Friday 22nd of May 2020

Nikki Kaye

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: New National Party leader is Todd Muller, Nikki Kaye is his deputy. simon-bridges">Simon Bridges has been rolled.
Gone by lunchtime Todd Muller has ousted simon-bridges">Simon Bridges to become the new leader of the National Party. Nikki Kaye has been elected as the partys deputy leader. Full story.
Todd Muller has been elected leader of the National Party and Nikki Kaye as deputy.
Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye are the new leader and deputy of the National Party.
Be interesting to watch the Nats political strategy. This interview seemed crucial to them, not just the water incident Nikki Kaye repeatedly telling everyone she s a liberal. Also Muller being open about his Catholic Faith and saying he was the only white boy in a brown school.

I actually have some respect for Nikki Kaye in that Ive met her and she seems like a genuine person, but shes lain down with dogs here and she deserves an electoral pummeling.
Deciding whom to vote for in Auckland Central became a lot clearer this week: getting would ensure a slew of Green MPs in her wake not beholden to the 5% threshold rule. And we can throw Nikki Kaye under the mini-Trump bus at the same time.

Change at the top for the opposition in NZ. Leader of the National party simon-bridges">Simon Bridges & deputy Paula Bennett have been replaced by Todd Muller & Nikki Kaye. Kiwis go to the polls in September. Two recent opinion polls show Jacinda Arderns Labour Party with a substanital lead.

Todd Muller just went on about how we are going to get through the COVID-19 through New Zealanders hard working nature, then Nikki Kaye said that New Zealanders are telling her they are concerned about having to work longer & harder now.

Todd Muller - voted against abortion law reform and end of life choice simon-bridges">Simon Bridges - voted against abortion law reform and end of life choice Nikki Kaye - voted for abortion law reform and end of life choice Paula Bennett - voted for abortion law reform and end of life choice.

Nikki Kaye is still a blue-green now that she has thrown herself behind a MAGA-hat wearer?
The msm LEFT finally claim their scalp, hoping to win the election by default, or drag the nats left. Hopefully, conservatives somehow rise up from the mess ... but, with Nikki Kaye, Chris Bishop & Amy Adams in key positions, it may be wishful thinking.

and Nikki Kaye has blood on her hands for deporting a man who needed life saving surgery, Top humans these two!
"Deputy Leader Nikki Kaye says Todd Muller "the most decent person I know"" I mean you hang out with National Party MPs so thats not really saying much??
Happy for you Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye. And National. The Comedy show is well and truly over now. Hope You & Nikki can articulate better your policies and plans. Will there be a new Shadow Cabinet as well ? Best wishes for yourself & your team and the Nation.

National leaders are giving their first speech Deputy Leader Nikki Kaye says Todd Muller "the most decent person I know".
So Todd who? is the new leader of the NZ National party. Who TF is Todd Muller? Why didnt they just elect Nikki Kaye instead of making her deputy? She has a higher profile. Todd seems like a charisma free guy wholl be good be sure on after the right loses the election.

Tova OBrien said that new leaders Todd Muller & Nikki Kaye will "change the face of the National Party". Will the new leaders be able to end the National Partys addiction to funding from CCP proxies? Or will it take a change of President?

Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye - the new National Party leaders emerge:.
How on earth will Nikki Kaye be an appropriate bedfellow, so to speak?
Redbaiter is fulminating over the fact that, with Nikki Kaye in a leadership role, lefty media will be controlling the National caucus.
Nice to see Todd Muller handling the press conference well. Confident, articulate, and good to see both he and Nikki Kaye being able to express their differences but demonstrate a wider unity.
Are Jacinda Adern and Nikki Kaye cut from the same cloth? I think how these two leaders responded to each others deputy leadership is what sets them apart.
Yeah its a rough one, theyve decided to cross the ideological floor and become true lefties in word and in deed. I mean, Nikki Kaye for heavens sake, she never saw a leftie position she didnt love. I think is the way to go.

Nikki Kaye does not want to pay taxes the rest of her Nat who wants a free by self-interest all over again!
Nikki Kaye is giving me the vibe. Her answers have had more life and credibility than the rest of this whole presser.
So, now, is Nikki Kaye.
Nikki Kaye says Todd Muller is probably the most decent person I know.
lmao nikki kaye calling herself an urban liberal.
Watch : Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye are addressing media for the first time as Nationals new leadership team.
Congratulations to Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye for succeeding to the leadership of the National Party. I have known and had enormous respect for both of them for a long time. They will be a formidable pairing this election, and will defeat the Govt. /1.

Important to remember: Nikki Kaye beat dithering Jacinda twice in a row (Auckland Central). And its not a safe National seat. Winners are grinners.
Why is Nikki Kaye deputy and Tudd Muller leader? At least people have heard of Nikki Kay.
I would like to see Jacinda fight Nikki Kaye. I d put money on aunty Cindy.
: Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye address media as Nationals new leadership team.
I mean Nikki Kaye probably had a better chance if they did a swaparoo.
needed a young woman deputy leader. Nikki Kaye is an odd choice I ve read a corny account of how in the past younger Jacinda and Nikki made a secret pact not to go hard on each other if they ever came face to face. should commit to defeating Ardern.

Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye are here.
oh wait! No! I misunderstood his farewell tweet! ...has changed to the challengers! Now is Todd Muller & deputy is Nikki Kaye Still not my team tho.
The one time I saw Todd speak in the general debate he bagged Auckland and bagged the Govt for being pro investment in Auckland. Cheap and easy thing to do. But stupid for Auckland and the country. I hope Nikki Kaye sets him straight.

Is Nikki Kaye still an option? Do I get a vote for Nikki Kaye? Just not someone whos going to try and do a I feel like Bridges was testing the waters and we just dont need a NZ Trump right or ever.
Once National loses the 2020 election, Im betting Nikki Kaye takes over leadership.
Todd Muller is not left wing. Nikki Kaye is not left wing. Stop scaremongering.
possibly, or possibly Nikki Kaye using Muller as a human shield against Ardern, lol.
To be clear the middle aged Man, who no one had heard of, who was polling at HALF of Nikki Kaye for preferred PM who everyone has heard of is the LEADER and Nikki is Deputy.
Todd Muller is the National Partys new leader after simon-bridges">Simon Bridges was rolled in a caucus vote this afternoon. Nikki Kaye is his deputy.
I give a side-eye to any woman in the National Party so Nikki Kaye MEH but I am quite amused that Paulas been removed too.
Im not sure how Nikki Kaye has got this warm, fluffy reputation. Thats one ambitious, astute, cold political operator. Bit like her opponent in Auckland Central.
Watch the white privilege gays stan Nikki Kaye now don t forget she has blood on her hands.
Congratulation to Nikki Kaye ( ), Otago Law grad and new deputy leader of the National Party.
Nikki Kaye launches war of words on Jacinda Ardern.
Look how Nikki Kaye votes on social / moral issues, always at odds with traditional family values. Definifely a progressive left winger.
Muller will be holding a press conference at 2:15 (presumably with his deputy Nikki Kaye).
Congratulations Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye, heres to a win in September!
Ive updated to put Todd Muller and Nikki Kaye at the top of the National list, with Simon and Paula just below them. Will update in due course when their full caucus rankings are announced.
Nikki Kaye is going to murder the role of deputy leader. She has experience being a killer politician.
So Nikki Kaye is twice as popular as Todd Muller? They ve got their ticket around the wrong way. I m joking (margin of error makes the numbers meaningless) but seriously, I rate Nikki Kaye as one of the better National MPs by a long stretch.

With Nikki Kaye as Deputy.
Bay of Plenty MP Todd Muller has won the support of the National Party caucus, defeating simon-bridges">Simon Bridges in a vote for party leader this afternoon. Nikki Kaye is the new deputy leader of the National Party.

Nikki Kaye is trash and so is MAGA Muller lol.
Uggh Nikki Kaye I can not stand to see face, that s the most annoying part of all this.

What You Really Think

So wait they couldnt let a woman have the win .... Picked another old white dude that knows a p and l sheet.

Another victim of Covid 19.

Hopefully our disgustingly biased media will not do another hatchet job. Not holding my breath.

Simon and Paula have been rolled. Different political landscape now.

Has Simon been in parliament to earn the pension. If not will he stick around until he earns it & then returns to be a lawyer again? He will never change. He is too arrogant for that.

Give him enough rope he will hang himself. That is what Jacinda did to Simon. Only if he has taken the opportunity & worked with the Govt during COVID-19 his fate may have been different. Instead, he spoke down at people from his high horse. Time to get back as a lawyer Simon.

Obviously the media helped the a bit to get rid of . The mainstream media everywhere in this country is garbage. Utter garbage.

Now let run of to the Labour Party, have a meeting, and collectively figure out how to Trash the new National Leaders. Why not start with the TVNZ 1 & 3 Breakfast Shows. Hey maybe Duncan Garner can immediately start ridiculing Muller and talking over him every 5 seconds.

The Toad won.

Good he has global finesse any good leader should have an idea of the globe economy thingy.

This chump just looks like a MAGA guy.

So not even Judith could save him.

He is as inspiring as an empty cask of loser.

... but, but, but, butt Simon.

Are we sure this isnt Steven Joyce and hes just changed his name?

Is Bridges entitled to a government subsidy now?

Fark, thats not good ... Ein Fuhrer Muller will be worse than Simon, but given the timing will still be in the honeymoon period when the Election is held. This could be difficult.

and so has Paula?

Replacing one idiot with another!