Saturday 11th of July 2020

The GCTitans Fight Back.

A player who is potentially concussed doesnt need to find a way to get up. They need to be treated with care and assessed appropriately.
What a start from the nzwarriors! S flares for his 50th try.
Starting the weekend with a W feeling.
Think I noticed Treymain Spry's first mistake in the NRL last night, and it wasn't a dropped ball. He picked the wrong undies.
No we can breathe!!
Yeah we did. Boom!
The Gold Coast Titans are QLD's Number One team right now. Think about that bullshit for a second.
My mum last night looked at the Titans winger and said. Hes not a wing hes the whole chook! I thought it was funny enough to share with my twitter family haha.
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RECAP Titans win their first game at CBUS since April 21 2019 with victory over New Zealand Warriors 16-12.
Matt Russell commentating from Sydney. Blocker Roach commentating from 1972.
Can the NRL explain to me how the team with the 5th highest penalties conceded count in the comp managed to go 80 mins without conceding one?
New kid on the block!
Jamal Fogarty has just kicked the best 40/20 EVER.
"He was pretty filthy to come off but to keep pushing, it played a huge factor in us winning the game" Hear from Coach, Justin Holbrook, on how a tough Keegan Hipgrave contributed a to a tough Titans victory.

Weve got the roosters the week Fus, Maumalo & Passi go home. Somebody call the boys and tell them to get ready.
That winning feeling!
12 - The GCTitans have made 12 try saves in the 2020 NRL season so far, the most of any team and the only side to have prevented 10 so far. Blocked.
Congratulations to NZWarriors Roger Tuivasa-Sheck, who has now scored his 50th NRL try. This is his first try of the season; he has now scored 7 tries in his past 8 games against the Titans.
Score your first NRL try, but make it a match-winner TelstraPremiership Moment of the Match.
From the album already 1,5 year old : WAVES The song FEAR, with a wee bit weird clip.
FridayVibes GOYABOYCOTT NRLTitansWarriors stream fire drill mel deserves more love.
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Anyone know what the deal was with the Warriors strip last night? Did they use them as tablecloths afterwards or will they being chopping trees down this weekend?
New Montage!! Link - ( ).
NZ Warriors coach Todd Payten refuses to blame controversial bunker decision for Titans defeat.
Pleased for Justin Holbrook. Came to SuperLeague treat the competition with utmost respect and went out a winner. Cant help but be happy for him.
Two weeks in a row that NZWarriors have copped awful decisions from the bunker.
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- poor warriors should never, never have been put in this position. This referring performance is among the worst of the season if not decade. nrl - Warriors bent over again. Seriously when will this stop?

Smells of match fixing How could the ref and bunker be so bad????
How does bunker get it so wrong?? Shocking call against.
New Montage Out Now.
Warriors made too many errors and had no game plan besides taking it up the middle. We need some more talent on our side in terms of play makers of things are going to change.
Theyll get the standard Monday morning apology but not the 2 points. The NZWarriors are sacrificing everything and the refs cant sacrifice their precious bias.
The GCTitans fight back.
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Good to see Justin Holbrook starting to get results with GCTitans now. There certainly seems to be more fight in them than last year.
All we have ever wanted NRL is a fair go at it & not have refs or in this case NRLBunker decide games. Something is seriously wrong with this competition when week in, week out the NZWarriors are impacted. PhilGould15 can you use your voice to help here?

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NRL: Titans d Warriors. Crowd: 5,206* Cbus Super Stadium NRLTitansWarriors View details.
Was that a decent crowd for the GCTitans?
Captains Run = DONE Bring on tomorrow.
What a win GCTitans!!! You beauty... 16-12.. just their 3rd win over NZWarriors in last 19-matches. Fotuaika & Fogarty epic with Ash Taylor (HIA) & Keegan Hipgrave (shoulder) off the field. Broncos & Bulldogs playing tom night to avoid being last.

How on earth can anyone explain this!
The Titans didnt concede one penalty in 80 mins? The bunker denies the NZWarriors an obvious try. Fusitua taken out in the air, no worries. Titans knock on, its gone back. Warriors playing 17 v 18 tonight. That was an NRL disgrace.

Jack Hetherington is pretty fun to watch. I like him, he adds a lot to this Warriors pack with his offloads, aggression, and late footwork. Daresay they might try to keep him.
Every week the NRL continue to fuck the NZWarriors up the ass bro, yes they played like trash, but the officiating was straight up atrocious. U mean to tell me that whack ass Titans team committed ZERO PENALTIES!!!!!! Get the fuck outta here bro.

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Jarred maxwell if you thought I fucked up last week in the bunker, watch this!
2nd half was disappointing.A few ref calls going against us as well. But Jeez leading 12-0 early on. We should of gone on with it. Great to be back at a live footy game again. Its been too long. Will always support my.

1st 15 minutes report.
This NZWarriors away strip is mint! They have already won this game just by running out in this finery.
Urgh it hurts so much seeing Corey Thompson in titans colours.
0 penaltys to the warriors tonight absolutely rubbish reffing from the officials tonight.
Crowd: 5,206.
Today's NRL results: Titans 16-12 Warriors Rabbitohs 18-10 Tigers.
Updated ladder after tonight's games.
I aint a warriors fan and I dont really watch league but I watched tonight and fuck me the refs really do hate these guys!!! So unfair. Arshole... heads up Warriors.
Two good games of footy tonight. A 16-12 and an 18-10. Decent competitive matches. I enjoyed that!
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What You Really Think

Warriors shafted again by officials who get their Refs cards out of a weetbix box.

Sub standard officiating once again! The NZWarriors were dudded!

The refs. Dude you cant just gloss over shit like we didnt all see you screw us... again.

Nope the refs fought back.