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Saturday 1st of August 2020

Kennar Has a Double! The Brisbanebroncos Are Back in The Lead! NRLBroncosSharks 20-18 After 52 Minutes.

The try saver from Staggs!
Just. Wow.
Kennar has a double! The brisbanebroncos are back in the lead! NRLBroncosSharks 20-18 after 52 minutes.
Press Conference.
There's been some high scoring games in the NRL this weekend! Here are today's results: Wests Tigers 20-26 New Zealand Warriors Brisbane Broncos 26-36 Cronulla Sharks This was our moment of the day.
Staggs is having a blinder.
Sharks steal the win..
Big winners from Warriors upsetting the tigers and Sharks pull off comeback after Broncos leading 26-18. Thoughts on both matches.
Talakai charges through to score NRLBroncosSharks 4-12 after 26 minutes.
A great passage of play from the brisbanebroncos! And how good is the NRLIndigenous try celeb from Staggs!
***nulb Englishman Herbie Farnworth made more metres than any other BrisbaneBroncos back in this morning's 26-36 defeat to Cronulla_Sharks with 175...
Week two of not watching brisbanebroncos and seems I have saved myself from wasting another 80mins..1st time ever I have chosen to watch brisbanelions over the Broncos...
Look they lost but if your an brisbanebroncos fan your ever got to be pleased with that effort. Good side the Cronulla_Sharks hard luck lynny50 but good signs b.
Question for Cronulla_Sharks fans and rugby league fans in general who might know. But is Braydon Trindall, son of former Rabbitohs and Bulldogs half, Darrell Tricky Trindall? If he is and ends up being half as good as his father, hell be some sort of player.

Can't believe the refs missed this blatant offside.
Shaun Johnson (16) has more try assists in 2020 than the entire Broncos squad (13). Key Factor: Broncos v Johnson.
.MulitaloRonaldo left us gobsmacked.
Payne Haase 18 runs 217m 43 tackles 96% success rate 0 errors Hes only 20.
Kotoni Staggs SLAMS through the hole. Deadly. Stream.
"Vintage Milford!" Suncorp ERUPTS after this effort. Stream.
HOW DID HE GET THERE!? Kotoni Staggs with one of the greatest try savers you'll see. Stream.
Im so glad I pay good money to Foxtel so they can pay good money to Braith Anasta for such great insights into the NRL on FOXNRL such as hes a player. Bravo.
.MulitaloRonaldo streaks away to score! NRLBroncosSharks 0-6 after eight minutes.
Hi Harvard, just a quick note to say your rugby league course needs to be looked at.
I didnt tip my Sharks because I thought the Broncos would get over all the young kids playing tonight. Kicking myself. But, geez, Im proud of them tonight. Keep them together and there are bright times ahead.

Just went through the NRLBroncosSharks tag and the amount of uneducated broncos supporters is unbelievable. Youd think having two heads would give you two brains, apparently yall have none.
Finals hopes - can you tell this company owns them?
Tomorrow's Courier Mail headline Broncos defeated by Newtown Jets side.
Surely there is no bigger stat in 2020 than; The Broncos have lost the last twenty minutes 130-12 in 2020.
Fancy footwork from Ferris on debut NRLBroncosSharks 14-18 at half-time.
Some great fan reactions. Like a renaissance painting.
Well Im bloody 1/3 in tipping so far this weekend. V unlike me lol.
The Cronulla_Sharks bite back.
Sign this man up to a ten year contract. Need to make Ronaldo Mulitalo a Shark for life immediately.
First NRL try? Better make it a match-winner! TelstraPremiership Moment of the Match.
Which one would you rather be ?
Concedes 3 tries in the final 10 minutes when leading by 8 points. Of course its the 2020 Broncos.
Dearden making one slight misjudgment didn't cost us the game it's a disgraceful display for "fans" to blame it on. Part of the reason the Broncos have looked better in the last two weeks is because of him.

Send us your views on today's game between Broncos & Sharks for the next show! Leave them here.
TPJ is more influential than Fifita and if he can stay on the field is a bargain at half the price!
"The Sharks from the top rope!!!".
FT: Sharks win it 36-26.
Theres a very capable footy team in there, theyll play much better next year under Green.
Hey RaidersCanberra, is Ricky aware that Herbie Farnworth is from England?
Broncos choked on a game they SHOULD have won Yes they played better, but still no excuse.
Is Seibold still going to be judged on 5 out of the next 8, or that they tried really hard and were unlucky??
Fantastic end to that game in Brisbane.
Great win Cronulla_Sharks so proud of the resilience youre all showing out there. Up! Up!
Probably the bravest win an NRL side has had all season. Considering its actually the NSW Cup Jets with Wade & SJ What an honour to cheer these heroes home.
SHARKS SNATCH VICTORY FROM THE JAWS OF DEFEAT Our review of NRLBroncosSharks with Robert_Crosby95 nulb.
Twitter knows.
The Sharks fought their way back to get the win Stream NRLBroncosSharks: Re-live: Match Centre.
Never thought I'd say this (particularly after 92 & 93) but here goes - "I feel sorry for the brisbanebroncos ".

What You Really Think

They keep finding new ways to lose..

Please ask your players to look at themselves in the mirror... go home if you cant.. give someone else a chance.

Someone send that no.7 to the bush... bloody useless.

Boyd with the fine touches at fullback!