Thursday 28th of May 2020

News Corp is to stop printing all these newspapers and make them digital only:.

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The Murdoch mafia would be utterly humiliated by this if they had any shame. This dodgy dossier was clearly leaked to News Corp Oz so it could be funnelled back to Fox News, creating the impression that Aussie spies backed Trump's claims. This overreach plays into China's hands.

News Corp is to stop printing all these newspapers and make them digital only:.
It's not the News Corp names who piss you off which will be impacted by this decision. It's the hard working, decent reporters who just try to do a good job telling their communities stories who always bear the brunt. This is awful news. Awful.

News Corp's business in Australia is shrinking Unfortunately, the wrong people will lose their jobs.
: News Corp will stop printing more than 100 of its community and regional newspapers from the end of June to focus on its digital-only services.
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This looks a little less News, a lot more Corp. "Online publishing" is not simply a change in how news is distributed, it is hollowing out or completely removing newsgathering on the ground. There is no digital-only model that can sustain a healthy regional/local news presence.

Well this is good news! News Corp to axe hundreds of jobs All they had to do was not be biased by right-wing fuckwittery & ppl would still buy their newspapers - they made their bed, they can lay in it Suck shit Murdoch ? auspol.

Sorry but anyone who thinks the closure of News Corp regional papers and the centralisation of stories and the loss of hundreds jobs will affect Rupert Murdoch emotionally, reputationally or financially is profoundly wrong.

If you look at the history of these mastheads, they were mostly standalone publications acquired over time by News Corp. Many are over 100 years old, curious how many could find a way to sustain themselves into the future if they were still independent.

Say what you like about NewsCorp, but the training for young journos coming through the likes of QuestNewspapers LeaderOnline was once invaluable & those community newspapers had already been gutted. Multiple times.

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Hundreds of jobs to go as News Corp confirms restructure.
I can't help but think that when News Corp bought these papers, journos with strong ethics would've walked. Who stuck around? Those willing to write for Murdoch. They'll still be there, it's just that their print readership is dying out. Their tripe will now only be online.

News Corp will sack regional newspaper workers but continue employing the usual suspects to spread nonsense on Sky After Dark. sad MediaWatch.
News Corp shuts down more than 100 print titles, hundreds of jobs to go.
The News Corp Staffers that will be let go, could always try Journalism as a new career. auspol.
News Corp is stopping the print editions of more than 100 suburban and regional mastheads. Australian Community Media has suspended publication of almost 100 papers. BuzzFeed Australia and 10 Daily have shut down. Australian Associated Press is due to close on June 26. Grim.

A lawsuit financially backed by JAY-Z and Roc Nation, is accusing Centene Corp. of providing substandard health-care at prisons during the coronavirus pandemic.
This is an opportunity for change & new media to emerge It's like being in a bad relationship, until you end the bad relationship you can't move forward & start a new, better relationship. News Corp model of RW bias & 'opinion' instead of news has driven readers away ?

Perhaps if they tried journalism, instead of lies, beat ups, vendettas and agitprop?
News Corp announces end of more than 100 Australian print newspapers in huge shift to digital.
News Corp to cut jobs in restructure towards digital-only community and regional newspapers.
In light of so many job losses, someone needs to report how much News Corp is paying hate mongers like Andrew Bolt ...
Water drop types celebrating the loss of jobs at News Corp without spending a single second looking at which jobs are getting axed. They will be in shock when they still find the likes of Bolt and Devine still writing for their papers.

Awful news for people losing their jobs but this will be a massive fail. Nobody will pay for local newspapers when they've had them free for decades. The rot is setting in and News Corpse is finished.
These publications will close entirely. zoesam93 wrote yesterday that this was coming.
Today more than ever, independent local news outlets are vital, as truth becomes a casualty. LocalNews.
'Reisen purchases Tri-States Buildings Corp. from Junk family-Will carry on well-established Bellevue business' topstory newownership LocalNews.
OK, I know many are happy to think of News Corp going out the back door, as a punter, this is not what is happening, so if you could please hold your glee as it is not that simple. *girds me loins* thread incoming ??

Shorter News Corp: rich people still get print.
'On Wednesday night, the Herald and Age reported that between 500 and 1000 jobs could be lost as part of the changes at the publisher,(NewsCorpAus) which owns TheAustralian, The Daily Telegraph and TheHeraldSun'.

I'm not sorry that I'm taking immense joy at News Corp hacks losing their jobs. I'm not sorry that I really don't give a fuck about people who have demonised unemployed people for decades. I'm not sorry that I think they're getting everything they deserve.

If you would have told me when I started at the Weekender 11 years ago we'd outlive News Corp & Fairfax, I would have said you were mad. The power of a local approach & independent ownership shines. It's a credit to our team. Thoughts are with those who've lost their gig today.

News Corp announces end of nearly 100 Australian print newspapers in huge shift to digital.
Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are responsible for 300 to 1000 job losses at News Corp Australia. Not the public. Not social media. Mega-billionaires Rupert and Lachlan Murdoch are responsible. They own it. They destroyed these jobs. They're closing profitable papers. Ask why.

Adding to thread: FFS! Not everyone lives in the city and has the luxury of 'choice' of employer. I will state again, so don't me with "well they choose to work for News Corp", there is NO CHOICE!! if you want to work in your profession in many regions ARGH!

KaitlynOffer This may not bother the people who think councils only handle the old 3 Rs- roads, rates and rubbish - but their influence on local communities is much wider and possibilities for corruption without oversight are massive. Shocking decision by News Corp.

leongend BelindaJones68 theage Well, the death tax and carbon taxes were so long ago we've all forgotten about it, but the electric car proposals is an interesting one. Can you be specific. What did News Corp reporters lie about?

Who could have seen this coming? sarcasm When one publishes unreadable and unwatchable right wing propaganda 24/7, nobody buys the product >> News Corp to axe hundreds of jobs auspol.
Please ?? Direct your ire to the News Corp Deathstar Overlords and their minions like Bolt, Devine, Kelly etc., not the poor staff in mostly regional papers who don't deserve the kick in the head when they are shitting themselves about paying rent/mortgage today ?

News Corp announcing a massive shakeup of its business, axing physical printing of a large number of its community newspapers and moving to digital only production abcnews.
So people are cheering that people working for NEWS Corp in Albury, Dubbo, Kalgoorlie, Ballarat lose their job cause they work for NEWS Corp? If you do you really must be full of hate. You really must be a sad miserable bastard!

Full list of newspapers to close or go online only. News Corp announces major shakeup of regional and community newspapers.

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Legit had no idea there was a messenger upper Spencer gulf and I lived there for the last 7 years ?

I haven't had a Leader paper delivered in 7 years.

Neighbourhoods & communities need local journalists telling local stories - this what connects us. I fear who will keep councils accountable in the absence of talented fearless local journalists? ?

It is shocking yes and I feel for the journos. One thing I know though is a lot of the papers don't get picked up from people's driveways and are just left there to rot. That is one benefit from this bad news story but the way of the times unfortunately.

Why not hand over the presses to some cool indie groups who have something to say. Makes me sad.

Soon to be no more sadly. Surprised the gold coast bulletin survived the cutbacks.

And with the ABC stretched out, who will be on the ground out there? Where will locals turn to give tips and insights on the good, the bad and the ugly??

The St George Shire Standard never had print. Always been digital only.

This all lies and FAKE News !!!!!!! If it was true, surely such important and trusted newspapers such as theheraldsun & dailytelegraph would make such a sad story of hundreds of hard working Aussies losing their jobs a front page feature.

nakarithorpe Making it hard for.

I worked for one of these. It is great they will have less opportunity to spread propaganda.

hamishNews What about the $51M that was throw to regional media recently that Newscorpse would have been the main beneficiary? Not one mention of that anywhere I can see.

Can't even spell their own titles. "Post Douglas" should be Port Douglas.

If that reduces people's exposure to Murdoch's lies and destructive power plays, I'm all for it. Bonus, trees are saved!

No loss its just right wing fuckwittery!

While there is schadenfreude with News Corps demise, this is a tragedy for regional journos and communities. Regional titles cover local stories about local issues with local advertisers & don't go for the dog whistling sensationalism of city titles. The wrong papers are closing.

Terrible news.


The treasurer in 2016 who let the acccgovau get away with giving the regional paper to newscorp was scottyfrommarketing. The incompetence is grand in that one.

This is so sad. I grew up in Grafton and the DailyExaminer was the lifeblood of the city- and my first work experience. Big loss!!

I feel sorry for all the News Agencies as well.

There will be the base line elderly Liberal voters not getting spoon fed their Murdoch only be a good thing!

mrpford Another sad day with more job losses and especially country towns affected.

NewsLocal was digital anyway wasnt it? And to be honest, I live in the Illawarra and have never heard of the Illawarra Star until reading the list. So they have done FA on advertising. No wonder theyve gone to shit.

Disgusted People in the coutry don't necessarily have internet, older generation want their newspapers.

Very sad bad news. But I also see they say that three print editions, including North Shore Times and Mosman and wentworth Daily will resume printing because they are in affluent areas. Tough luck if you live somewhere without lucrative real estate ads for expensive homes.

Damn, will now have to look harder to find bird cage lining.

So the Murdoch monopoly goes like this: vacuum up all the regional newspapers, turn them into right wing echo chambers, hollow out all the journalists, then dump the empty shell on the fire and walk away.

I feel sorry for the loss of community communication, I know more than 5 people over 70 in small communities listed here without internet access, who love the ritual and connection of their local paper. Too soon for them.

So very sad. Worked on the Parramatta Advertiser when I arrived in Sydney in 1976. Was a very good paper, edited by Len Rodney.

PeterWMurphy1 They're not newspapers, they're freesheets, mere advertising flyers. I've always loved REAL newspapers, & in the beginning, newspapers had to fight for readers in five-newspaper towns. The successful ones were entertaining, fresh & relevant. Murdoch isn't & will fail online too.

Sad for the jobs losses. It's just a sign of the way things are evolving.

Terrible, terrible news.

JulianBAbbott So will this stop another organisation or group of people from starting to publish and print their own local papers?

Very sad. I wish the cuts were at the top (Kenny et al) rather than at the expense of good young journos keeping local communities informed.

SteveMolk You wonder how some of those larger regional towns can't support a physical newspaper. Coffs Harbour for example.

I'm sorry for all the people who will lose jobs, but I hope the good ones will pick up work with up and coming independent publishers.

Terrible news. Devastating job losses and local councils will be loving that they can get away with things they might not have done before when they don't have local journos on their backs.

I'm totes ok with that. If all their crap goes behind a paywall, newscorp might die a natural death.

It was inevitable. What a sad thing to be facing after years of good service to an industry.

Bit of a disservice to the Coalition's voter base?

The australian survived. Thank God, second wave toilet paper crisis averted.

These publications will close entirely. zoesam93 wrote yesterday that this was coming.