Friday 4th of December 2020

You Know Theres no Better Way to KISS2020Goodbye Than With us on New Years Eve. Come On, Lets do This.

Social Media Says

Im excited to be speaking at this year's WebSummit! I've always had a love for tech and finding new ways to use it to connect to my audience is so exciting.
NEW from me: The Trump administration has requested to convert dozens of political appointees into career civil service positions this year, allowing them to stay in government after he's gone. We have the documents.

Louis Tomlinson has spent the year writing new music for his next album.
Have you been naughty or nice this year? Either way, I bet youd look killer in one of our NEW vintage zip-up hoodies! All merch is available on our website for online ordering. Taproom pickup today is from 4-7pm!

Yes, I'm excited for what the new year holds for me.
Im so fucking mad at how our leaders blew it getting this under control. Basically a year of our lives gone. A year where millions of people didnt get to hug their parents, didnt get to make new friends, didnt get to fall in love. Just a theft of human life.

Those Oyinda clothes, na to buy one for your babe, no need buy anything till June2021 Wizkid show Davido show Burna show Olamide show Christmas party New Year Party Valentine Kennis Music Easter Party Childrens Day One cloth, wear am 9ways. May God bless Oyinda for saving boys.

My Kingsford tree from last year. Oh, how I love thee. YES, of course I'm building a new charcoal tree this year. All in due time my friends.
NEW: Trump campaigns star witness, Mellissa Carone, was on probation for a year for committing a computer crime court records reveal.
Our SuperDraft pick is here to stay. NEWS: We have signed Paul Marie to new multi-year contract.
Sushant and Disha, both will get justice. CBI - we hope you catch the culprits before new year.
I finally bought one of my favorite reads of the year Where the Lost Wander by aharmon_author in paperback. Vnulb I highly recommend this emotionally charged historical romance novel. PS: it looks amazing next to my new.

I say Ireland won't be able to stock the PS5 until next year, if these scammers are causing it. I checked every shop in my county and they are all out of stock. I don't think the people of this country won't be able to get a new console for Christmas this year.

Mojang, when will there be a new update for Minecraft PE? New Year is coming soon, and I would like to receive a good gift for such a holiday. Please think.
We are all Ok thanks John,hope everyones good at your end. Have you moved yet? or are you waiting until the new year.
What a year it's been! It feels like yesterday I was starting out in the RealTryHackMe 2019 AoC, completely new to cyber; but now look! Delighted to have been involved in making this year's Advent of Cyber, and to have just received confirmation that I've passed my OSCP!

]new achievement/2020] "fallin' flower" is best-selling single by korean artist on billboard japan this year. it's also a single with the highest sales in japan by foreign artist in 2020.
We're doing a limited Holiday Series run with our friends at highscore_tees this year! A NEW Merry Crumble shirt is there too Proceeds will benefit AbleGamers & RedNoseDayUSA.
If everything goes well next year, I plan on doing charity & variety streams. I could not do them this year because my laptop MB died, but hopefully my new PC will be ready before February or March. Thanks to everyone who continues to support me here, Twitch & PatreonVnulb.

New Year's Kiss I'm preparing my best last year kiss and first of the next year LALISAdmk And you, who will you kiss at midnight? nulb.
Never watched GoT, I dont know all these heavy guitar rift stuff, but you could easily tell that it was a Sting track. It was a nice nod to the past and bringing something new to the present. Easily one of your Top 5 themes you produced this year.

So... PS5 with the Spider-Man game Four Brand New Car Tyres Skin care products to last a year MacBook Pro 2018-2020 ... What else are we buying for our Men this Christmas?
AkaYona 2021 New Year postcard! They're so cute!!! AkatsukiNoYona *.
With 2020 nearing the end I cant help but think of all the positives. I made so many new friends, my community has grown to 270 members to this family. Ive matured and grown more as a person. Im so thankful for each and every experience Ive had this year, good and bad.

I know things seem grim right now but... this time next year England will be 2-0 up in the Ashes and Mark Woods reputation as the new Larwood will be secure.
If youre planning on travelling over Christmas make sure you check both parts of your journey in advance. Engineering work will be taking place across our network on all days. For more info, see our Christmas and New Year travel page.

Are you remodeling your home for the new year? You most likely will need a dumpster to clean out the debris from your project. Call us to find out how we can help. 908.421.1493.
TOYOTA CROWN GRADE : ROYAL SALOON { New Shape } Year 2013 Cc 2500 Push Start Button Cruise Control Steering Controls New Registration PRICE : 2.5m Hire Purchase Accepted VIEWING : MOMBASA nulb.
Financial data provider S&P Dow Jones Indices (S&P DJI) is launching global cryptocurrency asset index capabilities with Lukka, a New York City-based crypto asset software and data company in 2021 Bitcoin nulb.

In a year like 2020 I've been HELLA lucky to have some good fortune come my way. Thanks to IntelGaming and NZXT I was able to win a new PC during DrLupo's Intel Gamer Days stream. This thing is gorgeous and an absolute tank for content creation.

It's been a hard year so in the gentlest way I wanted to announce a new book next year (Feb 2021) Border and Rule: Global Migration, Capitalism, and the Rise of Racist Nationalism by Harsha Walia Foreword by Robin D.G. Kelley, Afterword by Nick Estes.

Even Larry Kudlow just admitted the economy is bad, so you know Trump's White House cronies are desperate to find new jobs early next year...
I promise i'll have more new music next year than i did this year and im so excited.
With the new year just around the corner, consider taking the next step in your career and apply to Healthcare Network. If you love building genuine connections with patients, you will love working at Healthcare Network! Apply at: .

What are you most looking forward to food-wise after Christmas (from the 26th onwards) and before New Year? Would love to hear about any dishes you make each year, or food memories specific to those days. s much appreciated. Thank you.

That was an wild year. Most definetly 1 - ME 2 2 - RDR 3 - New Vegas.
Time to give your OCs some holiday cheer! New patron sketch theme is up! Join before the 10th of December to join in! (sketches will also start on the 10th) Join annually (for a limited time) to get sketches every two months next year! Happy Holidays!

I've been calling for a correction in T-bonds for a while.I said that we would likely see the 10yr back to 1.20%-1.40% & maybe even 1.50% during the equity mkt melt-up.That remains my call.30yr yield could rise to 2%.Rates will fall to significant new lows during next year's bust.

HAPPY NEW YEAR EMBOSSER STAMP A new year is definitely needed Get your Happy New Year embosser stamp today "nulb Click to buy "nulb Liverpool.
No, from the new society that opened up last year in Airdrie! We had one picked from Meow but someone beat us to it. But, we could sure use some good Fortune!
If New Years Eve was a person, Id hunt him down, tie him in barbed wire and drop him in the North Sea wearing some concrete underpants.
Shop the final days of our New Year, New Deere sale. What do you want Santa to leave out in the shed, barn, or garage for Christmas?
New "Ghost Light" virtual tour announced! Our stages have been dark this year, join JasonWalsmith for a virtual tour of Iowa's opera houses. The 5-stop tour starts Dec 8 w/ tix Tikly at . Help us celebrate Iowa's stages and the ghosts of shows past.

This just in! The new loan limit for an FHA loan has increased from $331,760 to $356,362 in 2021 Thats over $20,000 more than last year! Take advantage of these great rates and new loan limits today! ' Call/Text813-616-8844 ' ' NMLS 189233 228635.

Over 700 children in the Greater Grand Forks community have already signed up for the Winter Wishlist program this year. We are accepting NEW toys, games, gift cards and winter apparel. Please visit to learn how to donate!

You've heard of RoanhorseBex and TRAIL OF LIGHTNING, right? Well, she's got a new trilogy that is just stunning, truly epic fantasy that will leave you craving more. BLACK SUN is the perfect gift for anyone looking for fantasy this year; check it out.

Every fucking year people are like "Kojima is gonna make silent hills!!" "Kojima making a secret scary game!?" "New terrifying game from Kojima!?" And then every year Kojima is like "No".
Buy yourself a business this year for Christmas, instead of one gift youll get a monthly gift of a pay check to spend as you like, youll earn free Scentsy, fun incentives, loads of perks and even make new friendships!! AllWins lets chat.

It's been so exciting to see many new people come to Jesus and receive salvation! With a few weeks left till the end of year, we are expectant for God to move in our midst and see heaven on earth through the church of Jesus. Join us this Sunday for our celebration service.

Have you heard? Holiday Heat & Eat Menus are LIVE on ! We've got you covered for a delicious meal with your loved ones! Don't forget...order your Christmas and/or New Year's Eve Dinner by December 10th and receive Linn's Cranberry-Cheese Dip!

The new year is upon us, and we continue to support our members and business community. But none of this would be possible without our sponsors! Be a Chamber sponsor, contact and set us up for success in 2021!

<2021 NEW YEAR'S EVE LIVE presented by Weverse> Official Trailer 1 a.
When you forgot to file leave vacation for Christmas & New Year and have full slots. Like WTF.
Activists in New Jersey are planning a campaign of mass phone calls to demand Hudson County Executive Tom DeGise withdraw from the 10-year contract with ICE that Hudson County Freeholders voted to approve on Nov. 25. Script and contact info below.

Thinking about a new home to go with the new year? I can show you exclusive properties not listed anywhere else!
Looking forward to the new year, if anything this year has done for me was make me a stronger and a much more grateful man.
Sid Welcome back as actor . We r getting to see you as an actor after long 3 year. It's new beginning for us also.. Wish u all the success for the project. Keep shinning like a star sidharth_shukla SID IN BROKEN BUT BEAUTIFUL.

13 year old Palestinian boy, Ali Abu Aliya, shot and killed by Israeli soldiers firing at villagers who were protesting against building of new Israeli settlement on their land.
New from Rethink Church: Rev. Stephen Handy, lead pastor of McKendree UMC, discusses the nature of God in a new video. Who/what is God to you? How do you talk about God with your friends and family this time of year?

This is what going a whole year and then some without new Marvel content feels like.
.. = more jobs. This cannot be contested. EPI estimated there would've been 5 million more jobs this year had the $600 continued since August.
Ma Shan county media thanked Xiao Zhans fans and said that XZ Fans Charity Group posting about their speciality brown sugar generated online sales of nearly 5 million CNY, which set a new record. Their total sales from their main platforms year to date was 1.6 and 1.9 million.

Emotionally the calendar gives us a place to pause the doom and gloom. Don't most of us mark several new years marks? I have significant events in March, June, September and October that are personal new year moment. Plus a bunch of unbirthday events.

Hallmark Channels Countdown to Christmas goes all the way through the New Year with tons of original new movies and holiday fun for the whole family. Tune in on EZVideo or watch on the Hallmark Channel watchTVeverywhere app!

TOYOTA CROWN GRADE : ROYAL SALOON { New Shape } Year 2013. Cc 2500 Turn Signal Mirrors Alloy Rims Dual AC Zone Rear AC Vent PRICE : 2.5m Hire Purchase Accepted VIEWING : MOMBASA nulb AFC Leopards Nairobi County Kisumu High Court.

I REALY hope youre right. Could do with some hope for the new year.
So 4 bigger updates Im totally fine with that Im guesing one Christmas/new year update 2 normal updates with more gaming legends or other hunters And a final update with event files.
If only me and my friends had something to do in the game with a brand new expansion so we could keep warm. Will try again next year. Please dont mess up the witch queen expansion like this one. Put content in it, and for the love of everyone, no more reskins. Thank you!

Ted Lasso on Apple is one of the best new shows of the year. Intelligent, warm, and very funny. Its mandatory viewing.
As we countdown to the end of the year, now is the time to reflect, set goals or try something new. British alpine racer Konrad Bartelski shares his recommended resorts for learning how to ski.
Ill cut my hair before new years bahut hogya ab.
And don't you forget it! The Grinch is a classic but we want to know which Christmas movies do you rewatch over the holiday season? and are there any new movies we should put on our Netflix list this year?

What You Really Think

Money grubbers.


I saw you guys last February 13th at Lexington Rupp Arena (5th time seeing you) I sat next to a man and his son that the father had seen you like 40 times and his son about 8 it was awesome and I had my daughter who was seeing you for the 2nd time. Youll always be loved!



When all our shit was cool.

Im a kiss fan 4 lyfe!!!! Always have been!! Always will be!!!! If you love KISS? Thats great!!!! If you hate them? That's great too!! But if your in the middle? Get the fuck OUT!!!!

I would never miss it!

Whens lunch?

Love you all i need a concert a kiss concert hell yeah !!!!

Why wont Gene and Paul allow Eric to dress up as Eric Carr? The rebirth of the fox would be a nice tribute.

Get ready fans .$$$$$$$$.

Should be free everyone is cowling in the basement with a mask on waiting for a check from Nancy Pelosi to pay the electric bill.

Please go away! Its like a holloween nightmare you old incompetent men dressed like clowns!

This is what sobriety looks like in a band. On Top yesterday and today!

Maybe if it was the original band. Not really into watching a KISS cover band. I understand that there is still 2 of the originals. But not the same as the real thing.

Once you purchase ticket Were do you watch this On what . you tube ??

Im watching.

deolm- <<*Fen - nulb- nulbdyags[?] - nulb.

Ive supported this great band forever. 2020 has sucked. I know kiss lost tour money but how bout GIVE this one to the fans? I know its a biz for u but come on.

In the words of our esteemed leader.. LETS GO!!

Wouldnt waste my money , Pauls voice is horrible. Just retire.

Half of Kiss.

Nah, I'm good.

It is a stupid idea, in a land that doesnt respect human rights, and for only filling youre $$$$ pockets. Stupid!

It will no doubt be awsome.

Sounds great, but please invite Ace and Peter. I've been a fan since 75. I've bought countless albums, not once but several times.

Im in!!!!

Participating in a mass suprr spreader event says all I need to know about your greed. Pretty sad.

Yes I agree.

Please call back Ace e Peter!!!!

Album cover of the century!!!!

Did you know that Xanadu, the album I bought at a Target months before the movie came out. The movie was not a great movie but tell that to a infatuated kid hitting puberty developing his taste for sex.. Oli Newton John was it. I had Love Gun, the seed was planted. Faping RnR.

Kiss 2020 goodbye!!!!!!

People have lost the ability to read between the lines? The cop that killed george floyd, a psychopath ppl, not a racist, a psychopath.

What did John Lennon say on Dick Cavett?The Woman is the ni66er of the ni66er.. And When I post this I swear twitter won't catch it because I will replace the G's with 6's.. When Elvis Costello mention ni66er in Oliver's army (all it takes - one itchy trigger, one widow, etc).

I'm going to give mine to a porn star.. She will be the one you call when you guys want to put yourself onto that stage. Because porn stars deserve to have control over the medium.

Why dont we put a VR180 camera in space, on the surface of planets, collect footage and package it for Oculus Quest headsets.. Get one, I swear you will wonder what you did without one.. And download the app sold by.


Guess what, COVID is bringing us back to a time in the 70s after vietnam, moon landing, space program, things not really happening in space because people wanted to be there, the needs being acted out in movie, music and books.. That's the industry you wont have again? ITS BACK!

If you are playing an LP what are you going to look at? Cover art, books, draw pictures, copy the cover art with onion skin paper, look at lava lamp, fish tank, gerbile pipes. Something to read, lyrics, tolkien, then if that wasnt enough, Backmasking which thought ruined needles.

Because when in the 70s, the record was literally the only consumers re-playable medium. We didn't have VHS, not until the 80s was it widely available. People simply didn't say, why don't we watch Kubrick's 2001 after dinner.. -NO- We played LPs, watch tv or play on atari.

We need a whole other rock and roll hall of fame just for cover artists..

You lucked out, hotter than hell, the cover art sold that album, it wasn't the music, cover art.. Your fans, at age 6, I wanted an LP, I couldn't read, that cover sold it.. Not your music, it was cover art. It is what inspired the story line for Xanadu, underpaid cover artists.

Best part, Best part, you go off stage , make up comes off, the thing famous people kill for, retaining privacy, not being chased by paparazi, the reasons guys like StudioKillers, Gorrilaz and DaftPunk do what they do. Quality Sutdio music, its a biz, leave the persona at work.

KISS was the super hero rock band, KPop Jap Idol stuff, years before it was a thing.. You packaged it and sold it, sex aliens.. Love Gun.. You can't be like us, we are not of this earth and all the girls want to fuck us... I understand, I understand..

Oh I know why it worked, it wasn't really talented it was you were a ideal of the time: 69 landing on moon. By mid-70s nothing spacewise has got beyond moon, 77 star wars, close encounters, 80s ET, Punk Rock = DIY Rock Hero, Glam = Cartoon on Stage, Rush/Yes/Styx = need4fantasy.

Muahhh See! ya's!> > HAPPY!>NEW! YEAR!2021! >.

Please record it and put it on Kissology IV or something, cause I'll be working NewYear's.

Funny thing about this is you know the drummer has got to be the whitest guy in the band but when you took the makeup off, everyone is brown. I was a fan, I guess I just never understood, did he die? This whole thing was not that new, even themove that became ELO used facepaint.

Love to see it, hopefully they mix up the set list (just a little, please?).


No... Enough.

Put it on Shaw VOD for 10 bucks.

Ill pass but have fun.