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Thursday 30th of July 2020

JOB DONE. The Brothas Chalk up Another Indigenous Round WIN! DVnulb.

JOB DONE. The Brothas chalk up another Indigenous Round WIN! DVnulb.
What. A. Try.
Walker gets one back for the Bunnies.
This stings a little bit, but Ive only got myself to blame.
Bloody hell. Dragons quite literally threw that away. For the past three weeks its like someone flicks a mental switch 20 mins in and they forget to play footy.
MAN OF THE MATCH Walks was ON FIRE tonight! Stream.
At this point Id take Corey Worthington over Corey Norman.
Updated ladder with the Rabbitohs jumping into the 8.
How good that all the points scored in IndigenousRound by SSFCRABBITOHS were by Indigenous players ! Vnulb Brilliant win !
26 points by Souths and all 26 points scored by Indigenous players. What a fitting start to NRLIndigenous round. All set up for a cracking finish.
16-0 down, Souths come back to defeat Dragons 32-24. Cody Walker was exceptional for Bunnies, stood up in Reynolds absence. All 32 points scored by Indigenous players.
Aboriginal Rabbitohs 32 - Dragons 24 what a game for that black line to fire. Cody Walks killed it.
You just love to see the Dragons blowing a 16-0 lead. Coincidentally, they led 14-0 in the 99 GF.
Who makes better decisions.
Walker finds the hole.
Top 3 NRLFantasy points for the NRLDragonsSouths game: 1) Walker (82) 2) Johnston (80) 3) Aitken (72).
Do yourself a favour and read this DEADLY Match Report Vnulb.
A well-deserved man of the match award for Cody Walker! Stream.
Johnston gets himself a double NRLDragonsSouths 16-20 after 50 minutes.
3: C. Walker 2: A. Johnston 1: L. Mitchell.
32 Indegionus- All dragons 24.
Send us your views on today's game between Dragons & Rabbitohs for the next show! Leave them here.
A stunning comeback from SSFCRABBITOHS with Alex Johnston at the centre of it sees them win after being 16-0 down against the NRL_Dragons Read the match report by following the link below.
"He's dead set knocked it on" - Gus Try or no try? Stream.
Nearly Dragons .nearly.
' SSFCRABBITOHS side move back into the top 8 of the NRL following a 24-32 victory over NRL_Dragons!
Both the Rabbitohs and the dragons NRLDragonsSouths nrl outscored melbournefc tonight.
Seeing Trell celebrate like that just made Dean Ritchie spill his can of Woodstock bourbon all over his Confederate flag snuggie.
Congrats BB.
Comfy night here at rich and responsible 2/2 ! 3.10 if you were on the multi happy Thursday Punters.
Id be happy for the French connection, Sailor and Clunes, to be 6 and 7 next week. They would have a certain je ne sais quoi.
The Rabbitohs win their sixth game to jump to 8th. The Dragons lose their 8th game to remain 11th for now.
You know not being a traitor but it's was really great to watch some real footy for once, thoroughly enjoyed tonight's game thank you NRL NRLDragonsSouths INDIGENOUS VnulbVnulb.
Fuck Yeah AJ that's a hattrick Now few SSFCRABBITOHS please get his contract sorted VV.
"Just going for a few beers with the boys darl" Sunday morning.
I think Mary needs to bite the bullet and drop Norman, he's not very good, and bring Sailor into the halves. I thought Ben Hunt was good tonight at half back and Cam McInnes is a hooker not a lock.
Watching Ch9. Is there a big d head than PhilGould15 The dribble that comes out of your mouth is why you got punted from PenrithPanthers All knowing ? Very very very doubtful.
Next Week: The Rabbitohs host the Broncos, 19:55 Friday. The Dragons host (WIN) the Roosters, 19:50 Thursday.
Gr8 comeback WIN. We've got to get our starts right & cut out the errors & we'll b half a chance! WELL DONE BOYS.
How good is a last minute try to win a multi?!
If McGregor continues to overlook the only extra size he has in Eddie Blacker and picks 3-4 back rowers on his bench, he might as well start Ravalawa or Pereira in the front row.
Let me preface this by declaring I am a Cronulla_Sharks fan so couldnt care less who won this game. But boy some old folk must hate seeing the losing team all smiles and cuddles with their opponents straight after.

Matt Dufty started it. Alex Johnson finished it! What a game. Thoroughly entertaining here in the neutral corner.
Both sides got some shocking calls but one that while it was a bad call was right outcome in that he didnt put a foot in touch but it was a huge forward pass.
What a game from Cody Walker! Always delivers but had to step up when they lost ARey. Been my favourite non-Tigers player for a few years. A natural league player.
Fuck the fucking football filthy abo round.
Corey Norman is such a flog. Looking exasperated when the ref calls time off due to injured players. Your team is down by 2 and youve died sweet FA.
3nulb C Walker (SOU) 2nulb A Johnston (SOU) 1nulb M Dufty (SGI) Reporter.
My sister tipped Souths to win by 12 so you best believe I erupted when dragons scored that last try to make it a souths win by 8.
Check on all NRL_Dragons fans after that choke.
Great win after losing our halfback/goal kicker very early on. Especially after the knock-on TRY clanger and Cook being denied because Alex Johnston had been ruled to have stepped out when he hadn't. Never gave up!

Glory glory.
Fun game to watch that.
Know you are getting old when ya see Wendell Sailors son playing nrl now!!
Corey norman- line engagements 0 Try assists 0 LBA 0 Effective runs 0 Kicks out on the full 1 Absolute fraud... im not joking, I could of done more damage tonight in the number 6 for the.
Ben hunt and Corey norman needs to be axed. Dufty and sailor can do betrer job then millions dollars Duds.
FULLTIME at JubileeStadium SSFCRABBITOHS 32 NRL_Dragons 24 Souths sail home in the second half! Robert_Crosby95's live blog.
A phenomenal start to IndigenousRound High octane 80 minutes of footy! redV played with gumption & gorgeous jerseys Bunnies waltzed home with a win 32-24!
HAT TRICK! Alex Johnston hits the turbos! CLnulb Joey and Gus want him to stay at South Sydney. Stream.
Full-time Rabbitohs Win 32-24.
Indigenous Round conquered once again. 9/10 over this special round. Yeah the boys! Fantastic comeback especially without Reno to steer them around.
So proud of the brothers tonight. Heart.
The Dragons led 16-0 after 17 minutes. The Rabbitohs have clawed their way back to win 32-24. The boys from Redfern are now in the top 8.
IN-PLAY BET OF NOTE $25,000 at $1.60 on Souths to defeat St George Illawarra in NRLdragonssouths. The score is 16-all at half-time.
You know the rule. Never tweet while leading.
DEADLY! What a comeback! What a game of footy! All 32 points from the Rabbitohs came from Indigenous players. Vnulbnulb Stream.

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AJ needs to stay a one club man!!


Sign AJ Pronto.

Congratulations from Germany.

Congratulations on the win, boys!

Resign Alex please!

Glory Glory boys great comeback GoRabbitohs OldestProudestLoudest VnulbVnulb.

Get alex re signed pronto.