Monday 11th of May 2020


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Little Richard was an explosive performer who inspired generations of musicians from Otis Redding to The Beatles to David Bowie. He died Saturday morning at 87.
Little Richard sold more than 30 million records worldwide, and his influence on other musicians was equally staggering, from the Beatles and Otis Redding to Creedence Clearwater Revival and David Bowie.

Little Richard s singular influence on the history of rock and popular music was perhaps unparalleled. He was a direct influence on artists like David Bowie, Prince, Jimi Hendrix, Otis Redding and countless others.

Im interested to see whether or not Otis win is a plot device. Im not so sure hell be a legit contender for the title. I think the MITB match is for singles championships, though.
Review. REY MYSTERIO PASSES AWAY! Alister Black Dies. Otis Win.
If AJ Styles challenge Otis for the Briefcase the match happen then Dolph Ziggler cost Otis the match and AJ win the Briefcase thatll be good i hope that happens.
To WWE, Asuka, Dana, Carmella, Shayna, not you Nia, Lacey, Rey, Daniel Bryan, AJ Styles, not you Corbin, Aleister, Otis, the cleaner, Doink, Brother Love & Vince, Thank you for an hour of absolute laughter. Wow.

Otis winning has pissed people off and I for one find it beyond beautiful.
I didnt expect Otis to win, if wwe wasnt scripted then Aj or Aleister should had won. And Shayna should have won for the womens side.
So some obese dude named Otis can be main eventing but a legit bad ass & great wrestler like and a superb talent like can t even sniff a title shot. I hate and hope both these guys leave for.
just wait until otis cashes in on roman and becomes the universal champion, i bet you on that.
I m on Team Mandy & Otis all the way. Who wants to be on team nobody I mean Sonya & Dolph.
And Otis won.
I fell asleep and didnt catch the ladder matches. I guess Otis being Mr. Money In The Bank is going to be an ongoing goof angle. I like Otis but hes not going to be the next big thing so why waste it on him?

E o novo Mr. Money in the OTIS!
Two things ... is everything and is Otis that s your boy.
Oh my god!!! OTIS has won Money in the Bank!!!!!!!!!!
Since is Mr. now will challenge him for his and Otis will unfortunately loose it. Dolph will successfully cash it and once again become or.
[] It s a tough topic to talk about. But it s a necessary one. If people don t enjoy it, then I m sorry. But I feel like it s important to talk about. And I never blamed Otis for anything. I just used him as a comparison.

But does Otis have any type of championship?
Unpopular Opinion: I need commentators on these movie style matches. & Michael Cole on this woulda just added to it. Or Mauro. And unless he uses it on the Tag i just didnt like it.
I hope I m not the only one ok with Otis winning, he s been so entertaining and has been super popular with the crowds for months now so I feel this is a nice reward for him, and besides it s something different and he can do alot of entertaining skits with the contract.

how can some people be upset Otis won.
OTIS with the Back shots. Awwww Yeeeaaaahhhh.
I know they wanted to be unpredictable with Otis but you have AJ, Daniel, Black in that match. Black is an amazing wrestler. His NXT run was so amazing! How arent they using him at all:/.
WWE once again pulls the trigger at the wrong time could of made carmella the next cm Punk by having her win the match 2x then have Rey have one last go as wwe champion down the road I love the asuka decision but Otis not so much.

Doesn t feel like Otis will get to cash in. Maximum pathos for a Mr Kennedy-style situation where a dastardly heel nicks it off him.
Isnt Otis god tier for you?
Just a guess, but I think Otis gets tricked into putting his briefcase on the line against Ziggler and thats when Mandy shows her true colors and turns on him.
Otis Says He Will Only Use The Money In The Bank Briefcase To "Cash-In" On Tag Team Champions.
And that MITB was an absolute meme fest. And Otis won, like, seriously, who saw that one coming, interested to see what they do with him, my money would be on him failing the cash in, but, my money wouldnt have been on him winning anyway, so what do I know.

The E is for Entertainment ... and that was ENTERTAINING AF!! What did you think of ?? Talk tomorrow on ya think they listen? OTIS GO!!
Me after Otis won.
Otis won the money in the bank.
If AJ Styles challenge Otis for the Briefcase thatll be good i hope that happens.
Yep. AJ unhooked the case was fighting over it with someone else (think it was Corbin) while on the ladder and it fell into Otis hands making him the winner. Id recommend going to watch the match ASAP it was tremendous.

I still can t believe Otis won MITB.
If there was a fucking crowd for the money in the bank match YOU PEOPLE WOULDNT BE COMPLAINING THAT OTIS WON THE DAMN BRIEFCASE, Holy shit people. This was really awesome! FOR FUCK SAKE PEOPLE.
very wholesome & would totally make sense but giving the opportunity for fucking otis to be world champion only for him to not take it is so major blueballing i dont think i can recover from.
One last thought. If Otis doesnt turn his Money in the Bank briefcase into a lunchbox, its a missed opportunity.
I really enjoyed the show but I was shocked about Otis winning MITB.
People before : PUSH OTIS TO THE MOON! People after : No, that s too much.
Otis Redding hits different during quarantine Otis Redding- Cigarettes and Coffee.
That sure is a nice Universal Championship opportunity you ve got there, Otis. Would be a real shame if someone were to ruin.
Your allowed to dislike it sure Im not saying that I personally think its silly because for yrs fans want them to push someone new and they when they do it gets crapped on happend to Roman happened to Seth now Otis I mean what more do we want?

Ok so let s see, Black hasn t done anything since the rivalry with AJ, Mysterio needs to win it for one last good run, Otis has Mandy and tuck for tag titles, Corbin is Corbin, AJ need is to anything, DB has Drew for yah titles, who else.

I figured they would push Tucker before Otis. "Swerve, bro.".
Quick recap. Otis is Mr. Money in the Bank by catching the briefcase, apparently. Baron Corbin needs to lay low for a while as hes probably wanted for the murders of Aleister Black and Rey Mysterio.
Enrik is the Otis chilensis.
Aj like threw it to OTIS lol.
I just want to state that WWE has made a HUGE mistake by allowing Otis to win the . That should have been ME. I deserved that briefcase. Im the one that has worked my literal ass off in this business! This will not stand.

Don t get me wrong I love Otis. But he s not a main event guy IMO.
RT if youre happy to see Otis as the winner for the men!
Agree Otis is not a main eventer.
Well at least Corbin didnt win lol. I thought they did a good job of it since doing it in the building was unusual. Thought Shayna was going to win but Asuka was a good choice as well. I want Asuka to dethrone Bayley. Otis and Braun would be a good match. Im liking Drew as champ.

This is the first time WWE has given the briefcases to the two most popular wrestlers in either division. People love Asuka. People love Otis. I cannot complain.
WWE Money In The Bank 2020.
No idea why I never started listening to Suicide Boys about two years ago or sumn.
Only if Otis wears a g string.
When he was in NXT, and I would legit fawn over Otis on damn near a daily basis. Now look. LOOK AT OUR KING.
So Otis really won the ok.
please get back from Otis.
Oh YEA Good job otis.
Wait did Otis actually win the MITB?
Poor Rey! I love you and Otis, but Dammmm.
Not a fan of Otis but I figured someone from SD would win bc Asuka won for Raw.
NO WAY!!! LMFAO!!! I am not exaggerating when I say I yelled out loud "WHAT?" -- when I saw AJ drop the and Otis caught it.
at best this is going to really help otis momentum. putting the tag teams onto the scene AND probably building into mandy s eventual heel turn.
The great thing about not watching wrestling in a long time is falling in love with a new wrestler. Otis, you are that guy.
Congratulations Otis you deserve it.
Mandy would be the successful cash-in. I mean is Otis so over they re going to let him win the title?
Apparently plans to cash in on the tag team titles. I could dig that. Attaboy, Otis! 2020 Money In The Bank winner!
Otis is the best choice! What you mean?!
Idk why people are saying it would be a waste for Otis to cash in for the tag titles. It would be a waste for someone to try to cash in on Mcintyre or Braun/potentially The Fiend.
Time to go to bed. MITB was fun. Bray proving hes a legend yet again and Braun also having a good showing. Happy Asuka won. Genuinely didnt expect Otis to win. Would have wanted Black to win but its whatever. Ill see what they do with Otis.

They better have Otis keep steaks and donuts in the briefcase.
...jealous and costing him or something with Mandy, I think failing his cash-in would actually suit Otis s character very nicely. If he succeeds and wins the belt, cool, but either way there s lots of fun ways to go about it. Otis and Braun will literally cause an earthquake.

And another thing, I honestly think that Otis will fail his cash-in. And I m okay with that. It won t be like a Sandow or Corbin situation where they were actually taken serious as eventual world title material, I love Otis but he s just not that. Whether it s Tucker.

I heard Otis may cash in on the New Day lol.
If I had to choose between McIntyre or Braun for Otis to cash-in no doubt in my mind it should be Braun. There s not really any intrigue for an Otis/Drew match, what would you build that on? Otis vs. Braun would be an easy write-up, it s Hoss vs. Hoss.

Otis, my man!
why y all so stressed abt otis winning the mitb briefcase? it s not like he s challenging for a world title? he s probably going to have a comedic run with it for the tag titles/failed cash.
WOW!!!!!!! Didn t expect Otis to win, but congratulations!!
Otis finna be.
All yall crying about Otis winning are the reason WWE usually sucks.
I said yesterday my ultimate dream would be Asuka and Otis. The boyhood dream has come true.
Whats!! Otis !! :v Money In The bank.
Fan of Otis or him cashing on the tag belts? Or both? I know it s both for Stephanie here.
Every domestic enjoyment depends on the unimpaired possession of civil and religious liberty." We cannot be happy without being free. Such a great reminder from Mercy Otis Warren, "the Conscience of the American Revolution".

So did.

What You Really Think

It was absolutely brilliant, people will complain about anything.

McIntyre vs Rollins was a homerun. R-Truth vs Lashley was pretty entertaining. Cant recall if there was another main card match aside from the MITB ladder matches. I wasnt feeling those for the most part, but there were some solid moments, and towards the end, I was hooked.

Great main event. I enjoyed it. Lmao.

So, now what happens to Tucker Knight and the tag team Heavy Machinery?

Honestly, had no idea it was.

For you to be positive about the finish gives me hope. I hate todays fans so much. Im a big Otis fan.

Didn t talk about the stunts off the top at all????

Very entertaining! I enjoyed it and had four kids watching that thought it was the greatest match ever . It is supposed to be fun, right?

They should take forms of that and use it in other MITB matches going forward.

It actually was far from entertaining.

Good show but Takers Last Ride was better!

Wrestling fans are the worst.

Glad won. Surprised that won, but its a nice surprise. And trying to stop Asuka from getting the briefcase when he couldve got his own reinforces how much of a prick he is. Im glad she booted him off the ladder.

Overall PPV was decent, Otis winning the contract was awesome.

Loved it and the cameos! They kept a PPV to under three hours! I was kinda sad, but was well entertained! Glad I was wrong about Baezler winning!

Why Raw and SDL have low ratings.

It was a thumbs up show. Entertaing with the lashley mvp truth segment. was entertaing. And great wrestling from seth and drew.

You think Otis will go for the tag titles?

I did not see an Otis win coming at all, but I absolutely love it! Im also good with Auska winning. The boot to Corbin was so funny.

C- the two championship matches were great & continued to build stories. The mib match was entertaining but in didnt like the Otis win. Can he be the long shot? Yes but is that going to happen? Is Otis a world champion? No, right now hes a two bit comedy act. Garbage.

Well, I wanted the WWE to surprise I will say the result of the Mens Money in the Bank was surprising to.

For all the marks trashing this PPV, thanks for watching it!!! I m sure VKM and the greatly appreciates it!!!

Otis is a legit amateur wrestler of note and think he can evolve into a real big deal it booked right. Hes silly now but in reality hes a monster. This could be great!!!

I miss the live audience but the WWE did a great job in being creative. The McIntyre versus Rollins match was great and the movie like ladder matches was great entertainment.

PPV was a C at best. Glad to see Asuka win though!

Otis is our lord and savior.

Loved it. Most entertaining MITB match ever.

As I said in an earlier tweet. Two HUGE thumbs up! Great PPV with one of the most entertaining Main Event matches ever.

Great PPV!! Ended so fast tho.

Seems it was hit or miss woth people. Personally I didnt care for it. Honestly only enjoyed drew vs Seth. But to each there own.

Absolutely hilarious MITB match, it did what it was supposed to do and thats entertain us. I laughed the whole way through and it was badly needed in these hard times, so it gets a solid thumbs up from me.

Horrible show and they made it worse by giving the case to a guy nobody believes has a shot in hell at either title. What a waste. They had over a month to pre-tape the show and that s the best they can do? How far this company has fallen. No commentary on the ladder match?

Loved that finish. Poor Tucky though, Otis may as well kick him through a babershop.

Best catch in WWE! Go Otis!

I feel a huge disappointment at the wrestling I met. If you want to see entertaining it is the option but it is no longer wrestling. Wheres the Real pro Wrestling ???

Definitely listened about.

Solid PPV all around. Proves more isnt always better! That PPV was about 2 and a half hours and was entertaining! MITB match itself was fun.

There is no way anyone could could say I m a bad wrestling fan if didn t like the PPV because I am still watching wrestling. the majority of wrestling fans stopped watching by now.

Asuka definitely deserves it Otis not yet way too soon.

You said, it was entertaining. Couple real good matches (McIntyre-Rollins, SD Tag Title match) and really fun MITB match. Solid PPV.

I thought it was one of the worst ppvs I have seen in a long time.

I watched the end about 10 times I suare that I think Aj was supposed to win, but Corbin flubbed the fall and the briefcase fell out of Aj hands and Otis was just at the right spot accidently. Is that what happened or a flubbed ending???

LOVED it!! Loves these produced matches like , boneyard match, and Firefly funhouse match! Give me more of that!!

It was a fun watch. Loved the Seth and Drew match.

Love Otis but can t see him as IC Champ let alone Universal Champion. Far too soon.

Wasnt great but wouldnt say it sucked, could have been so much more. Just see Otis lossing to Dolph.

Was definitely entertaining for what they had to work with.

I predict WWE losing more audience members to AEW, Impact, and ROH. Programming and PPV have reached all time lows.

I thought the mitb ladder match was funny and entertaining and although Im happy Asuka won ...I dont know about Otis winning and possibly becoming champion if and when he cashes in.

Good and fun. I liked both MITB matches (minus the food fight. I detest wasting food and its really in poor taste right now, but know other people like food fights so to each their own). The Vince spot was gold. The AJ/Taker stuff too. I love Asuka winning.

How can anyone not enjoy this surprise.

I cant remember the last time I thoroughly enjoyed every single match from Tonight was awesome! Head to toe.

Well see if Otis gets a title run theyre listening if not same ol same ol lol.

The matches were like watching a holiday edition of RAW. Complete with food fight and a restroom appearance. Just awful.

Hell yeah! While the match itself wasnt my favorite, the outcome got me top pop like I nothing else has in a long time. Super happy for Otis. Asuka should have a great run with the briefcase as well.

Why King Corbin didnt just grab the briefcase when he and Asuka were on the ladder has me flustered when it comes to the main event.

Askua was a great pick to win the women s match. She deserves it. But Otis is a great shocker. He has a whole year to develop his character better and cash in. Take your time big fella.

I enjoyed it. Drew/Seth was good. The main event was fun.


Blown away. I plan on calling in 2morrow.

That was the worst thing I have ever seen.

Loved it every damn second of it.

Haha Vince pay you to say that E for Embarrassment on a whole for the ppv.! This won t be happening it & when crowds are back.

The highlight of the night!

Get the W.

Waste of money in the bankyou damn good and well they qont put the strap on him!

Im ok with Want to see how this plays out.

Im happily surprised lol. I wanted black to win but Im not up set at all about that ending lol.

It was awesome! Kids & I loved it!