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Friday 15th of January 2021

Hello New Zealand? Let's Go! Vaccinate Now!

There were 1,564 covid deaths in the UK today. A record high. How many in New Zealand? 0. Vietnam? 0. Australia? 0. Taiwan? 0. The Tory government not the public is to blame for these deaths.
This is EarthGang performing in New Zealand a few days ago Wear a mask so we can do this again too.
The last COVID death in New Zealand was in mid-September.
There were 1,564 covid deaths in the UK yesterday. A record high. No deaths in New Zealand, Vietnam, Australia, Taiwan . The Government will be held to account when this is over.
Not them having tr*mp rallies in NEW ZEALAND oi crookie mate??
Current positions on iTunes: 1. Malaysia 1. Singapore 1. Hong Kong 2. Indonesia 2. Philippines 4. Australia 4. Indonesia (clean version) 6. New Zealand 58. Japan.
If Nelson Mandela were alive today, Jack Dorsey would have banned him from Twitter. The New Zealand mosque shooter listed Nelson Mandela as one of his sources of inspiration for the shooting. The shooter was a maniac but by Jacks rules, Nelson Mandela was to blame.

I wish we had the New Zealand variant instead. You know, the one where there's good governance.
This superb video has now clocked past 3 million views. Its a brutal 3-minute summary of New Zealands success vs the UKs failure. Keep sharing it.
In New Zealand, 3 minute noodles are called 2 minute noodles and i think this tells you everything you need to know about what happened with the UK covid 19 response.
Thinking about her . the idea of relocating to New Zealand.
Phoenix Rising announces the signing of New Zealand international and former Colorado Rapids defender Deklan Wynne.
N China's Tianjin Municipality found coronavirus on ice cream which used milk powder imported from New Zealand and whey powder imported from Ukraine, said municipal center for disease control.
Canterbury will take on Northern in the New Zealand T20 leagues Friday clash Create your teams on and Win Big!
New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern, whos managed to crush the spread of COVID in her country, is waving.
Malaysia and New Zealand both entered into strict lockdowns at the start of this pandemic. 6 months on, New Zealand is virus free (24 days without a single case) and Malaysia is back to square one.
The americascup is an incredible example of world leading Kiwi innovation. Kea founder Sir Stephen Tindall sees an ecosystem of high-tech businesses in which Team New Zealand sits at the very centre.
This photo really sums up the beautiful Thermal lake Champagne Pool at Wai-O-Tapu. Rotorua is New Zealand's most famous geo thermal area and not be missed if you're tavelling that way.
The Truth About PCR Tests. w/ Dr. Sam Bailey, New Zealand PCR PC est.
Lockdown does have the ability to completely get rid of COVID, if done right. Just look at New Zealand. The reason we have this cyclical process is because of inadequate leadership, not a flawed policy.

New Zealand lifted all Covid restrictions and says the country is covid free...looks into cost of living in New Zealand and plane tickets.
These are the numbers of unsafe abortions, see how Africa and Asia dusts every other region, see how small Oceania, New Zealand and. Australia is because Abortion being fully legal.
At New Zealand.
Just posted a photo New Zealand.
Big respect to this man, danthehangman. Due to the new rules in New Zealand, after his co-main event bout with Chandler, Hooker will have to stay in Abu Dhabi for a month before being able to return to NZ, upon arrival Hooker will undergo a 2-week quarantine.

Video shows car engulfed in flames on Auckland motorway onramp.
Why does Papua want to be independent? Is it true that Indonesia has colonized Papua? Many photos of Papuan separatist encounters with certain parties: the British Labor Party, the Australian and New Zealand Greens.

New Zealand's Prime Minister is a woman but they've managed to secure AstraZeneca vaccine doses for their people & have somehow managed to flatten the infection curve. Sex has nothing to do with leadership excellence. It's the level of competency that does.

In a scattergraph, New Zealand would be the outlier when it comes to lockdown measures working. They're a long way from anywhere with strict arrival/departure measures, with a small population great weather. No wonder they've had a good outcome. It doesn't mean we copy them.

ICYMI England Women vice-captain Anya Shrubsole will miss the tour of New Zealand due to a knee injury Selectors pick 16-strong squad for three ODIs & three T20s against the White Ferns Fixtures and squad here.

That's it, i'm moving to new zealand they already have zayn's album out D.
Australia and New Zealand has many of the same tactics and their COVID case counts are low.
New Muppet History merchandise available on TeePublic Inspired by the beloved Lew Zealand here is our Boomerang Fish design! This is honestly one of my favorite designs I've made.
New Zealand be so lucky.
His parents are of Indian origin but he was born & educated Christchurch NZ & currently working as a pharmacist at aHospital in Auckland.
New Zealand Keno 6pm results - 01, 03, 05, 08, 09, 12, 13, 16, 18, 19, 23, 37, 43, 46, 52, 60, 66, 72, 77, 78.
Latest from me on the new COVID19 variants. They'll spread like wildfire if they get into the community here in New Zealand. That's why we all have to remember the SwissCheeseModel and SCAN, SCAN, SCAN and get tested if we have any symptoms!

Time zones are mad. Germany is in 2020, New Zealand is in 2021 and Dortmund Fans are still in 2012.
New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is considered by many as the best world leader today. She has done an exceptional job in managing the pandemic situation in her country. Don't ever tell me, women are not suitable for the leadership position.

Current positions on iTunes: 1. Malaysia 1. Singapore 2. Indonesia 2. Philippines 4. Australia 4. Indonesia (clean version) 6. New Zealand 57. Japan.
Why does Papua want to be independent from Indonesia? Why is it important for us to know about this conflict? Politicians from the British Labor Party, the Australian Green Party and New Zealand have been involved in the issue of Papua.

What You Really Think

For a such a smart guy I dont understand how you dont see through this weakflu MRNA tech is going to have serious epidemiological consequences. Remember me...

I aint taking any mRNA shit soz.


Your political camouflage i assume.

I hope youre joking? Or cant you wait to get it!!!

Bolsonaro e seus bolronaristas adestrados levantam bandeirinha de Israel... Mas depois sao antivax.

Brazil vaccination campain 2050! I HATE BOLSONARO!

Sehr uberflussiger Post von Dir.

We are going to be the last, Kim. Why? Because our Govt promises a lot but delivers very little.

Heheh ! I see a lot of Keyboard scientists and doctors here in the comment section! With a lot of Facebook video as evidence . I wonder why we spend all that money on clinical studies ***nulb.

For such a smart guy you can be such an idiot. Open your eyes.

I never realised so many conspiracy theorists followed you... Smart fan base you have LMAO.

Let's just wait for the zombie apocalypse first hehe. Havnt you seen I am legend lol.

Wait Israel is top of the vaccine list? It wasn't even a country I hear mentioned as being overly affected by covid (Mostly heard about france and the US being reamed by it) How hard did it hit them by comparison?

Are you joking, or saying this ironically?

Its proven that going without the vaccine is better.

Nope. Do some research about these vaccines and their side effects, including many death already.

Love to hear calls for vax on social. Sadly brings out the worst to troll the comments. I'll see myself out.

First Bitcoin Cash, now this. What happened to you?!

If I was an unhealthy fat fuc* like you, I'd be screaming to be saved from a vaccine too. But I'm not. I take my personal health seriously. 8 sick days in the last 20 years.

Just say no to Toxxines!! It comes from CHYNAH!!

Why are you giving medical advice?

I would rather go though a spinal tap without anesthetic, than take that shizzle. In the meantime, I'm happy to watch the entire Resident Evil series.

You go and vaccinate!!!

Shit if the world had been full of your followers a few years ago we'd still have smallpox and polio.

I never expected Israel to be this dumb, unless they are jabbing Palestinians.

You're far more stupid that what I was thinking... C19 can only kill those with comorbidity, obesity is one... If you don't wanna die, start loosing weight bro. Promote bad thing to other, for you to feel safe, is wrong. You better Start to take care of your own health.

Bitte nicht :/.


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