Wednesday 9th of December 2020


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Could have been a fluke.
Essentially what happened with peppers. Burning your biscuits with capsaicin is the spice of life.
He's doing a peer review!

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Turns out the other guy was allergic.

Insert noseless trump gif.

Imagine seeing him eat it, but you forget to write it down, so know you gotta redo it.

First recorded evidence of presidents body guards tasting the food first to ensure the presidents safety colorized.

*In science, results have to be replicated*.

This! You need a proper sample size before you can make conclusions!

Science has a reproducibility problem so this was very noble of him.

Now imagine how many did die in an attempt to find the perfect cbt method.

Everyone is stupid except me.

Real talk though people act like our nomadic ancestors were just straight up idiotic. While plenty of human beings have accidentally poisoned themselves in a desperate situation its not like they were out there eating random unknown shit willy nilly. They understood bad things could kill them because they lived that life day in and day out. When confronted with a new food source: berries, fruits, roots, mushrooms, etc. its hard to imagine they wouldnt have shown some common sense caution. Rub some of it on their skin, wait a while. No irritation? Continue. Rub some on their tongue, wait a while. No irritation? Continue. Chew one up and spit it out, wait a while. No irritation? Continue. Eat a small piece, wait a while. No discomfort? Continue. Eat several pieces, wait a while. No discomfort? Continue. So on and so forth.

Sometimes I think my genius generates gravity.

This actually made me laugh.

Don't ever use the word smart with me.


Have you tried having another near death experience? It might help with the trauma from the first experience.

I will strive to emulate this style of parenting.

Wild raspberries are delicious and totally safe!

Dad of the year.

I remember when poison = death. Scary times.

Any day now, dont let down your guard...

Ah yes, I'll remember not to eat berries when I'm starving out in the middle of the woods with no one to help me for miles. &x200B; I could just wait for a bear to eat the berries too I guess.

Deer can eat poisonous mushrooms and be alive and well., dont know if your logic really works.

What if you don't have any bears or deer though? All we got here are birds and they can eat berries that will kill you.

Lesson learned, never eat berries ever.

Wait... how do the bears know??

Almost all poisonous berries are bitter or in general taste unpleasant. So its pretty safe to pop one in your mouth and taste it then spit it out if it tastes bad.

You can eat one and wait a couple hours for a reaction. Then up the amount slowly and continue waiting for adverse reactions. You may get slightly sick but youd need a lethal dose of poison to kill you.

That's not how that works. there are plenty of things other animals can eat and we can not. all fruit, is evolved to be eaten so the the seed can be spread by the animal that eats it. otherwise there would be a different seed dispersal method like a sail, hooks, being burried by a squirrel. Also because fruit is designed that way you should eat the seeds and deficate where the offspring will have an opportunity to survive in exchange the plant producing fruit for you.

Understandable, have a good afterlife.

Write that down, WRITE THAT DOWN.

First guy to drink cow milk doesn't get enough credit. Or the guy who discovered yoghurt.

Also how to prepare some poisonous food in a way that it is safe to eat.

It was probably prisoners of war, right? And I'm sure there are ways to test if something is edible before going all mashing it and rubbing it on your skin...or boiling it and tasting the tea...or eating a tiiiiiiiny lil bit aaaaaand I died.

That's what I want to know with cashews. Then bitches are poisonous until you roast them. Who the fuck watches their friend die and then be like what if we roasted them first On researching, they will not kill you but will cause a rash or burning sensation. .

They ate the stem first then had the idea to try the leaf.

Right? Or like that Blow fish that is 90% poison but some guy figured out the 10% that was edible? Like did dudes just keep trying pieces of the same fish until they stopped dropping dead? LOL.

Makes it a lot easier for you to test shit out when youre literally starving. You either find a way to eat this weird plant or you die.

Nah, generational knowledge is kind of the norm. If it wasn't, everything would die of eating poison berries all the time.

Plenty of animals teach pass down information , though. Pretty much all of the more intelligent social ones do. You can even observe dogs attempting to teach eachother.

Teaching isn't unique to humans... Plenty of lower animals teach their young. Such as birds and other primates.

I watch enough Nature Documentarys to know that this is bullshit. All animals pass down information from generation to generation, it is not a unique human trait. Monkeys will teach their brethren where to find food, and the best way to eat it. Whales will teach their young where the best feeding grounds can be found and the route they should take during peak season. Hell, Whales even pass down their favourite *SONGS* from generation to generation.

To be clear, do you mean Native Americans, or people from India? Thanks :).

I read on a thread about this before that often younger, but not children, members of a tribe would eat small quantities of unknown berries because they were more likely to survive side effects of poisoning.

There was a video posted the other day on the FP that actually taught how to test if food is edible. That was one of the steps. Another was to kinda give yourself a allergy test by scratching your arm to break the skin and rubbing a small amount of the item on the wound. If it reacted (redness/swelling/etc), it's not good.

It's even scarier knowing that allergies can change. You could eat crab your whole life and then one day at 36, you eat some crab and go into anaphylactic shock. That is one of the many things I wish I was ignorant to because now I get paranoid any time I go to eat something that is commonly an allergen, like nuts, honey and shellfish.

Yeah, the human body isnt so weak that a single berry is enough to kill you. I was just making a joke about how humans were kinda trial-and-error when we first existed.

Try that with cassave. Being in the same room can kill you (cyanide poisoning) and they need to be properly cooked and aired before consumption.

> you're more likely to get dehydrated from throwing up or shitting so much This is the least fun thing ever. I lost a lot of water from the side effects of taking too many antibiotics (all because I'd read somewhere that with a particular kind of infection you should take like four pills at once, which isn't true, so thanks, Reddit) and didn't properly rehydrate. My whole body swelled up to retain water, starting with my feet and legs, and when I had rehydrated, my blood pressure dropped in a hypotensive episode that lasted for days. I was dizzy and imbalanced for a week, and now I have a permanent blind spot in my left eye from a microaneurysm.

I imagine it must have involved someone who was drunk on sake and went "Bro, I dare you to eat some of this blowfish" and then the other guy was like "Wait, this part is actually pretty good.".

Well, I guess Im curious.

Im surprised it is edible. That shit looks like a death trap.

55.3k people disagree with you.

Except strawberries, of course. Those bad boys are scrumpdiddilyumptious.

Bruh, what? I thought of this meme while taking a shit, how am I at the top of r/all?

Thank you kindly.

Art can be interpreted a number of ways.


Not before claiming that the first guy is impeding his rights, of course.

Probably somewhere. Apparently anti-freeze tastes super sweet and animals enjoy it (for, like, 5 minutes anyway).

Humans are easier to convince.

Man 1: *sputter, gasp* Help me, bro. Please. Man 2: Hold on, I gotta check if its legit.

Hey, is my throat supposed to get all swollen?

Dont eat that. Thats a Jerry Berry. With a name like Jerry Berry, how dangerous can it be? *single crunch later* OH GOD, OH NO SOMEBODY SAVE ME! MY THROATS TURNING INSIDE OUT! I CAN FEEL MYSELF DYING, THIS WAS A HORRIBLE MISTAKE! *ded*.

To create the best dishes, we must take some risks.

Its funny you say that, because I made this while on the toilet.

You must be fun at party's.

Animals can handle eating things humans cant. So that logic doesnt work. Theres birds that eat berries humans cant.

They obviously just googled it man.