Sunday 10th of May 2020


The real scandal was never Ukraine, Russia or any of the other hoaxes pushed by the media. The whole time it was . The scandal free administration was actually riddled with corruption and scandal. It s about time the public learns the truth.

The world needs to see this. Please retweet.
No, if you claimed to be embarrassed by Barack Obama but youre somehow not mortified by Donald Trump Im going to strongly suggest it was largely a pigmentation issue.
I know whats going to happen as soon as I click "Retweet". The white liberals and black Obama-worshipers are going to come out in force. I know better than to ask either group for objectivity, but to quote O-Messiahs poster, I can HOPE. Cant I?

7 am in the morning. I am seeing trending. Ha Barack Obama was the best President in American history.
- apparently the laws in our country only apply to conservatives. Liberals can get away with murder. (Just ask the Clintons).
8 years. No scandals. No lies. No sexual assault. No rape. No pedophilia. No nepotism. No narcissism. No despotism. No fascism. No racism. No homophobia. No treason. No murder cover-ups. No genocide. No . Just grace, love and class personified. Thank you, .

It s weird how starts trending in the middle of the night in America, largely pushed by accounts with cartoon icons and weird usernames. On another note, it s the middle of the workday in Moscow. Just in case you were wondering.

Proof! See complete thread!
Barr said this week he is confident Trump is going to be President for the next 4 years. We are getting hit in the middle of the night with hashtags from Europe like, last night, making it clear Barr has cleared the way to use foreign influence.

[stage whisper] the hashtag is coming from *inside* the Trump re-election headquarters.
Would be a shame if this went trending.
Always fun to wake up to see what Russia and losers made trend overnight - today its Bless their bot hearts.
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So, looking for the footage from yesterday s cabinet meeting, thought maybe it was on what do I see? do I find, a bunch of liberal tears claiming cartoon icons and funny names tweeting when it s noon in Russia.

A collection of media/dems who protected Watch and be pissed.
Q: Why arent people going to prison? Barr: "These things take time" then smiles!!
20mar14 crisis Obama targeted oligarchs/sanctions against Russia 29dec16 expelled 35 Russian diplomats/closed access to 2 Russia govt compounds in MD/NY 12feb18 indicted 13 Russians & 3 Russian companies.

This is The fact that Blue MAGA still pretends that Obamas tan suit was his biggest scandal despite mountains of evidence that says the contrary shows that the Democratic Party is nothing but a cult.
Why weren t liberals outraged when an American business owner in Texas was separated from her children and thrown in a I guess they only care when it s illegal aliens trying to sneak into our Country.
They have forgiven Donald Trump for multiple affairs, porn star payoffs, financial improprieties, unhinged Twitter rants, Russian alliances, and vile moral filth of every kind And theyve never forgiven Barack Obama for being black.

Joe Biden Was In Meeting Where Comey Was Instructed to Brief Trump on Phony Steele Dossier.
There is one reason why is trending this morning. Because Russia is scared to death of a Joe Biden presidency. So scared that they used a huge amount of trolls to get the hashtag trending while Americans were sleeping.

Listen folks, he ran a CASINO to the ground. That is the only approved business to legally take peoples money and give them nothing back. Think about that for a sec. Obama took Great Recession and turned it in prosperity.

Barack Obama grew up poor. He got rich by writing and selling books. Hes never once needed to declare bankruptcy. People who disagree with his politics admire his poise, grace and intelligence.
Wow, will make watergate look like a third rate burglary.
Jonathan Turley s Apart Obama s Leaked Statement About the DOJ and Flynn, and It s Glorious.
What happened to the 12 day incubation period that was set when this "pandemic" started. We are well into it and these cases are magically appearing. Hmmmmm.
Happy Mothers Day is what happens when.
Nixon spied, lied, & obstructed. Obama spied, lied, obstructed, paid Iran, tried to help Iran toward nukes, imported jihadists, protected & aided ISIS & Hezbollah, & after Soros he was 2nd in command of coup ag Trump. (Then HRC & Brennan.) O begged for life in prison.

So tired of having to deal with hideous bullshit. Just when I think I couldn t possibly abhor these morons any more, they start in with some bullshit at 2 am. Wonder what time it is in.
is trending and heads are melting. The left will never accept it, but who honestly cares? Its glorious!
Obama Administration Get Ready! Justice is coming.
Wow look whats trending on Twitter. Ill bet these guys arent laughing today.
will go down in human history as the biggest act of political corruption ever.
Because Flynn knew where all the bodies were buried.
The hashtag. Brought to you by Trumpsters, Pro-Covid No-maskers, and Russia.
starts trending at 5-6am EST on Mothers Day. As if everyone in America is up tweeting the hashtag at 2-6am on a weekend. Note: It was Noon in Moscow.
We need representatives in the House who will actually get to the bottom of scandals like , instead of Democrats who have covered up & will continue to cover up the incredible amount of corruption. If you send me to Congress, I ll expose Obama.

The Obama, Hillary, Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, Strzok et al Crime Gang invented the Russiagate Hoax to deflect from the Obama Regimes corruption in accepting $145m in bribes from Canadian Oligarchs to sell Uranium One to Russia. An obvious Nat Security Risk.

Obama/Biden Years: million jobs added. Health care for 15 million more Americans Weakly earnings up 4% after inflation. The S&P 500 index rose 166 percent. Wind & solar power increased 369 percent. 0 impeachments 0 Indictments Defeated Ebola & H1N1 Pandemics.

Speaking of bots, what were the odds? my ass.
Did that little weenie Chris Wallace totally ignore on his garbage show this morning? My guess is he did. I refuse to watch that smug fake news hack.
To the co-conspirators, Your disgusting acts of will be met with the full-force of the law. We now know and that tried desperately to get removed from office BEFORE the testimonies came out exposing the.

If you are working to defeat Trump and the GOP in 2020, I would ask that you re-tweet this far and wide. The need to re-take the Senate sometimes gets overlooked, but a progressive agenda is lost without it. Lets flip the Senate:.

Oh now we understand why is trending: "Obama says end to Michael Flynn case puts rule of law at risk, calls covid-19 response a disaster " Obama called Trump on is real scandals and the red hats and Russian reds needed to do a what.

What You Really Think

And the pompous ahole Trump is is using propaganda to make his gullible supporters think it is all President Obamas is beying support.

Democrats - All talk, NO action. Nothing was put into place.

do you buy this too? or just support the feeding of to the masses?

Propaganda. You a Bolsheviks never quit.

Great Biden ad !! This should play on every TV station. Hey Please make it so !! Get some of these great Biden ads running on TV and social media. Thank you. Riden with Biden He won t kill us !!

ah yes, lets trust the democrats, wait, we cant trust either party because they focus too much on themselves and making sure they can be re-elected.

Are there still people on the fence? Convincing a Trumpster is like your ball going into the neighbors yard, looking over the fence and seeing it covered in dog sh*t next to a growling monster. I *ck it and f*ck them.

You can t drone strike a virus Barack.

But, did he do that with his pandemic?

All bark! is a leader whose actions speak louder and more effectively than any exquisites coming from the lying mouth of Obama!

Lol . Another nut who refuses to acknowledge Chinas complicity Ask yourself . Why did China ask the to keep Human to Human transmission quiet ??? Isnt the supposed to be a " World " Health organization not controlled by China ?

Y all forget the Swine flu?

Spent the money on Iran, did not act on his OWN GUT for America. Total F off he was.


Who agrees that Trump must be removed from the White House!

U spelled bush administration wrong.

This is so damn fake and doctored clipping shit together. It never happened.

Fake news.

Biden is losing his mind.

The story is already been proven to be untrue. All you re doing is spreading lies to try to prove your point.

Pssssssst one of the last budgetary decisions of the DNC admin was to defund the CDC, Trump inherited that budget.

Id blow up Obamas pandemic response team too.

The obama team delegitimized an election, spied on civilians, had there whole intelligence community stage a coup. You cant deny the factual transcripts. yall enjoy these next couple weeks. Its gonna be.