets custody of Nestor?
That would leave him a real empty nestor.
Why are Qanons favourite ppl are always guilty of what they accuse their perceived enemies as? So what about Nestor?
Pretty much!! Poor Nestor.
For all those wondering, this is my son Nestor. We share no blood but he is my life. He came from Cuba (legally, of course) six years ago and lives with me in Florida. I am so proud of him and raising him has been the best, most rewarding thing Ive done in my life.

Someone's blackmailing you for $25 million over something made up? I don't know. Usually blackmailers have incriminating evidence which is why they demand so much money. And now you blow the investigation of the people victimizing you? None of this adds up, Nestor's Brodad.

That the TRUMP DOJ was investigating Nestor's dad is chef's kiss PERFECT! All that knee/jaw coordination for nothin'!
I can't believe Matt Gaetz was cheating on Nestor. Is anything sacred anymore?
Whats the matter Matt was Nestor not enough for you... even if its not true the way you talk to people and the way you have treated people nobodys gonna give a fuck if it takes you down and ruins your life...Im going to enjoy watching you go down you piece of shit.

I think the Nestor story caused some concern.
Waiting for the Nestor press conference.
So does this mean his father was wearing a wire to catch him? Also anyone check in on Nestor?
Nestor and the molester.
This MattGaetz potential child rape is confusing. Cause where is the MAGA crowd that was calling for Cuomo's resignations- And what about Nestor? Dear MAGAts , Before you start pointing fingers make sure your hands are clean Vous me degoutez!

News: Nestor has filed for divorce emancipation. /s.
Nestor is Gaetz's theatrical prop.
Or better yet, Nestor and Matt Gaetz adopted the 17-year-old girl.
In 2017 Matt Gaetz was the ONLY "no" vote on anti-human trafficking bill. He later claimed to have "adopted" a young boy from Cuba, but without filling out any legal paperwork. He still calls the boy, Nestor, his "son." How is this guy in Congress? Are MyFLFamilies OK with this?

Matt Gaetz going down for anything other than human trafficking his ""son"" Nestor will always be a disappointment.
I wonder if it's related to Gaetz being the lawyer on the adoption of Nestor and Nestor's sister Maisbel to Gaetz's "extended family." Wonder how old May was. Earlier tweets.
Are we sure this isn't Nestor and not a girl?
Oh Matty. What it will Nestor think?
Nestor must be so hurt. :(.
So... does this mean you're no longer banging Nestor?
You can't even set up a blind date for your young ward Nestor without the Demonrats making a federal case out of it.
I was under the impression that RepMattGaetz problem was named Nestor. Maybe he only paid for the girl to appear with him...nobody would do it for free.
Nestor gonna be pissed.
What will Nestor say?
Remember when everyone freaked out about Matt Gaetz saying he has a teenage son named Nestor? We were right to freak out, apparently. Hope he's ok.
And the 17 year old girl was just a blind date for Nestor. Who ever Nestor really is. :\.
Im just surprised it wasnt Nestor. At least that we know of.
You couldnt make this crap up: Nestor was 12 when they met as Gaetz was dating his sister. Gaetz is now engaged to an analyst named Ginger Luckey, 26, whom he proposed to at Trumps Mar-a-Lago club on Dec. 30. How plausible is ANY of that?

1 - Jacob Wohl is proven liar & attention whore, creating alleged scandals in attempts to smear people 2 - Who cares what Gaetz' alleged sexuality is 3 - Girl in investigation was allegedly a minor child, which is the issue (was also issue w/Nestor scandal, if sex was involved).

Is it too paranoid & conspiratorial to think this was a story Gaetzs peeps fed themselves secretly to the media to distract from the recent publicity about Nestor???
By family, you are referring th Nestor and ..??????

What You Really Think

That explanation doesn't make it any less creepy.

This has been public for some time.

So the sister was what, 13?

So if your son is your girlfriends brother, you must be... I am going to stop thinking about this now.

Just wow.