Wednesday 14th of April 2021

Exclusive: Government Set to Announce End to Live Animal Exports.

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The Duke had a number of Commonwealth appointments over the course of his life, including with thecgf, THE_RASC and the Royal Commonwealth Ex-Services League. HRH also had military affiliations in Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Trinidad and Tobago.

[?] The 12 teams headed to the Women's Olympic Football Tournament Tokyo2020: Australia Brazil Canada Chile China PR Great Britain Japan Netherlands New Zealand Sweden USA Zambia Official Draw on 21 April at 10:00 CET.

After a stellar debut international season with the bat, Devon Conway is named New Zealand Men's Player of the Year in both ODIs and T20Is.
New Zealand introduces climate change law for financial firms in world first cc.
And there it is. White Supremacists have FOX NEWS as their platform. What a win for hate-mongers and extremists. This is the same conspiracy theory that motivated mass shooters in Pittsburgh, New Zealand and El Paso.

Hello, love your work. I'm part of The Opportunity Party, a New Zealand political party which advocates for a UBI.
New Zealand's financial sector will be forced to disclose information about the threats that climate change poses to its businesses. It is important that every part of New Zealands economy is helping us cut emissions".

Countries now rethinking their relationships with them include Australia & New Zealand. At least 27 universities in USA have requested closure. Already gone are centres at Stockholm Uni, Copenhagen Business School, Stuttgart Media Uni, the University of Lyon. None though in UK.

If that was the Rainbow Bridge in that New Zealand video, that was a sad video not a happy one.
New Zealand could become the first country in the world to introduce a law to require the financial sector to disclose the impacts of climate change on their business.
Legatum was established by New Zealand billionaire Christopher Chandler, a disaster capitalist who made his wealth as the post-Soviet economy collapsed in the 1990s.
The livestock trading industry in New Zealand is stronger than ever thanks to the innovation and resilience which came to the fore during the pandemic, according to an industry veteran.
We cannot address the climate crisis unless banks allocate money in a way that assists the transition to net-zero. NZ is the first in the world to introduce a law to make that happen. It will mean every financial decision takes climate change into account.

Java, machine learning, AI amongst most important programming skills - report - IT Brief New Zealand here.
New Zealand Keno 1pm results - 02, 04, 06, 11, 13, 22, 23, 24, 26, 38, 40, 47, 49, 58, 63, 65, 66, 69, 70, 75.
New Zealand Keno 10am results - 06, 07, 11, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 29, 32, 36, 38, 48, 49, 50, 51, 55, 70, 75, 76.
New Zealand became the first country to propose climate change disclosure mandate that requires companies to disclose how climate risk is affecting their businesses and how they plan to manage it.
Bonus Show: Progressives want Justice Breyer to retire, PragerU targeting kindergarteners, New Zealand passes miscarriage bereavement, and much more...
A New Zealand man has been convicted of rape after he removed a condom part-way through intercourse without a womans consent.
ldh HowWeTravelUK ThoroughTripper jenny_travels travelforawhile WattWhereHow TravelingNess ThirstyJourneys jasontravelblog AlisonAndalucia Yay for TravelBlogTuesday! This week is all about the amazing Bay of Islands in New Zealand. An absolute must for any New Zealand itinerary.

Canada has been ranked the overall best country in the world by the Best Countries Report 2021 Best Countries rankings: 1 Canada 2 Japan 3 Germany 4 Switzerland 5 Australia 6 United States 7 New Zealand 8 United Kingdom 9 Sweden 10 The Netherlands.

Blue Springs, New Zealand. Photos taken by myself.
6am business calls arent for the faint of [?] but it was a pleasure today to connect with my counterparts in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, Ireland and the UK to discuss sustainability. Whats that expression? Think globally, act locally. (No pic - too early. -).

Assessing the habitat benefits of kelp aquaculture in New Zealand and Maine.
NEWS: Live Export to be banned! This is huge. Thank you to everyone who stood with us and spoke out against this. More to follow with an official announcement from our Government tomorrow.
New Zealand on the verge of banning live exports of animals. EndLiveExport BanLiveTransport h/t.
% of respondents who view the US as a good example of democracy US 67% S Korea 60% Mexico 56% Turkey 52% Italy 49% Japan 46.3% Spain 46% UK 39% France 38% Australia 37% Germany 36% Canada 32% New Zealand 19% -US News & World Report.

2019 (pre-Covid) was the last year for which we have reliable emissions data. That year, 48% of New Zealand's emissions came from agriculture-more than twice that from all forms of transport and nearly as much as all other emissions combined. Story here.

Peter Cameron is proof that it is never too late to build on your skills. Peter is pursuing a long-held interest in carpentry studying towards a New Zealand Certificate in Construction Trade Skills (Carpentry) at UCOL Horowhenua. here.

My best friend unis birthday is today but he lives in New Zealand so Im technically a day late.
Really good move from New Zealand gov't. End to live exports announced.
JonnyUtah gets his guy its cliffs on both sides I'm not gonna paddle to new Zealand.
Ports of Auckland workers cast vote of no confidence in leadership.
New zealand's voting mascot.
ITunes Album REDD Countries close to 1 2 Argentina 2 Brazil 2 Czech Republic 2 Indonesia 2 Malaysia 2 Mexico 2 New Zealand 2 Sweden 2 Thailand 3 Chile 3 Turkey WHEEIN gakLu Yagate Yagate Chuo.
So great to see Jenny Chapman's te reo/NZSL/English book being purchased for various education organisations around New Zealand.
Did you see the new report showing close to 90% of New Zealand's agricultural emissions are from animal agriculture-46% of them from dairy? Consuming meat and dairy is destroying our children's futures. Choosing a plantbased diet ends the insanity.

This will increase flight ticket sales to Australia and New Zealand.
Coronavirus: Why billionaires are snapping up second homes in.
Good to see New Zealand ending the archaic live export trade! The government's former head of animal welfare put it well: It's a trade whose time has come, it's a trade we should have got out of years ago. Long past time to end the global trade in live animals.

New Zealand is the world's biggest importer of Palm Kernel Expeller (PKE) from destructive operations like this. It's used here to feed the bloated herd of our biggest polluter of water and climate - industrial dairy.

Populous is proud to form part of the Kotui consortium in the design and construction of the Canterbury Multi-Use Arena. CMUA will revive Christchurch as an international destination for world-class sporting, entertainment and cultural events.

New Zealand bill would require banks to disclose climate risks, in a world first.
New Zealand, Iceland and Scotland are already doing this. The goalposts for society should include quality of life (ie wellbeing). Lets lead the way there.
Is New Zealand an example of what happens when a greenie is in charge? Their proposed bill compelling the financial system to report how investments, loans, will effect climate change. We can now watch NZ go broke. What a load of Bull Sh*t!

New Zealand trip hop act Passive Attack.
New Zealand has been receiving praise for passing laws that provide paid leave following pregnancy loss. So should Canada do the same? Candace_Global and our experts panel, Michla2003 and DrStephGilbert, weigh in on the support needed for grieving and recovering mothers.

]Job] Technical Administration Officer - Transportation Company: Whakatane District Council Location: Whakatane BOP New Zealand Whakatane Transportation Engineering Jobs More info at.
Productivity vs longer working hours!! Think again and again ...
$HMBL HUMBL HUMBL PAY launches this Friday 04/16/2021 in USA Canada Mexico Australia New Zealand & Singapore.
Trio of scientists who've been face of NZs Covid response delighted over PMs Science Prizes.
More wine from Georgia, Uruguay, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, Chile and Argentina, and less from France, Italy and Spain. One of the latest consequences of Brexit, I bet.
Kindness is political. New Zealand is leading the way among English speaking countries.
$HMBL will be available to Roll 1 on 4/16 USA, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand & Singapore Roll 2 by spring Roll 3 based on Covid progress.
Way to go New Zealand.
Mr Johnson said vaccination was game changer. Now its lockdown. How can I trust any of you. Its clear now that unlike New Zealand etc you do my have a clue but continue to kill people. Sort testing and stop this Dido corruption. Save lives not lineing pockets.

Implementing the No jab, no job policy, New Zealand PM outlines that private companies will also be obliged to ensure employees are vaccinated. My body, my choice becomes My body, state choice.
New Zealand I vote Louies for BestFanArmy at the iHeartAwards ..
Endangered New Zealand seabirds are ending up as bycatch on international fishing boats, according to a new study utilizing GPS tracking, and scientists are calling for countries to work together to stop it.

Speakers: Dr. Joel Busher (he/him), associate professor at the Centre for Trust, Peace and Social Relations at Coventry University Vidhya Ramalingam (she/her), founder and CEO of Moonshot CVE David Shanks (he/him), chief censor of New Zealand.

Pls also note vaccines are not the only solution. New Zealand, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam brought their numbers down before vaccines were ok. The vaccine does not make you immortal. Dont just chase after the vaccine when they could have stopped the spread in the first place.

Just posted a photo Auckland, New Zealand.
New Zealand is about to announce the end of live animal exports.

What You Really Think

About damn time but two years to implement is so wrong, and meanwhile animals go to countries with limited to zero animal welfare laws and suffering abuse and horrific deaths. Those who dont believe this are living with their heads in the clouds and care only for dollar signs.

Notice the drawn out implementation: Cindy doesn't want another lobby group coming after her, public support dipping from poverty advocates all the way to farmers in the deep south. She's pushing her luck big time.

Fucken great news!!!!

I don't like the Transport of Animals tht way .

We are so far behind in Canada.

Und wann kann ich private Pakete wieder von Deutschland nach Neuseeland normal verschicken ?

So the nzgovt is quite happily reducing more business being done in NZ, and denying future tax income. So who is going to pay all the future indexed welfare increases and for the billions on motels for the homeless?

Emotional decision. Aussie exporters will be happy.

Just by sea or are exports by air also to be prohibited?

PLEASE PLEASE let this ban happen.


Yeah whatever government.

Haven't read the article but let me guess this will be phased in in the year 2052 . ? Apart from that - about time!

Does that include chicks.

About bloody time.

About fucking time.

Yet another industry down the drain well done!

Fingers crossed . This is really a no brainer.

How many years did it actually take to act on this issue?

Seriously you lot are idiots Not one mention of the crew & vets who drowned on the vessel that rolled in the cyclone That is what has triggered all this So while you are tucking into your steak and crying over the cows that drowned try and take time to think of the people.

Only 100 years too late, but thank goodness.

Yay finally.

Does that include horse exports. We have one that no one wants anymore.

A announcement no doubt reiterated come 2023 election.

Please let it be true!


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