Friday 26th of June 2020

OFFICIAL: The 2023 Women's World Cup Will be Held in Australia And New Zealand ?

OFFICIAL: The 2023 Women's World Cup will be held in Australia and New Zealand ?
Sweden & New Zealand actually have something in common: scientific advisors in both countries did not think a vaccine would be available soon enough, so they chose their final objective. Sweden chose trying to build immunity through letting virus go, while NZ chose elimination.

Powerful 6.0-magnitude earthquake rocks New Zealand.
WE DID IT! Australia and New Zealand have been granted the honour of hosting the FIFAWWC 2023! This landmark decision is a moment for everyone to celebrate AsOne! We stand ready to welcome the world and deliver the best ever FIFAWWC ??????

"The host of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 will be.... Australia & New Zealand!!" Cue pandemonium ??
Now more than ever, scenario-based planning is critical to managing the uncertainties of the future. In this webinar from last year, TranspowerNZ described its Te Mauri Hiko approach to planning for New Zealand's cleanenergyfuture. Watch.

The FIFAWWC is coming to Australia & New Zealand! A huge achievement for football in the region, bring it on.
New Zealand joins IPAC with Co-Chairs Simon O'Connor MP and Louisa Wall MP. All Five Eyes alliance nations are now represented within IPAC.
Australia and New Zealand will host the 2023 Women's World Cup after being selected ahead of Colombia.
Ill continue to point this out to these people and they continue to ignore, 4 countries which i believe have met an amazing standard and example for what to do (ALL OF WHICH HAD DIFFERENT APPROACHES TO THE VIRUS) Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Australia.

???? Australia, New Zealand to co-host 2023 Women's World Cup after FIFA vote. Full details ??
Australia, New Zealand, Japan, here is the template to follow if your future trade deals: EU: We would like this. UK: No. EU: How about if we reword it but basically keep it the same? UK: Now you've buckled we're listening...

Interesting sign from New Zealand Gavknight ?
Do you realise theres only 5m ppl in New Zealand. You have more land mass, easy eh. Look CV19 isnt going anywhere, its here to stay so get used to it.
DailyMailUK. New Zealand suffered a 6magnitude one.
The FIFAWWC is heading Down Under in 2023! ? Congratulations to Australia and New Zealand on being awarded the joint bid! FFA ?
?????? congrats Australia and New Zealand!
Congratulations Australia ??and New Zealand ??! We recognize the important role of the player associations in these countries AND in Colombia ?? to elevate women's football.
? Congratulations Australia ?? and New Zealand ?? !
? Only 3 years to go! Congratulations to Australia and New Zealand ? 2 week break with the ladies for the tournament....?
You little ripper we are hosting the FIFAWWC in 2023 with New Zealand ?? Start the champagne ? ?
We did it!!! The FIFAWWC is coming to Australia and New Zealand!!!
What New Zealand got right: retired Klamath Falls physician Dr. Ralph Eccles visits to talk about his research into COVID-19, and we haven't done well in slowing it down...
New Zealand. Cmon. We'd move there in a heartbeat just for the leadership. I say this as a Canadian.
And the SydOperaHouse lights up after the 2023 FIFAWWC hosts are revealed! ? What an incredible moment for football in Australia & New Zealand.
Any excuse to go back to New Zealand. Definitely want to be at this! ???
Congratulations to Australia FFA and New Zealand NZ_Football on hosting FIFA Women's World Cup 2023!
Australia and New Zealand win race to host Women's World Cup in 2023.
How to make the most of the ISDN and PSTN shutdowns in Australia and New Zealand with future-proof SIP Trunking.
New Zealand Anglicanism now ranks Evelyn Underhill up with St John the Baptist.
Lord have mercy on NEW ZEALAND!
Hosting the 2023 FIFAWWC will change football in Australia and New Zealand forever. some teary-eyed words for TheWorldGame.
The point of lockdown is to eradicate the virus. If it has no new hosts to spread too it dies. Look at New Zealand.
The Opera House lit up for the Australia/New Zealand bid for the 2023WWC. ?abcnews? ?abcgrandstand?
Amazing news, FFWWC is heading to Australia and New Zealand!!!
Australia and New Zealand will host the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup! ?????
And NewZealand will host the 2023 WorldCup ????? ?
I'm lost for words and want to say Congratulations to AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND on this amazing achievement. ?????????????

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Plan ama aje??

???????????? been looking for an excuse to go! Yesssssssss.

Are they anywhere near each other?

Menos mal, porque en colombia ya estaban pensando como robar.

Nigeria to win the tornament.