Monday 15th of February 2021

Today in Mauritius People Took The Streets in Opposition Led Demos Demanding That Govt Step Down- Citing Alleged Corruption And Lack of Transparency on Part of The Govt. (Video: Defimedia).

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Images (sent to me) seen on Yangon Myanmar streets today as anti-military protesters continue to voice their opposition after 2 weeks since military took control of the country, detaining AungSanSuuKyi. Her detention is due to expire tomorrow Feb 15.

A key characteristic of fascism is the violent suppression of opposition in attempt to consolidate power. That's exactly what Trump is guilty of.
Israeli PM Netanyahu claims not to be worried at all, not the slightest tiny bit, that Biden still hasn't called him. Biden's opposition to such abusive practices as Netanyahu's settlements could be part of the reason for Biden not yet having reached out.

Your complete lack of empathy for those you serve and the narcissistic tendencies you display demonstrate you are not fit to lead the people of Victoria.The level of incompetence I have seen from this government and its opposition defies belief.

Time is running out to resolve an impasse with imprisoned Ethiopian opposition leaders including Jawar_Mohammed, whove spent almost three weeks without food, according to Mr. Jawars lawyer.
Senate Chairman- Walid Iqbal PTI Deputy Chairman- Saeed Hashmi (BAP) Leader of The House: Saifullah Niazi Opposition Leader: Sherry Rehman.
Like the farmer laws, all opposition opposed the removal of Article 370, threaten the country, but the development of J&K is going on at a rapid pace, which the MPs of the PDP themselves are praising Indian are in favor of developed India,not leader's family development.

Kosovo opposition party set to win parliamentary vote: Exit poll.
No doubt Bruce would see his support for Ramaphosa as being the best of a bad bunch as a bulwark against the rise of a dangerous Zuma faction in cahoots with the EFF. What he fails to realise (the historical comparison notwithstanding) is that the combined opposition constitute.

Elites can do whatever they want, anything. No opposition. They've been so emboldened by their successes they aint gonna stop.
Canadians are exhausted. They need hope. They need to see an end to the restrictions. Many are thinking about suicide. So the leader of the opposition tweets out no end in site for lockdowns because politicking is his priority They dont care about us. Not one of them.

The pro Irish Nationalist Irish News today gives massive promotion to Simon Hoare MP, Chairman of the NI Affairs Ctte, for his opposition to a land link between NI and GB. Time of members of the Committee demanded that its Chairman should issue statements which have Ctte approval.

Supporting opposition.
Sure if that opposition was Jim jeffords.
Trump has still not conceded is basically running shadow opposition operation will absolutely undermine harm Biden admin at every possibility using domestic terrorists, connections with world leaders he established intel he acquired more lies. Hes extremely dangerous!

Now this is the last 7 days left for the season to end. Now dont think that RahulVaidya will be 2nd so our vote cant change it. Because opposition yahi chahte h that hum under confident hoke jyda vote na kre But remember only votes can make a diference. DM me 4 multiple votings.

Anyone who has anti-national thoughts must be eradicated: Anil Vij on Disha Ravis arrest.
Weve believed the freedom of speech, freedom of expression and basic human rights in this 21st century. Now the Military is taking all away because were against their COUP. As they do so,our OPPOSITION against their coup act will be nothing but STRONGER.

The job of the opposition is to hold the government to account not be cheerleaders.
The guy on the left pictured below, arrested by police 4 breaching bail in connection with anti-lockdown protests...looks to b m8s with that vic opposition leader...whatever his name is... LNPCrimeSyndicate & LNPCrimeFamily r so spot-on.

VnulbLove is stronger than fear: today, a peaceful protest in Russia. In Moscow, 230 women made a human chain, chanting Freedom to political prisoners! Over 10,000 arrested and all opposition leaders in jail or under house arrest.

Faction in the NCP in Kerala on Today formally joined the opposition Congress-led UDF. Kappan would soon announce a new political party to officially become a constituent in the UDF. He quit the LDF in protest against the state LDF leadership.

"Brexit is bringing havoc. But government wont talk about it. The opposition dare not mention it. The rightwing press wont cover it. And broadcasters fear they will be damned as biased if they admit it." Me in the Observer on a land of make-believe.

Opposition Parties have always existed. None have been as irresponsible as the current ones. They criticise everything. They don't want police, courts etc to do their work. The unabashed support to law-breakers is a dangerous trend.

I want my vaccine & Im willing to wait. I want out of this pandemic & then I want an election. I want to see the Cons voted out of existence. Because in my entire 63 years, Ive never seen a worse opposition party then we have right now. This pandemic showed who they really are.

When an opposition leader starts to make positive headlines on state sponsored media houses, its a signal of betrayal of the people.
264. INCIndia workers during the time of the Rajiv Gandhi govt THRASHED a professor, blackened his face, got him ARRESTED, all for posing the factual exam question: "Which AIR station broadcast the sentence - Rajiv Gandhi Chor Hai?" (h/t rahulroushan).

"Democratic" socialism is a fairy tale. Under socialism, the rulers own the means of production and determine every man's income. Political opposition would be deprived of any resources. "Democratic" socialism would quickly lead to a one-party dictatorship.

Nice to see you practicing the role of the official opposition.
For those insisting Trudeau cannot reveal the delivery schedule of the vaccines coming to Canada without violating vaccine contracts, Trudeau said Friday he will do so 'soon', but his MPs were filibustering opposition efforts to release them. Even Trudeau says it's not illegal.

Problem with the opposition is that they just rant they have nothing tangible to offer and no solution they can talk about, they just rant and people don't like ranting. Current government is not the best but definitely a most better alternative than what we have at the moment.

If the gems of INCIndia can't hit the road over rising fuel prices then frankly they don't even deserve to sit in the parliament as an opposition.
They are not able to ban ISIS pages. ISIS is a terrorist organization. and you are talking about they will ban politicians. and with Donald Trump, no one was happy because he was responsible for capitol hills issue. where 26 January opposition is responsible.

Point is it should have been far far lower. LPG prices are tagged to global crude. Crude in Jan 2014 was around $102, (yes! that was the price when then opposition was doing drama sitting on streets with empty cylinders!) & now it's just abt $60.

Please do not misconstrue the criticism being levelled at Leigh Sales as being due to her gender. In my view at least, this is nothing to do with her being a female journalist and everything to do with disproportionate attacks on Labor, whether they be in govt or opposition.

She, in 2018, said: "I Just Dont Even Know Why There Arent Uprisings All Over The Country".. UPRISING: an act of opposition, sometimes using violence, by many people in one area of a country against those who are in power (synonym: INSURRECTION).

CDC director warns states in opposition to losing masks mandates amid worry about Covid mutations ...
Taking on the opposition on his own.
Profoundly shocked watching GlennBBC piece tonight. BBC appears to be following an SNP narrative that the inquiry has become 'politicised' in an attempt to discredit it. No opposition politicians interviewed. We are 81 days from an election.

Brexit has happened! Where are the opposition parties? Where are the words from them to oppose, unite, guide,comfort & support? We are deafened by the silence. It is down to each & everyone of us to oppose this corrupt & criminal government. A handful of corrupt politicians.

Belarus federation belarusff is trying to bar pro- opposition krumkachy from high league after GorodeyaFC was hit by lack of funds. Fans of Krumkachy will appeal to UEFA & FIFAcom saying sporting principle was not met by authorities.

TheHolyGhosth AFailz KarmaBurma We have Galileo persecuted for his belief, bruno getting burned , even Kepler , darwin faced lot of opposition due to heresey.
Actually opposition looks to be in desperate mode, trying for any and everything. They have gone down to opposing everything, irrespective of merit/demerit. Some very obvious actions like Disha's arrest been opposed. Who is the Political advisor of INCIndia ?

Caption: Photograph of Julian Bond being denied his seat in the Georgia legislature because of his opposition to the Vietnam War, January 1966, (: ).
This rising from their knees includes a secret nerve agent programme in violation of the Chemical Weapons Convention used as part of domestic and foreign assassination programmes targeting dissident, opposition figures and critics of the Russian government.

My problem with Dark Knight is that it can be viewed as an allegory in support of Bush's "War on Terror", especially Alfred's reflections to Batman, where opposition to the powerful in society can be reduced to "evil" by making it like the Joker, and justifying all violence.

I will participate the peaceful big rally called by the frm presidents & opposition leaders HESharifShAhmed HassanSMohamud AAbdishakur on 19 Feb. demanding peaceful power transfer by frm President.
India is now further pressurising twitter to hide accounts of majority of Opposition Leaders and Farmer Protest leaders from Twitter India.
Shelf Life of the Opposition's issue Days Issues 70 CAA 35 Migrant 20 Galwan clashes 20 GDP 25 Neet/JEE 25 Hathras 59 Farm Protests Indian opposition changes issues like a dog changes bone. Seems like DishaRavi is their new Bone.

"Article 370 and 35A were temporary provisions. The Opposition forgets the word temporary because of its vote bank politics": Union Home Minister AmitShah in Lok Sabha.
Not too long ago, Labor was calling out negative gearing and the CGT discount as tax subsidies that benefit the wealthiest Australians and are skewed to high income earners. Turns out they are an opposition in name only.

Condition of Pitch and EVM is same in India, when opposition is about to lose they start criticizing them.
Who had launched own media house in Bharat? Pappus people party. English dailies all over Bharat & where made mistake that only 10% reading in those times or even less. Now, ruling party/alliance too have inclined media & why is Bharat opposition complaining now? "Anti India".

If you followed or watched Ashwin YouTube channel - he always want to dominate opposition spinners, the way he played Lyon and playing Leach, Moeen, Bess - it clearly shows that.
The leader of the opposition!
Petroleum prices at a record high. There is no sign of any opposition staging a protest. This is where the opposition is also ceasing to function. Modi Bhakts are busy dreaming about the Hindu Rashtra and Ram Temple fund collection. This country has gone to the dogs.

It is a concerning trend among NZers that many want the Opposition to shut up, support the Govt and just let them get on with whatever they want to do. This is exceedingly dangerous thinking. Having the ability to freely express opposition lies at the heart of democracy.

MashAllah! Just tell them not to be immoral, & always abusive reply with reason. Others are also humans. Political opposition must not be immoral.
The biggest irony is that Putins regime would collapse if it werent for HIS western backers. If only the Russian opposition had pipeline deals with Berlin, IPOs in London, and real estate in Miami.
Please look at video where he spoke with opposition leaders after that incident.
Clearly you are threatening and encouraging violence against any opposition. You are no different than Hitler and his forces.
Kosovo: Opposition leader declares victory in elections.
Fuse arrives in Season 8, and hes packing plenty of things that go boom. Pick apart the opposition with the lever-action 30-30 Repeater, explore an obliterated Kings Canyon, look out for all-new Gold Magazines, and more. Master the mayhem starting Feb 2.

Opposition is telling us that our game is over but let me tell them that our game is on. Be ready. Tell mothers to keep their children under control if they want to see their faces after polls. We're civilised & follow law but it doesn't mean that we're weak: DilipGhosh(14.02).

The record created by Ronnie de Mel by presenting 11 Budgets without a break was equalled by PresRajapaksa with a break in 2020. Ronnie de Mel laid the foundation to the open economy & capitalism during the 1st Budget speech in 1977 & was faced with a great deal of opposition.

You are mistaken people dont want youth like Disha it's congress and all opposition parties who need them to keep the agitation alive.
2 'FAILED' impeachments says more about the opposition, desperate to protect their gravy train .
The opposition are very much responsible in their calls to protect Somalia's fragile democracy. COVID is here to stay, the rest of the world are learning to manage and live with it. Let it not be an excuse to undermine our democracy. The era of dictatorship is over.

Today in Mauritius people took the streets in opposition led demos demanding that Govt step down- citing alleged corruption and lack of transparency on part of the govt. (Video: defimedia).
Feel sad about opposition that they have to lean on others to get traction in their politics. Failed people are now telling this Govt is scared. Height of stupidity but then what else can one expect from Congress.

PM with his back to opposition Laughing Rorting and shutting down debate is funny apparently He has to go.

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I hope one day Tanzania will stand for there freedom because what happens is horrible with government denial if Cov19 is really and people's are dying because no proper awareness.

Kenya when!!

Shall never happen in SA... we too glued to our phones.

Mauritius again ...

This is the country where African economic saboteurs and thieves hide their loot. It's success is rooted in African corruption. It is a hub of money laundering.

And we sit on our hands and tweet and pray!!!


The extent to which nobody cares anymore... is alarming.

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