Monday 29th of August 2022

Never Forget.

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Oh trickle down economics definitely work, just not for the average class="u-nolinkc" href="">person like you and me.
Trickle down would only work if everyone was on board. The guys on top just decided not to do it after they got their tax breaks, lol. Just class="u-nolinkc" href="">a giant scam at the end of the day.
>We need to start thinking about trickle up economics and forget trickle down, as that doesn't work. Trickle down might have worked if they implemented class="u-nolinkc" href="">what Milton Friedman wanted, which included negative income tax. class="u-nolinkc" href="">I dunno class="u-nolinkc" href="">how the fuck they managed to push that trickle down economics was class="u-nolinkc" href="">what any economist argued for, because class="u-nolinkc" href="">no one argued for class="u-nolinkc" href="">this version.

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The entire premise is ridiculous, same as "job creators" propaganda. Money doesn't come from the top, it comes from the people at the bottom doing the labor. All the people at the top do is provide the capital and take the profits and this gives them complete control of all decisions in between. Owners/employers are little different from landlords: they add no value, they only extract it.

I like to think the debt relief package is wealth trickling down.

> forget trickle down, as that doesn't work. Its working 100% as intended. The problem people forget is the pyramid got inverted somehow.

I like your term "trickle up economics". I like to call it "foundational economics". If we build the foundation of our country (working people, consumers) then everybody wins.

]I, too, read this reply to the original tweet. ]().

Also, don't we want a society where kids are allowed to learn? Getting into college and learning shouldn't be a mistake. Accepting onerous loans wasn't a good idea, but they weren't buying a car, it was to get an education. Those loans shouldn't have been needed in the first place. That's my main reason for wanting them forgiven.

I hate that they say we made bad decisions in getting student loans. I have a great career in what I studied and Im paying off the loan on-time every month (except during that glorious covid break in payments). Im being responsible and can pay it off over the next decade. But having this payment means I choose to plan other expenses differently. I havent had a new car in 15 years, so when I see millennials are killing (insert industry) I think about how they dont see we cant spend the money. I see this debt relief and think yes! Forgive this debt and I could actually do other things with that money! Theres so many things I could do with that money each month, and I know other people who feel the same way and hold on other important life decisions because of it. Everyone please stop saying that these degrees are worthless and that we made a mistake because that is not the whole story for everyone.

That's how the capitalist system works Big banks and corps make huge mistakes and they're getting screwed? Here's some of taxpayers hard earned money to help out, and we'll give you more when you fail again Can't afford school when you crucially need it for the career path you want? Screw you, we're all out of your hard earned money you pay us every month, sorry Socialize the losses, privatize the profits.

And bad decisions made by 17-19 year olds, who, in some cases (like my own) are not given ANY insight or advice from adults that could/should help them out.

Yeah but those are all different because they ~~bribe me~~ really really really need the money and they're all very good boys and deserve it!

Its been touted for decades that people need to go to college to get a good job. That has never been true. Its been this propaganda campaign that college is the only path for kids after high school otherwise they will be slinging burgers. This says two things and both are problems: 1. Slinging burgers doesnt pay a living wage 2. College education was supposed to be an investment that paid off for your future. The problem is that college tuition has exponentially gotten more expensive while salary has had meager improvements. Bernie is one of the few in Washington that fully understands what a prosperous society looks like. It takes all of us to lift us up as a whole. That includes healthcare AND education. Give people the skills to succeed and they will exceed.

Thank you! Everyone in America has become so selfish and independent. Humans thrive together, when we are a community we can accomplish amazing things. Sucks that it takes war or catastrophe for people in America to even begin thinking about working as a community.

The question you're asking requires consistent moral and logical standards to understand. That is too much for conservatives, literally.

If I get a loan and the economy gets fucked because of some rich assholes making shit decisions and they get bailed out while my loan goes up to double digit percentage, somewhow, it's my fault for not being able to see that rich assholes would destroy the economy.

The bank bailouts were loans that they did pay back.

No it was to help big businesses. Can any small business owners tell me if the Trump tax plan actually helped them?

Trickle down is a reverse pyramid not a real pyramid. All assets are trickling down from the top (bottom) of the pyramid to the bottom (top) as intended. There is a reason you heard the term corporate welfare prior to Reagan but only Trick down economics after, they are the same thing.

You could say very similar things in regards to businesses that rip people off of money or services. Individual steals similar amount and goes to prison while a business stealing is poor practice or a mistake. Too lazy to get specific examples and not justifying or excusing thievery but there are different levels of accountability. 2008 there should have been a lot of business people going to jail.

Because if it doesn't directly benefit me, then it's socialism or communism or whatever it is fox news told me to be scared about..

My sister got free tuition for 4 years because our dad is a professor. She STILL bitched on facebook that she is "bitter" saying "where is my 10k, I paid off my loans" (she had less than 15k in total for room/board/expenses).

Dont disagree but the tape is the only thing that would pass right now. And barely.

Get the people who never ever wants to replace the pipe out of the system, then. Why are they even there?

Theres more to what Biden did besides the 10k. How minimum payments are calculated vs your income was changed from 10% to 5%, and if that amount is smaller than the minimum payment required for the loan the government will cover the rest. They also changed how interest is or isnt calculated. Clearly Im not giving the full story and I recommend everyone to read a little more. However, there are indeed more positive changes. Cheers though!

Agreed. The federal government needs to start negotiating with colleges to get tuitions to come down. If they want to keep getting that loan money they'll do it.

I'm not american so I didn't read to much into it. But didn't they do exactly that. The 20k was to make headlines but inside the bill was reform to help reduce the problem in the future no?

But not the one we deserve.

No shit, so why the fuck does the party that claims to care about us continue to shaft Bernie and put into place absolute duds?

By "some guy" you mean hundreds of redditors in this very sub, right?

Pretty much all the teachers in my state with student loans.

Yeah, I read reports that Elizabeth Warren's student debt relief plan went mainly to the top 40%. Biden's plan is more targeted to those who need it. But it's not like this is helping the poorest of the poor - those people are more likely to be high school dropouts than have student loan debt.

Someone after you posted some graphs, idk if it helps point you in the direction of what you are looking for, but it's at least interesting on its own xD.

Ty dh xD v cexzgv.

Reddit does add random noise to vote totals. You're not necessarily watching real changes.

It's not meant to be a complete fix, but it is a way to get the conversation started.

Give a man a fish.

This reads like bad conservative satire lol.

> ! So what if we all have to pay an average of $2000 over 10 years. what? that is not how this works at all.

$200/yr to pay off student loans?! Sign me the fuck up. Can I do this with rent/utilities/groceries as well?

Im one of these folks and Im still glad for the student loan forgiveness beneficiaries.

I hope they get help too. What the middle class shouldn't be doing is slapping each others hands away from the cookie jar while the upper class ransacks it unopposed.

If you're not researching which bills you can afford to miss payment on until the next payday, than you're doing better than most. While Bezos pays zero in taxes and launches things into the cosmos incase Elon might have a bigger penis.


While taxes went down for most people, corporate and tax cuts for wealthy are permanent and everybody else's tax cut is temporary.

I believe it will be an application sometime in October if I remember correctly. You have to earn under 125k a year individually or 250k a year if you are married. If you have received a pell grant at any point, you will receive 20k in forgiveness, and 10k if you have not received a pell grant.

I got one year less taxes then back to same as it was before.

Same people that pay for forgiven PPP loans and other corporate bailouts, thats who.

Same people paying the $1.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthy bill. I'd rather my taxes go to help a majority of Americans rather than more money to the wealthy.

>I wonder who people think is going to pay for student loan relief programs? Assuming everyone is ignorant of really basic shit really tips your hand regarding what you consider to be in-depth thinking. The student loan forgiveness plan is a hell of a lot cheaper than the Iraq War, it actually helps the middle class instead of lining the pockets of military contractors, and it's going to relieve mental health issues instead of create them. Oh and it won't be a complete fucking clusterfuck like the Iraq War. The Iraq War, if you're too young to remember, was a Republican Administration's expensive pet project that started in 2003. Isn't it interesting how Democrat Administrations enact expensive shit that *actually helps Americans* while Republican Administrations enact expensive shit *and then have to pretend they were against it all along (as Trump did with the Iraq War)*? It's fucking mind-boggling that anyone would vote Republican over Democrat. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Meanwhile, Democrats have made trillions of dollars in commitments to the areas they've actually said they are committed to. Healthcare, Education, Infrastructure, and the Middle Class. This spending has proven to be popular *because it works*. If you think it doesn't work - ask yourself why Republicans pledged for years that they would repeal and replace ACA...only to fecklessly shart on it once they had the power to do so.

Tax the billionaires before we eat them. It's not that complicated. There is a fuck ton of money from people who exploited the working class. They should should pay their percentage.

It's about time our taxes pay for something that helps the people who are actually paying said taxes.

Me, Im paying for them. And Im more than happy to. I also happen to be a beneficiary of the larger forgiveness, because I was fuckin poor and gif the pell grant. Im a college success story and happy to pay to help others.

Id rather pay for something thats actually going to help people who need it any day.

Sit back down Donnie.

You get to live in a functioning nation. Try not to cause too much harm.

You get momentum. The more positive feedback and votes we give to people who help average Americans, the more politicians will be forced to throw bones to average Americans. You get a rung on the ladder between poverty and 1%. An absolutely necessary rung for social mobility called middle class. You get a large swathe of the population like me ready and waiting to grab your hand and pull you up the ladder by using my vote to throw you a bone every single time I can. Loan forgiveness isnt the answer to life, the universe, and everything. It is one step of many to restore a middle class by lifting people like you and me out of poverty. You didnt get the benefits *this* time. But I promise when it is your turn, I will be voting, supporting and cheering for you every step of the way.

Bernie is worth $3m after some 40 years of public service. Hardly a fortune. Compare that to republicans that have benefitted from insider trading and more and that are worth 50 or 60 times more.

Who is making up numbers? The cutoff was $125k, and Mr Sanders point is that of those people, 87% actually make less than $75k.

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