Officer Eugene Goodman, Who Led Rioters Away From Senate Chamber Entrance. Hero.

Sunday 10th of January 2021

Officer Eugene Goodman, Who Led Rioters Away From Senate Chamber Entrance. Hero.

If you look at the video of him with the rioters it looks like he is feverishly backing up the stairs while being pushed back but what he was actually doing was leading the rioters away from the senate chamber and towards his colleagues. It was really smart, he was like "yo don't go here please don't go here" while backing up the wrong way. Imagine staring in the face of armed rioters trying to overthrow the government, seeing their anger and aggression, and then having the mental resilience and calm to trick them into going the wrong way. edit: for those wondering if there's a source for this: ]here]({"tab":"Floor","vignette":"FLR_2012100246954"}) is a virtual model of the Capitol. If you go to the floor plan, you see a map of two floors of the Capitol. The picture in this post was taken between the Brumidi Corridor and the Small Senate rotunda on the North side of the building. He leads the rioters up the stairs (keeping them out of the old supreme court chamber), and then into one of the side rooms between the Senate chamber and the Small senate rotunda (the rotunda is two floors tall), where his colleagues are waiting to deal with the rioters. ]here]() is the video.

I remember first time seeing that video, I wanted to scream and punch the guy that's chasing him. How could they be so unprepared and let one officer facing all these crazy people? I am so glad that officer is ok.

Yeah I was so worried when I saw it on TV on the Wednesday.

What You Really Think

When I saw an officer died I was sure it would be him. Im glad I was wrong.

The video in reference.

The command for these officers sold them out they should be voting no confidence and remove the leadership. How are so many of these officers stuck by themselves against a mob.

One of the most stress-inducing videos I saw. I could feel the terror. What a fucking god.

This man had every right to send these people to hell with his gun too. These maniacs should be greatful they were harassing a brave, calm, well trained man.

You think the guy who incited this treason is going to award the people who stopped it?

Oh is he a golfer?

Give it a couple weeks, I hear the current guy who does that is a whiney little bitch baby who shits himself when faced with criticism. Edit: I don't usually plug my channel, but I recently uploaded a parody about people like the president deleting their accounts. Check it out it you want!

We need a new medal that's not tainted with Nunez and Limbaugh stink.

Biden will. trump gives them out to losers. Like him.

Our president is trying to give himself the medal.

Congressional Gold Medal, now.

]Public Safety Officer Medal of Valor]().

Im assuming Biden will give it to him within the first 100 days.

No, give him an untarnished medal that is still worth something. I don't think the PMoF should ever be awarded again.

*Congressional Gold Medal. Having the President reward people for making sure he gets into power is bad for separation of powers. There is no such conflict if the Congress recognizes people for defending them and the Capitol, though. Both awards are equivalent in prestige. There's absolutely no reason for the executive branch to be involved here.

It was hard to watch. Honestly though, as much as he deserves to be recognized and praised, having his name be public makes me more scared for him. These people are monsters.

Can you link the video?

Dude straight up herded the MAGA fucks like Sheep. Comedians simply cant compete with reality.

It's funny because idiots use this video to say "look how staged it is!" when in fact this dudes life was in danger.

One of the hardest baits I've ever seen in my life.

Holy shit, he is really like a matador in front of dozens of dumb dangerous bulls. The mob mentality is horrifying and so easily manipulated.

Don't call them rioters. Call them terrorists. Call them seditious traitorous sacks of shit. Every single person who supported trump or voted for him in 2016 or 2020 is now complicit in treason and needs to be tried for their crimes. And we all know the punishment for treason. Voting records need to be made public and easily accessible so the trump terrorists can get what they deserve.

Just watching the video I felt scared for him. I can't imagine how he felt in that moment. A true hero.

This guy went through so much abuse. Physical and psychological.

There's something super disturbing and sad about a black officer being in the situation where he knows he can use himself as bait, though.

The leader chaser in the Q Trust the Plan shirt has been arrested in Des Moines, Iowa. He looked less smug in his mugshot. His not-so-smugshot.

Aw, man. When I saw that I was shouting at the TV screen for him to wack 'em and defend himself. I never realized this is what he was doing. This man made a brilliant strategic move.

Wow...I did not realize that's what he did. I would have just shot a few of them, been overrun and likely beaten to death while the mob found it's way to the chamber entrance. Huge balls and incredible forethought under great duress. Hero indeed.

Yes! I watched the video multiple times on the day of, and I admit to being a little disappointed by what *appeared* at first blush to be an abdication of duty, although I also realized there was nothing he was going to be able to ultimately do on his own. Now that I have the whole story or at least whats being presented as the whole story its much more bad-ass, including the occasional stops to make sure they were still with him / still thought they were on the right track.

I did the same thing you did - watched the video and wondered why he kept waiting for them to catch up. Glad to know how wrong I was!

Not only did he save the politicians. It could be argued that he saved some rioters after hearing the story of someone getting shot by security when trying to climb into where the politicians were. In any case he did an amazing job of staying composed in the situation.

Yeah and there was a whole string of neckbeards on here who were critical of him.

That huge mob of thugs. I was terrified for him as he was running up the stairs i kept thinking he was gonna fall and they were going to hurt him. Im glad he was on his feet and is definitely a hero!

Living up to his name. Thank you officer Goodman.

Thats some straight-up blazing saddles shit. ]Where the where women at?]().

I hope he, and many others from that day, get recognized for their bravery. From Officer Goodman to the interns that saved the electoral ballots. Every single one is an American hero, and fuck you if you disagree.

I gotta admit, I watched the video and thought "is this his first day on the job?". Really looked like he was scared and had no idea what he was doing. Makes a lot more sense now.

Brave and smart.

It really was incredible quick thinking to distract them.

So much for Blue Lives Matter. This guy really is a hero.

I guarantee he knew what he was doing. Get his ass to his backup.

Hes a true American patriot.

It looks like he puts the baton down before engaging the crowd. Dudes a legend.

Holy shit. Now that is some smart and quick thinking.

The primary perpetrator isn't in federal custody, he holds the highest federal position as the President of the United States.

He's a badass. Puts his own life at risk, thwarts the mob and tricks them into following him away from the senators and towards backup officers. Brilliant.

Wow you can see his thought process, he looks over and knows they're following him. He's letting them think they have the momentum. Brilliant.

You can see when he gets to that point that he starts backing towards that hallway, realizes that that won't work and changes direction.

The fact they weren't met with a hail of fucking bullets when backup showed up is the outrageous part.

Well intentioned but he'll have a pretty decent retirement pension as a Capitol Police Officer already, and possibly a well deserved bonus after all this. If you still want to donate money send it to an organization focused on social justice or civil rights maybe.

Dude should never have to pay for a meal in DC for the rest of his life. Now if the rest of the cops actually did theyre job maybe the capitol wouldnt have been sacked.

Not to make light of this but it is absurd that the most famous example this year of a cop being a good man has a lastname of goodman and the most famous example of a cop being horrible this year has a last name of chauvin as in chauvinist pig. This is remus lupin levels of obvious character names.

Id gladly chip in to send him and his family on a nice vacation.

Then a cushy Secret Service job hanging out with Jimmy Carter all day.

>bludgeoning him to death with a fire extinguisher *and a flag pole bearing an American flag.* FTFY. A flag pole wielded by the same people who said Black athletes "disrespected the flag" by kneeling during the anthem.

They struck the final few blows, after removing his helmet, with an American flag. Makes me sick to my stomach.

It was disgusting to watch.

He's still the same OG.

Considering he's obviously mid-yell (which will tend to result in a mask getting pulled down by the chin, esp if you have a large/long head) and both of his hands are reasonably occupied, one giving directions and the other preparing to counter the lethal intentions of the crowd, I think in this one instance he gets a pass.

Sad to say, that was the first thing I noticed. lol Covid got me all fucked up in the head at this point I think.

If I was him I wouldn't spare a hand to fix it. I'm sure yelling at the crowd and getting their attention caused it to slip off his nose while he was leading them. I've had that happen but I just pull it back up before it goes too far down. He probably couldn't.

In a different video, I think I saw this same guy get it yanked on by the guy pushing him. I don't think he was too concerned to fix it at this moment.

If theres ever a situation where Im willing to give someone a pass for not fixing their mask, this is it.

I feel like in an emergency situation like this your mind is in fight or flight mode, and given his state of mind no one should be making any judgements about his mask usage.

It was the first thing I noticed, too, but to be fair, light blue on dark skin is much more noticeable and attention-grabbing than on light skin. Its weirdly more noticeable that he has it on improperly than it he didnt have it on at all, or if it was a dark-colored mask. With all of that being said, I hope he doesnt GET COVID from being around all of those morons.

They can be all four.

Starting an even larger scene that close to the senate chambers was not priority, getting them out was. Try and cuff a few then you suddenly have hundreds on top of you. They had no chance of winning that fight.

Their main objective at that point was to get people out as fast as possible.

If the odds are 2 on 1 rioter to cop or worse (worse being 3 to 1) it would be extremely difficult to do so. Depending on the size of the person it could take potentially 2-4 people to cuff 1 person. That leaves a lot of openings for officers to be overpowered quickly.

I agree!

Have you visited that sub anytime recently? It's not very positive on the rioters, FWIW. Or on Trump for that matter.

The highest he can get is the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The Medal of Honor is reserved for the military. Unfortunately, even when facing off against a treasonous mob, hes ineligible for it.

Cops still are complicit in protecting unfit officers. There, ya happy now?

Hey, Im more than happy to praise them when they do the job theyre meant to, and rebuke them when they dont. In this case, a police officer used all of his efforts to protect human life, minimize damage, and uphold the peace. Good on him, in those circumstances. We need more cops that do that, instead of kneeling on peoples necks and shooting them in their sleep. In a broader sense, there has to be a win condition; there has to be something that the police could do which fits the measure of what we demand of them. Otherwise its just blind, baseless, unsatisfiable hatred. There must be a point at which we could call the police honorable once again, and this is at least one such example. Compare it with a couple going though counseling. The counselor will often ask, What could (other person) do that would get them on your good side, again? or something like that. If the answer is, Nothing; I would hate them even on their best behavior, then the relationship can NEVER be repaired.

These cops de-escalated! That's all we've been asking for, for so damn long. These guys actually did it. If only we can get the rest of them on board.

Its almost like there's a difference between good and bad cops.

Celebrate good cops...castigate bad ones. There are definitely good cops and we should absolutely encourage their actions. Conversely there are far too many bad cops and more importantly, other cops and supporters that allow and defend bad cops.

I don't know why you're being downvoted. We went from "all cops are bastards" to "look at this hero". It's a little bit jarring.

Wasn't the side who was against all the BLM protests telling everyone who was yelling "ACAB" to not criticize the good cops and throw them in with all the bad ones? Now that I'm seeing people doing that, recognizing good cops after the Capitol incident, the most popular comments dismissing it all seem to say things on the line of "I tHoUgHt YoU aLl HaTeD cOpS?" It's all about just keeping the arguments alive, isn't it?

Can we just take a moment to giggle at the fact that Trump supporters went from holding cops as heros to being anti-cop?

Its hilarious really. Ive been saying, Jeeze. Maybe All anything is bad is a bad formula for anything because nuance exists. Maybe the fact that theres 18k independent PDs shoes the huge variance in officers. But everytime I said this, Id get downvoted to hell, called all sorts of names and sometimes even banned/temp banned. But now Reddit changed its mind because it serves their overall purpose. Nice. Edit: to those saying its only a handful of people: theres literally a ACAB sub with 35k subs.

Tbh they are closer to rioters than terrorists. They were a bunch of angry morons and once they got in they didn't really know what to do. That's not to say they shouldn't be severely punished. Just that if you were to charge them for terrorism they would probably walk free.

They literally smashed shit and looted offices. One of the domestic terrorists smashed a window and tried to climb through. Thankfully the Ya'll-Quaeda operative got a freedom seed donated to her jugular.

Its almost like generalising is a bad thing.

I thought the right loves cops why'd they beat one to death?

This is why we need to be less polarizing, everything in this country has become radical and black-and-white (few to no grey nuances). Decent people always knew ACAB wasnt true, and that the justice system is as flawed as the humans who uphold it.

Never ever use Blue Lives Matter in a sentence again. The term was invented to attack BLM. They don't care about blue lives. They killed a cop.