Saturday 17th of June 2023

GM Friends! -- Have a Great Weekend!

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Deputy Royce James will guest tonight OnPatrolFirstShift. Email your questions
, OnPatrolFirstShift starts NOW, only on ReelzChannel.
, here's your lineup for the evening!
June marked anniversary establishment Miranda rights. what year were Miranda rights established?
took Spanish audio lessons mere week's vacation Cancun. wanna LIVE here? Learn fuckin' language. Italians, French, Polish, Germans Japanese they
He's medium size mutt.
What kind it? it aint chichuahua.
domestic Fullerton,
Dep. Dylan needs Spanish speaking cameraman! That will solve language barrier!
Here's your Hour Weather Report.
Abrams, attorney, will surprised learn that don't have speak English operate toaster car,
some Fullerton coming with domestic. These always touchy situations.
Its great when you already have your family tree set up.
These apartments in Fullerton look so depressing.
On to Fullerton.
Just second week Fullerton recognized alley.
I'll always give Amen
Msybe we shoupd all chip in and get the Deputy some spanish lessons! Or even better we can all get BabbelUSA to come sponsor!
What episode! were only hour
Okay little disappointed that Emeril commercial didn't with "you're gonna like Cook, guarantee it".
gonna lie, visiting pulled over him, start speaking another language. might with warning.
First hour trends OPLive trending number
Jaxson makes arrest despite taking several punches, sends suspect doghouse Frigging punk know worst part, far. Jaxson reported
Looks great.
Team Fullerton makes an appearance.
Alright California here
Time for the happy dance!
family lived Texas. What they teach Spanish class they speak Every language poor grammar folks.
such awesome crew, production included, Daytona think crush little more Galbreath each time ride along with lets keep riding with ending stops with Daytona favorites.

thats helpful all.
Face Slimming Exercises Chubby Cheeks Product link: ---------- faceslimming faceslimmingbelt BelleCollective.
Pets: Lifes apology for every crummy day ever. DaytonaBchPD.
cool this comradery from OPLive officers cool!!
thank you.
Commercial time fun.
going need future update woman shot Beech Grove. Hope recover from that.
Fmr. Needs Help can, please help lead moderator Mark wife, Marks PTSD service Juno. They still desperately need help. Thank you! OnPatrolLive OPLive OPNation Help Angelica Mark, Disabled Facing Eviction.

Emeril oven making hungry. could couple burgers now.
Here you go.
And we are back!!
Watch for my nye desert painting coming soon...
Hello everyone. Hello ShawnPatrolLive. here tonight still recovering from vacation will tweeting much. Have great night. Hopefully will more active tomorrow night.
Hell yes!!! OPLive OPLiveNation OPNation OnPatrolLive GoPack!
Daytona pulled over because looked like someone else...
theres thing have PLENTY into this show attitude. Sheesh.
Damn, picked wrong one. made special DeputyLee_BCSO. OpLive OnPatrolLive OpNation.
single man, that commercial stings bit. Just saying.
That awesome! wish knew much love all! This best show everX.
Night alone... hmmmm.. what trouble in... went dinner water, came back decompress next days! OnPatrolNation ReelzChannel OfficialOPLive OPLive Better together. V.

Almost home oplive. Just finishing this beer some spicy rigatoni with meatballs fresh Mozzarella.
gonna probably late tomorrow. Will eventually here.
People that when they find deaf! I'm like "wow, never thought about trying that before!!!!"
Way back when, before my mother could enter the United States, she had to prove she had mastery of the English language.
Ancestry good gift anyone. ours done couple years ago. Pretty interesting stuff. even connected with cousin London.
Dont know
That looks good!
Im sure theres better apps. Clearly they need something.
Oh yeah!!! Love it!!
Steroids have some awful side effects. glad wont need take them...
minutes were
Berkeley County PLEASE Dylan some Spanish lessons least Rosetta Stone?
detective Galbreath single??? asking friend asking MYSELF lol.
think woman that Wayfair commercial actually makes Kelly Clarkson jump.
Love talks louder thats going help. LoL.
I've issues with that too! Sometimes tweets from days ago! Dunno what's going
either English speaking folks calls with dogs DeputyLee_BCSO hahahaha. Poor guy!
Is it fair to say were all crackheads...and probably drunk as well...
Indeed, need some prays this lady.
Commercial fun.
Thats probably funny think that maybe people just know pull that card with him.
sure hope something.
Kendra youre right stable.
Just cooperate if you didnt do anything.
Gosh those Wayfair very annoying. will never from them!
Hopefully! But ya know she went right back to him!!! .
Abigail watching with me tonight.
Deputy Lee! Just google translate.
This want throat punch.
Great first hour. really flew though.
"There ain't reason stay We'll light years away We could just them lights"Tiesto can't"The cops.
wanna Danny!
You're trending.
Here Twitter give back check mark!
Screw diet it's OPLive party kids!
guess "moped" just means "scooter" now. Pity, useful have different words things make distinctions. increasing intellectual laziness can't handle that.
That looks delicious.
Dep Lee needs Babble in several languages ASAP!
thought same thing when that. Hope will
Says "Look Momma it's GUNS" SgtMarcusBooth *** He's missed buddy. Good tonight. STAY SAFE THERE.
Poor Dillon always ends this situation Licensia??
Tonight's episode full sentences never thought hear, like consent being innocent until proven guilty." Um...what?
Dylan Needs.
They seem that lot, like scream loudest.
Over here like.
Fund some classes.

What You Really Think

Good morning Vet and Bear. Early morning zoomies are the best. -.

Bear, my gosh I can see the dirt flying in the air. Have a really nice day!

GM Vet and Bear!

You have a blessed weekend also V.

GM cute buddy!!

Good morning.

Good morning!


GM Bear and Vet - looking forward to the weekend. Headed up to Lake Tahoe to escape the Texas heat.

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Great action shot!

GM! Enjoy the weekend!!

Gm! Storms here and the power is out again. . Hoping for a good weekend.