News Lady Shames People Who Are illegally Dumping Their Boats.

Sunday 4th of April 2021

News Lady Shames People Who Are illegally Dumping Their Boats.

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Here's your boat. I am the captain now.
Toot toot.
I kid you not, The first thing I aid to myself was "That's awesome". I got a wee justice erection.

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It's 2021, a blurry pic of someone's tv ought to be good enough.

Ahoy there matey, ]here]() you go!

]Ask and ye shall receive]().

Technology is just not there yet. Even proper photography hasn't been invented yet.

I guess Ill be the guy.

Turns out the boats are too costly to repair.

I came here to say that!

Yeah, selling or giving away on Craigslist would be handier than loading it up and dumping it somewhere.

Havent you heard? If it flies, floats or fucks, its cheaper to rent it by the hour.

You're in luck! Move to a seedy neighborhood in Chicago and you'll maybe get one.

]Everyone in this thread.]().

If I had a boat, Id go out on the ocean. And if I had a pony, Id ride him on my boat.

As the old saying goes "cant have shit in detroit".

If you own a boat it will only make you happy twice, when you buy it and when you sell it.

Maybe insurance fraud?

There is a saying among boaters. The best days of boating is the day you buy your boat, and the day you sell it. It's quite an expensive hobby. Not just for upkeep, but all kinds of permits, mooring fees etc. And you can't just have it trashed.

Boats are money pits.

I have a boat. It isnt much, only $15k. Its like owning a used Land Rover with 200k miles.

My parents tell me a boat is just a money hole in the water.

The two best days in a boat owner's life are the day they bought it and the day they finally ~~sell it~~ dump it in Detroit.

Break Out Another Thousand.

Depends on the boat. My polo canoe is doing fine.

Boats need constant maintenance. If they do not get the maintenance they degrade very quickly. Wood inside the boat mildews and then rots quickly. Electrical systems corrode and fail. Engines water pump impellers fail and destroy the engine by overheating it. Many marinas have boat that the owners have abandoned there that they will sell for a dollar as long as you get it out of there.

Huh... In some places in US land is comparatively cheap, someone could totally just haul those boats in some place and make them into a salt-bearded community village or something. Not really free anymore with all the other costs but probably still cheaper than building a bunch of houses from a scratch :P.

The sea shanty played mid section of that piece is just perfect! Thank you.

You posted on he same link.

"something a bit fishy" girl was having a field day.

It actually creates a habitat for the people of Detroit and encourages the growth of coral.

I don't own a boat, but I think their value drops as soon as you leave the sales floor, and then again when you put it in the water.

Probably not usable (holes, cracks, broken engine or trailer). We have 3, no one wants to buy one they have to work on, when you can pick up a usable one for a couple hundred.

Boats are insanely expensive to maintain or repair. Most of the dumped boats had something wrong with them that cost more to fix than the boat was worth. And it costs more to dispose of the fiberglass hull than the scrap value of the recyclable parts. A boat is just a hole in the water that you pour money into. They have very little value if you aren't someone who actually takes it out on the water every week. And boats have to be stored through the winter months when the lake freezes, that costs money. You have to keep insurance on it year round, which costs money. Fluids need to be changed in the motor every season, which costs money. You have to pay property tax on it every year whether you use it or not... Boats are insanely expensive.

There are few things more expensive than a few boat.

What makes you think we don't want her.

Not the ~~hero~~ captain we want but the ~~hero~~ captain we need.

I absolutely love the passive-aggressive "registered boat owner" tag under the guy's name to remind everyone that he dumped a boat that was *still frickin registered*.

Unless you've got a macerator and are several miles or more out to sea. Then go nuts and happily watch the poop cloud form behind the stern. Edit: offshore sailor. It gets really fun after you leave a port that requires you to put colored dye into your waste tank before you can dock/moor so you can't sneakily dump it at night.

Right? This is fucking stupid.

Lol, boats have no value! These aren't million-dollar yachts. The are small watercraft with inboard motors, most of which were broken before they were dumped. They cost more to dispose of than what they are worth. There's no money is small, old, broken boats. And the boats are being abandoned on the street, not the water.

Abandoning them in abandoned neighborhoods, no less. Weird shit if you ask me, though I honestly don't really see a victim or point in what she's doing here.

I came here to say that. r/sabaton.

Yes, shes a hero... Stfu.

She's not a vigilante, it's a news/entertainment piece. Why would she pay for it out of her own pocket?

So you have to store it all winter when the lake freezes, which costs money. You have to transport it to and from the lake, which costs money. You have to keep insurance on it year-round. You have to change all the fluids each season. You have to pay property tax on it every year whether you use it or not. You have to renew registrations annually, for both the boat and the trailer. You also have to maintain a vehicle that can tow it. And none of that accounts for the cost of repairs, which are really, really, expensive on a boat with an inboard motor. (Inboard motors are really hard to get at to fix, so labor costs are really high!) And most boats are made primarily of fiberglass, which can't be recycled. The hand full of metal in the motor has very little value and doesn't cover the cost of properly disposing of a boat that costs too much to repair. In short, boating is an insanely expensive hobby. A boat will eat all your money in a hurry.

After they're reached the point it costs too much to repair / maintain and you'd have to pay for someobe to take it off your hands.

You really don't. These things most likely are no longer seaworthy (or very close to that) and you'd have to pay for their disposal. That is the reason these boats are being dumped: these cheap fucks don't want to pay for waste disposal of their bad investments.

Broken low end boats like these are of negative worth. Too expensive to repair and you'd have to pay for their disposal. Hence cheap fucks dumping them to be someone else's problem.

Not buying a boat at all is the only economical choice. Keeping a boat in working order is a constant money sink, and fixing a broken one is basically like setting a pile of money on fire.

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