Thursday 16th of July 2020

If You Support BDS, You Support Hate. Nikki Haley.

Social Media Says

Here's everyone in realDonaldTrump's administration with Hatch Act violation complaints: Kellyanne Conway Ivanka Trump Jared Kushner Stephanie Grisham Dan Scavino Jr. Ryan Zinke Nikki Haley Marc Short ETC There's literally not enough characters in a tweet for everyone who has.

And Nikki Haley will do absolutely nothing to make it harder for criminals to easily get guns.
Nikki Haley is demon John McCain in lipstick and a dress.
Madi Spitfire Griffin. I like it. Thanks Nikki.
It's been rough, but Trump was right in one of his rally speeches. He doesn't have to do anything for us and we still have to vote for him. Dem control means FEMA camps. If Trump holds on another 4, we challenge Nikki Haley hard in the '24 primary.

This is Nikki at the mic, and Im not ready to retire! Nelsons by my side, and hes gonna spit fire!
Please watch this!!!! Especially if youve tested positive for COVID 19 and have recovered!!!!!!
A collab thing we did with KubiCube1 and lonesomnia_art for Yume Nikki's 16th birthday yumenikki yumenikki16th -16to .
Everyone who fucks with Eminem has their career end it always happens you bring to much attention on yourself and you gotta be careful how you talk after you fuck with a celebrity of that calibers karma is a big ol bitch Nikki.

I would also suggest getting Signing Made Easy if you can! It's very accurate and extremely helpful.
There's just one new case of Covid-19 on our shores, but across the ditch it's a very different story - live updates.
But then again, Im not deaf so does my opinion on deaf issues matter? Ill let deaf people decide.
If Clarke has seen Nikki pull a gun on Madi, she would have blown her damn head off.
"Good evening Sanctum, this is Nikki Bang Bang".
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He gonna kill it.
CW Scooters of Enid: "Wednesday Night Live presents Nikki Jackson" .
I never cheated on my tests, i had an entanglement with quizlet.
Can we talk about how IAMSUMMERWALKER painted her body blue from head to toe and went out with LondonOnDaTrack n nobody really questioned it. My queen.
New: Entourage star Kevin Connolly accused of sexual assault: I want it to be known that he is dangerous.
NIKKI HALEY SUPPOS TRUMP & WARNS IF BIDEN WINS: "WE WILL LOSE OUR RULE OF LAW" Haley: "..we will have the progressives really running away with everything... closer to the socialist countries.." "AT THE UN, I SAW WHAT MADE AMERICA SPECIAL... RULE OF LAW".

The Youngest SUPERSTAR of Bollywood.. TigerShroff may sing a song in his upcoming Action entertainer Heropanti2. Slated for a 16 July 2021 release. One year to go.
Both of you were right but imma add some context. If you know a deaf person who knows SL who wants a job and dont pass it on, shame on you. But if its an area where SL isnt common and you know theres no one around who would take the job ***nulb.

Over the weekend, masked antifa in Portland opened a black mans car door during a violent protest. Watch how he responded to them.
Front vs Back Which one is your favorite?
If you support BDS, you support hate. Nikki Haley.
Theres a website called lingvano that goes over asl grammar and syntax as well as going over signs!
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But this much instability.
Megans Mom, Dad & Granny have all passed away. She really dont have no one like that and it really breaks my heart that the ppl around her are no good and I know they all take her kindness for weakness. I really hope my sis is good and truly learned from this experience.

Ardern sends best wishes to Kaye Humble.
Democrats mourn the loss of freedom for their friends.
Here it is! Part one of my conversation with NikkiCrossWWE for SKProWrestling. The future SmackDown Women's Champion says she's privileged to work with so many talented women. Says it's up to them to keep the Evolution going for the next generation.

2/2 theres different grammar features that replace any need for said "and" "is" "the". i havent used this app but look into how DEAF PEOPLE SIGN, not just a direct translation of english to asl vocab. the best way to learn is to interact with deaf people and ***DEAF CULTURE***.

Just a tip- learning the words is not the hard part. what IS hard is learning the grammar structure!! its a different language from english, its NOT THE SAME. there is no "and" "is" "the", you can really only sign what you could draw. what is most important goes first 1/2.

Once I reach 3k Twitter followers I'm gonna post a free trial giveaway contest soo stay on the lookout.
So someone shot Meg the Stallion 2020 can go. Immediately.
Lolz, i hate nikki, especially after today..
Theyve been living together for MONTHS. Whats sad is that you desperately do t want him to be with Nikki when he obviously loves her. You dont know him and you never will, what are you so upset about who he choose to be with? Youre an adult, act like it.

Not gonna lie. Tullys Good Times Stadium sounds lit.
Thats it thats the one.
Hackers made a bunch of billionaires say "I'm giving back to my community" like that's not the secret phrase they'd already set up to let us know they've been kidnapped.
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Practicing in case anyone needs a sculptural lion stand in.
Praying for them thats not even right.
Im just gonna get gas in the morning is one of the worst decisions you can make as an adult.
I tuned in at 9 am.
I need a baecation immediately followed by a girls trip.
Its obvious that the judges political view clouded his professional judgement.
PM's wraps-up presser with all the empathy $190K can buy, puts on an earnest voice, frowns & says "Let's keep our heads up" I have no idea what this means but I seriously think the PM should just keep his hand off it! JobTrainer looks like a rort waiting to happen.

Turns out Nikki, after flaming everyone for hours, doesnt know that the operation on Z_3 is the RESIDUE modulo 3. Not the base 3 representation of an element of Z. Z_3 is literally 3 elements. Why would you talk about the base 3 representation of 4 in Z_3? 2 2 = 1 in Z_3 Nikki.

He is not a Nikki Haley fan. Nikki Haleys daughter is a nurse. and he said nurses are narcissistic and whiny . and he wants all blue check marks to be banned from twitter and Nikki Haley is a blue check mark.

Boygeorge gets it, nikki sixx gets it, mister marilyn Jeffree star.
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Trump can pick another running mate for 2020. Lots of speculation that hes considered Nikki Haley as a replacement and plans to change around the same time Biden picks his VP.
Kelley OHara taking Nikki Stanton, Sam Kerr and a dog to the beach.
Boardmember Slagle also supports the curriculum. Nikki Lockwood says she's heard from students that they want this type of classwork even earlier than high school. Bybee says there have been talks with Eastern Washington University to provide college credit for the course.

Ty Dolla does not miss!!!!! Name one feature he aint kill. Ill wait.
Hahahaha, I like this gif.
Convos baga choodu junnu.
Really? And I dunno why she sent her daughter to study in in San Francisco when CCP slams US everyday.
"I've changed all my passwords to 'incorrect' so when I forget it and the computer tells me 'Your password is incorrect' I'll always remember it. Fail proof!" -- my 17 y.o. cousin while making s'mores around the campfire.

Are there other forms of sign language? Id real keen but im not from the US.
If you threw him a party, he'd probably drop it.
Let The Countdown Begin 365 Days To Heropanti2 Are You Excited? I Know I Am.
Nick Smith back in the shadow cabinet. Nikki Kaye gone. strongteam dropped as pitch.
Gearing up for the Kamala Harris book launch in August! If you'd like to join in, make sure to register.
Anyways varchie endgame.
Chrissy Teigen has locked her account. .
And that creepy mf who was at the window.
Yep. Bill is the guy.
The one thing that was supposed to be a cake im goin insane.

What You Really Think

Thomas Green Clemson (July 1, 1807 April 6, 1888) served in the Confederate States Army and founded Clemson University in South Carolina. Enough said ..

That's like saying you must be racist if you oppose BLM's Marxist agenda. I expect better from NikkiHaley.

I can think the Israelis are great people and dislike their governments annexing of land without working toward peace in good faith. Thanks for your opinion.

Yup, the BDS movement singles out Israel for policies followed in many other countries, often more harshly. The difference is that Israel is a Jewish State.

Exactly right!

Really? Or can people be wrong and we still love them? Like the GOP? No, we no longer love any of them. They are complicit in evil.

If you support DJT, you support hate. neverforgivenikki for selling this madman to the world. She knows he is a lifelong conman, proud sexual assaulter & so narcissistic it renders him moronic. He rose to power playing the HATE card of racism/Birtherism. Shame on you Nikki.

If you support bds you support boycotting, divesting, and sanctioning Israel.

If you support Trump you support a Dictator.

Dont jump on the Trump train. It will completely ruin your career. He brings everyone down to his level. Not worth it.

That's why I left the Presbyterians and PCUSA.

What does Bryant Denny Stadium got to do with hate?


This is so right NikkiHaley, the fact remains BDS has antisemitism at the epicenter of its ethos. With hate for Israel being at the core of what they do it reminds me of the saying, Evil makes the intolerable tolerable and then it silences good!