Friday 30th of April 2021


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Rugby league at its absolute best. The brisbanebroncos are BACK.
OUTRAGEOUS. From 22-0 down, the brisbanebroncos are now LEVEL.
That was the worst collapse in GCTitans history. 22-0 up after 15 minutes, only to lose 36-28. Unbelievable.
Gamble paid off for Walters.
Broncos their second game jump 14th. Titans lose their fifth game fall 8th.
Tyson Gamble love that shit!
Honestly, Brisbane save season signing Tyson Gamble $100 plus Leagues Club.
Vonny already saying hasnt seen bigger turn like 2015 cowboys didnt erase point deficit against Eels GOAT Thurston.
Embarrassing performance from Titans. Unbeknown what happened. Dont deserve side give point lead. Very similar last week giving point halftime lead. Holbrook needs bring some defensive minded coaches.

Forget Random Souths Guy, there's Random Steelers
Ref: "Fuck it, you're all on report"..
Don't wrong. love Kevvie. xtremely happy him. DAMN some players team that 101% unlikeable...& being polite when that.
What game! rollacoster emotions this game! Unbelievable! Well done boys.
What brisbanebroncos!
Man broncos looked strong tonight, looking forward to seeing in the future.
Absolutely top-drawer.
this what conference looks like.
Tipped Premium Members SMS/Email 29/4 1:55pm- Brisbane Broncos $3.50 BRONCOS upset.: Safety Bet- Brisbane 11.5 Points Line $1.90.
Cracking game that.
have that much more enjoyable match than expected
Next Week: Broncos away Cowboys, 19:35 Saturday. Titans away (Campbelltown) Tigers 17:30 Saturday.
Even after broncos finally themselves against team other then bulldogs, brandy still start talking making about panthers. cream your pants elsewhere.
Great win, lads.
's Friday Night Footy: The Battle of Queensland. And the W goes to the brisbanebroncos! They're definitely defeated the GCTitans 36-28.
Gamble is one intense character.
What Broncs finally game! girl celebrating like they Grand Final!
Bronxnation baby.
Oates ran for 199 metres. That would kill my OCD. Id come back out of the sheds and run the extra metre just to hit the double ton.
The Broncos win the.
good Tyson Gamble tonight. Absolutely superb. He's into Titans heads absolutely shithoused them game. He's laughed Titans. He's fired teammates. Superb. There's starting half. Took chance then some tonight.

Well done Broncos (except Matt Lodge) that comeback coming. Titans have defence session this week, however media werent invited have evidence.
with Ricky this. Theres been stunning growth tough players since theyve learned that they wont punch face. Lippy lippy lippy.
Cant cop NRL refs anymore it makes the game so predictable yawn.
Finally!! Gave some nerves towards starting long weekend.
Match Report.
Yes, know broncos suck, know titans suck, little horror couple years. Lets enjoy
broncos that game with being 22-0 after minutes will never know credit them. sure watch! Looks like 'gamble' paid off.
Deadset fucking useless team blow 22-0 lead against broncos. Waste time supporting this joke club.
Where that come from!? brisbanebroncos have pulled stunning 36-28 comeback after conceding four tries first minutes South East Queensland derby against GCTitans.
farrrrkkk Gold Coast lose that dead pretenders.
Aged well didnt it buzz .
Biggest comeback club history Brisbane Broncos came back from 0-22 down 36-28. Their probability after mins only
Broncos fans walking down Caxton St right now.
From 22 points down, the Broncos have produced the biggest comeback in their history.
quote doctrine Sensei Kano Broncos FUCKIN BEAUTY
That bizarre game yay.
Broncos storm home biggest comeback club history RECAP: MATCH CENTRE: WATCH kayosports.
Great game! That game sums up the the GCTitans franchise . Well done Broncos.
Justin 2nd Half Ricky Stuart Holbrook.
Lots of shoving but did anyone throw hands at half time? Can we get that on replay? Bit of end game action.
does that mean Milford gets contract?
Broncos made statement tonight gotta give them. Sucks Titans lose though they better defeat Tigers next week.
Kevin Walters heading into the presser like.
Titans deserved lose that. point lead squandered made Broncos look like team.
Herbie Farnworth NEEDS start england world cup. That's thats tweet.
What game football. What fuck.
Since when Tyson Gamble massive attitude? Seems have chip shoulder.
'On report, this incident, Full Time'. Hahahahaha. That's terrific officiating from Referee Gee.
Did the ref just put 26 blokes on report?
Gonna burn Titans that bought years ago.
Titans start half Titans half.
Wow. Just wow. Well done.
Another strong performance at home and will no doubt go MIA away next week.
forth than Tyson Gamble's nickname from this forward "Cattledog"?
Titans defence been shithouse rounds.
would pissed youre Titans fan.
Broncos terrible. good team basically full bronco rejects. Makes sense.
Great game plan boys. them away lead then them. Just like drew
Dont normally broadcast punting tails this stings! Took Bronx happy about minutes match.
Will always be the little brothers to the.
Full Time extraordinary game rugby league. Brisbane Broncos defeat Gold Coast Titans
Broncos win Spatula City Derby!
Titans should relegated immediately absolute shows. Fancy losing Bronco's.
Well done Kevvie.
Brisbane fans breathe again! Longest minutes EVER Broncos.
What comeback from Broncos. thought after first minutes game over. Well played boys.

What You Really Think

So proud of this team showed effort for the whole 80 minutes that's all we ask as fans instead of losing 50-0 like we normally would of.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooo HAPPY.

Damn I stand corrected we only got Mcfucked for the first 20. Well played.

Me after that WIN.

That was the best game I have watched in 2 years ... fkin 10/10.

Wow, great win, high intensity, kept it going to secure the victory... Gamble played well but the forwards kept the yards going up the middle... More of this intensity should see them win more games.

That was traumatizing but also unreal. They dug deep!

Good to get a win but lets back it up next week. Titans are awful.

Yassss well done Lads.

Gamble impressed, no flashy shit. Just barked his orders and got the team around the park. Passed, kicked and ran at the right times.

It wasn't that good...but 2 points is 2 points.

Wow. Just wow. Well done.

Great win boys well deserved.

Congrats boys!!! Thank you.

Kevolution BABY!

How Good.


Didnt expect that after 15 minutes!!

Gamble was massive tonight, big difference having someone showing some leadership on the field.

Yesssss boys what a comeback all I can say is Tyson Gamble.

Tyson gamble play exceptionally well.

Brocos take back big brother status for tonight!

Yeah the boys.

Good fight back.



Wouldnt matter if we won by 1 point or 50 points. The gritty comeback is everything for the fans and themselves. That was the teams best performance in 2 years; including the Penrith game. Truly the definitive character building moment for the club since this rut began.

Well done boys biggest ever comeback.

Tyson gamble have my fucking children.