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Thursday 9th of July 2020

What College Football is About to do to Notre Dame.

ACC football also expected to play conference-only games, sources told Stadium. Last month, ACC commish John Swofford told Stadium if Power 5 schools played conference-only schedules that ACC would assist Notre Dame with as many games as it needed.

Canceled games as a result of the Big Ten's conference only schedule include: * Ohio State-Oregon * Michigan-Washington * Penn State-Virginia Tech * Iowa-Iowa State * Miami-Michigan State * Wisconsin-Notre Dame.

What college football is about to do to Notre Dame.
Fr. Jenkins announced today that Notre Dame will file an amicus brief in support of a court motion by Harvard and MIT to prevent the expulsion of international students who are enrolled exclusively online.

Exclusive: Notre Dames 2020 Football Schedule St. Rita Brother Rice Mount Carmel St. Laurence Loyola Providence Catholic Saint Ignatius St. Patrick Joliet Catholic Notre Dame.
Notre Dame showing up to their conference-only games this season.
That means Notre Dame and Cincinnati have holes on their schedules.
Notre Dame watching all the other conferences go to a "Conference Only" 2020 CFB Season format.
Commissioner John Swofford has said that if league adopts an all-conference football schedule for 2020, Notre Dame likely will be in mix. Irish already have six ACC opponents on docket.
Notre Dame football this fall when everyone goes to conference-only schedules.
It's very sweet of all of you around the country to worry about little old Notre Dame's football schedule. We kept hearing from other people that you thought ND was irrelevant. We knew that was just a bunch of gossip. You're the best! Love you!

That's the only ble solution "After months of debate over its design, the rebuilt Notre Dame cathedral could look exactly the same".
Notre Dame when college football goes to conference-only play.
What does Notre Dame do if all Power 5 conferences only play in-conference games?
Meanwhile at Notre Dame.
The Badgers prestigious showdown with Notre Dame at Lambeau Field on October 3 would be cancelled, as would home games against Southern Illinois and Appalachian State on September 12 and 19, respectively.

Gonna be tough to put Notre Dame in the CFP at 6-0 this year!
Notre Dame this season.
Like the Big Ten, it's expected the ACC will only do conference football games. Notre Dame has six games versus the ACC this year. Here's where they shake out in that equation.
ACC will align their schedule with Notre Dames. The other Independents have some big issues.
When Notre Dame tries to crash a conference only schedule.
Notre Dame looking around their schedule by August 1.
There are 2 wild cards with the ACC and SEC: how important are the interstate rivalries that close the season? And if the ACC goes with 15 teams including Notre Dame, they have to have an even number of games.

Bet Notre Dame wishes they were in a conference now.
New study: A ton of lead dust may have been deposited near the Notre Dame cathedral, with more people exposed to lead fallout than French authorities had indicated.
If Power 5 conferences do in fact go conference only football seasons, do you think they will still allow Notre Dame in their schedules or will Notre Dame be left on the outside looking in? Could be a HUGE hit for Notre Dame this season.

Notre Dame when everyone plays conference schedules.
Has played Notre Dame every year since 1946, a 73-year streak that will be broken if the non-conference slate is canceled this year.
Notre Dame has no football games in 2020!
Fuck Notre Dame. Join a conference.
I still dont get peoples obsession with wanting Notre Dame to join a conference.
Big football news that the ACC and Big Ten are only playing conference games this upcoming fall, and most likely other conferences will be following suit. The big question now, where does that leave Notre Dame in the CFB landscape?

Penn State at Virginia Tech scheduled for Sept. 12. Not happening.
Using only hand tools and exactly copying the work of medieval carpenters, it took 25 carpenters just ONE week to make a truss. Notre-Dame needs 36 of these. 36 weeks in total for a roof that will last 1000 years. That is far faster and cheaper than metal beams lasting 200 years.

Notre Dame should be required to play only Army, BYU, New Mexico St, UConn, Liberty, UMass, and Dixie St. They willingly chose to remain independent for football. The ACC owes them nothing.
The good news is that if the ACC goes to a conference only schedule, I'll get a bolus of cash from two games being refunded, and possibly a third depending on how things are handled with Notre Dame.
VIDEO: Rebuilding the roof structure of Notre-Dame, destroyed in last year's fire, identically to the old one, is the aim of the Carpenters Without Borders building site in Normandy.
Especially that Clemson-Notre Dame matchup. Probably the biggest ACC game in years.
There should be a caveat. Fully join the conference NOW, play a full slate of ACC games, or face financial ruin. Im tired of Notre Dame holding our conference hostage.
Notre Dame in ACC mix..
Does the Big 10 and ACC choosing to play conference only games lead to independents to like Notre Dame to join a conference?
Notre dame and the acc? theyre not winning more than 9 games idc.
If there are in-conference games only, what happens to Notre Dame in 2020?
Notre Dame when everyone else goes conference only.
Notre dame and south Illinois are closer to Madison then half the conference teams.
You get no sympathy here.
Currently scheduled ACC 2020 OOC opponents by Conference: 8: CUSA 7: SEC 6: Notre Dame* 5: Other FBS Independents, CAA 4: Big Ten, MAC 3: AAC, SoCon 2: Big 12, Sun Belt, Big South, Patriot 1: MWC, NEC, OVC.

John Swofford has said that Notre Dame - scheduled to play 6 ACC games - could add additional ones to make up for games canceled, if they need. UM-Notre Dame would be most attractive such hypothetical matchup this season; the schools are scheduled to play in 2024 and 2025.

Big Ten becomes the first FBS conference to eliminate nonconference games for fall sports, meaning Badgers football won't play Notre Dame at Lambeau Field in 2020.
Maybe Notre Dame will be considered a conference opponent for the ACC this year.
Does Notre Dame have to adhere to the ACC conf game only restrictions? No ND/Navy, ND/Mich, or ND/USC.
Bro I promise no one thinks about Notre Dame.
So I guess you could say if they had to cancel the season, Notre Dame would be... Not-To Blame?
How pissed is Notre Dame going to be when every conference goes conference only and they are game less? Take out the belly button ring and join a conference sweetheart!!
RIP Notre Dame Football, 2020...
Due to the B1G deciding to eliminate all Non-Conference games this football season, Notre Dame Wisconsin has been canceled. The 2020 season will mark the first time since 2015 ND will not play a B1G team in the regular season.

Notre Dame when the P5 conferences opt to play a conference-only schedule.
Thinking about Notre Dame football when all the conferences drop all their non conference games.
Big ten only playing conference games so no Notre Dame at Lambeau.
Everyone: Notre Dame is irrelevant. Literally any college football news: HoW wIlL tHiS eFfEcT nOtRe DaMe?!
Here is a thought for some of these powerhouse football programs. How about you call Notre Dame and see what theyre doing for their players considering they just recently ALL tested negative for coronavirus.

With the Big Ten, ACC and PAC-12 going all-conference scheduling, that leaves only 5 "buy games" left for the MAC, not counting the Notre Dame v. WMU game. 4 of those are with SEC teams, and 1 with a Big 12 team.

Wisconsin vs. Notre Dame and Ohio St vs. Oregon among the quality non-conference matchups wiped out... Big Ten to play conference-only football schedule in 2020.
Notre Dame when all conferences announce conference only 10 game schedule.
If everyone is moving to conference games only. Who will Notre Dame play?
CFB Canceled nulb Ohio State at Oregon nulb Penn State at Virginia Tech nulb Michigan at Washington nulb Notre Dame vs Wisconsin (Green Bay) BigTen goes with conference-only schedule in the fall COVID__19 News Tracker: Story.

What You Really Think

Nah, they would play an ACC conf schedule.


No, the ACC said they would bail them out.

Since college football is all about money, ACC teams will welcome ND revenues. NDs worries are in reference to rescheduling, not canceling.

Bout time.

I bet there will be an exception for a few, or all, of their games.

Def bet lots of money on that one lol.

Yeah. Screw ND!!

Join a conference!

One can hope.

A wise man once said...

Army BYU Liberty New Mexico St Notre Dame UConn UMass is a hell of a schedule.

Everyone is doing conference games only.

Come on! Yall know the media will likely try to exempt them into the playoff.

They will have to round up any Indiana team to play.

Looks like the College Football Playoff and Michigan every year!

I bet they end up temporarily in the ACC for this season.

Should have done this years ago.

Maybe they should oh I dont know .. JOIN A CONFERENCE!!!!!

Crazy that man looks like every Notre Dame fan ever.


And nobody is happier than.