Saturday 13th of March 2021


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Fools all the way down.
But which was destroyed, the fool or the fool?
There is always a bigger fool.

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Fool of a Took!

The fool with the higher ground.

Ah, I remember this, where is it from?

The fools to the left of me.

Double the fool twice the foolishness.

Franziska von Karma would love this comment thread.

Yeah they were already doomed since the droid were put in action, without the clone the CIS would have slaughtered them.

At the end of the clone wars series they discover the truth. I believe Yodas exact words were that the clones were clearly loyal to them since theyve risked their lives for the Jedi countless times and the other way around. Regardless of their origins. The Jedi council made the decision to not act upon the knowledge that the sith were responsible since it would put the war into chaos and certainly meant bad news for the clones.

I don't know, Cody and Obi seemed pretty cool. I haven't seen a Jedi being suspicious towards clones.

Youre telling me a galaxy size empire cant build a good standing army? There was only 1.2 million clones. China military is bigger than that and coruscant population alone is about 1 trillion. Youre telling me they couldnt find a few million soldiers on a planet that big?

Ya know. Why was that? The CIS was a collection of hundred's of planets right? How is it that they were able to start a rebellion that was more organized than a government unable to start collecting recruits from a vast endless supply of fodder.

I mean they could just build droids, it seemed to be the standard way to do warfare in the era, with human soldiers being something only the desperate would use.

Of course, they'd have some bad feelings because they are Jedi but clones did nothing outside of what they were trained for. They were servants of the Republic, Republic going corrupt wasn't their problem.

Honestly why not just keep the peace by allowing the separatist to secede and the republic to stay together. The whole reason the war is even fought confused me.

I immediately thought the number of clones was way too small for a galactic war. I imagined battles taking place all over in different planets and in space battles.

They could've probably spent longer than zero seconds investigating the army's origins and composition.

Well he is a bounty hunter so they probably assumed that he was with Dooku on a separate job.

Well I don't know about that the vast majority of the separatist just wanted to be left alone and any time there was peace talks. Palps and Dooku would use terrorism to get them back at each other throat's. If both sides just went and decided to leave each other alone the war wouldn't have happened.

Why didnt the republic have a standing army? You'd think a massive government would have an army or navy at the ready?

No offense but thats pretty fucking dumb. Why not just build one army and take the republic by conquest? Why all these extra steps that require you to install glaringly obvious sleeper agents into your enemys forces?

Then just use the drone army and pay there to not create an army. seems simple enough.

Because from the perspective of the Jedi, why would it really matter? As far as they knew Jango was hired years ago by a rogue, half-mad Jedi master to squat on Kamino and let himself be cloned in order to create a secret army for the Republic, which he would also help train. Then, at some point during his stay on Kamino (quite a few years later, based on Boba's age), he was contacted by Dooku and hired to kill Padme. There's not really an inherent reason to think the two jobs are necessarily connected, and taking a job for Dooku like 10 years later wouldn't really break his contract with "Sifo Dyas" anyway. Jango *is* a pretty successful bounty hunter after all, meaning he would be more than happy to work for anybody on any side so long as the pay was good. Consider a similar scenario in the OT: Han and Leia first encounter Boba when he's working for Vader to hunt them down. Then later Boba takes Han to Jabba and fights them alongside Jabba's thugs at the Sarlacc Pit. But just because both Vader and Jabba hired Boba for (mostly) separate jobs doesn't imply there's any connection between Jabba and Vader.

Because the writing sucks.

Not to mention that the clones were "loyal" to Sideous/Palpatine, they were Loyal to the Republic. If Sideous would have been defeated by Mace Windu, then it's possible the Jedi would have never been massacred.

The og.

Sounds like youve seen through the lies of the Jedi.


Because they fought on Kamino, and Boba was there as well as they where fighting. Jango even yelled out to boba when Obi-wan ran up on to the platform in hearing distance "Boba get onboard".