Wednesday 5th of May 2021

Facebook's Oversight Board Upholds Trump's Ban. The Ex-president WILL NOT be Coming Back to Facebook ... Today. FOB Says Facebook Has to "review The Matter" Within 6 Months.

Social Media Says

Board upheld Facebooks decision January suspend then-President Trump from Facebook Instagram. Trumps posts during Capitol riot severely violated Facebooks rules encouraged legitimized violence.

Facebooks Oversight Board upheld social networks decision former president Trump four months after Capitol riot.
Tomorrow, Facebook's pseudo sorry supreme court Oversight Board decides whether Trump given back keys Facebook account. Whichever this plays, it's disaster democratic accountability.

Facebook's Oversight Board says they were right suspend Trump because violated their rule "prohibiting praise support people engaged violence." Last year, nearly entire media Democratic Party praised people engaged most costly riots history.

have been impeached once, twice, then have your from Facebook upheld oversight board, just incredibly impressive. else could have done that. Congrats former guy.

don't know oversight board facebook them consider reinstating Trump after years disinformation lies culminating traitorous that resulted violence death completely unacceptable.

While Oversight Board made right call today, lets clear: this stunt, policy enforcement. shouldn't have taken insurrection Facebook understand effects misinfo hate their platform. fact, weve been sounding alarm years.

Facebook's Trump Upheld Oversight Board.
Former President Trump's Facebook upheld Oversight Board.
Wah, waah, waah, it's fair, says Junior, crying bigly MAGA tears!
Does anyone else wonder how its gotten so far that we have been waiting with bated breath for an entity called the Facebook Oversight Board to pronounce its views?
Facebook's Oversight Board upheld social network's former President Trump, said indefinite wrong gave Facebook months either Trump permanently, reinstate suspend specific period time.

people rejoice! It's good already!
WHEW! Oversight Board just ruled that Facebook continue block former guy...for another months. Hopefully he'll indicted then.
Facebooks Trump stay place, says Oversight Board.
UPDATE: Facebook's Oversight Board temporarily upheld Trump's suspension from Facebook Instagram called indefinite suspension 'inappropriate.' Conservatives have long claimed social media bias against them. recent report says there's evidence support that.

Guaranteed increase Trumps popular support. Agree? From Newsmax Facebook Board Upholds Trump Orders Review.
Facebook's Trump Upheld Oversight Board OPINION: Facebook themselves appointing journalists activists make Free Speech decision themselves stacked Kangaroo Court. Free Speech being violated!

panel said company wrong impose indefinite said Facebook months either Trump permanently time limit suspension.
Censoring President Trump continues Facebook Twitter violation 1stAmedment guaranteed Constitution. Congress must take action censorship company doing business America! Comply w/our Constitution GONE PERIOD!

Donald Trump remains banned from Facebook after today's decision from companys oversight board. exactly What they paid? What know about their processes? experts TONIGHT.

shock anyone. President Donald Trump will continue banned from Facebook.
Facebook's Oversight Board rules keep Trump effect: "The Board found that, maintaining unfounded narrative electoral fraud persistent calls action, Trump created environment where serious risk violence possible.".

"The Board upheld Facebooks decision January 2021, restrict then-President Donald Trumps access posting content Facebook page Instagram account," Oversight Board says.
Facebook oversight board upholds Trumps suspension.
Facebook's quasi-independent Oversight Board upholding former President Donald Trump's suspension from Facebook Instagram.
Donald Trump will remain Facebook after ruling from Oversight Board, quasi-independent board says company must reassess indefinite suspension.
Facebook's Oversight Board has announced that it supports Facebooks decision to suspend Trump's account.
Oversight Board Upholds Facebooks Decision Suspend Donald Trumps Accounts.
Facebook literally Oversight Board escape some they were getting putting ball someone elses court minute Boards first major decision, they served right back into Facebooks court. Amazing.

Facebook Oversight Board dumb distraction from actual issue Facebook's hegemonic control over global political speech, reinforced today platform anointing itself with moral authority memory hole future world leaders their discretion.

Oversight board upholds Facebook decision to ban Trump, but says platform should review decision.
Facebook Oversight Board Court. corporate advisory board, like academics paid Exxon make decisions problem with Facebook grotesque outsized power, business model. Tomorrow, dont fall bait. Call break up.

journalists covering today's Facebook Oversight Board ruling Donald Trump's suspended accounts Please don't phrase "Supreme Court" when referring board, only validates their artificial power memorializes such record.

Facebook Oversight Board upholds Trump ban, admits 'violated rules'.
SOCIAL MEDIA QUESTION: Should Trump's suspension from Facebook be reversed?
Facebook Oversight Board upheld Facebooks decision restrict Donald Trumps access posting content Facebook page Instagram account said appropriate Facebook impose indefinite suspension.

fuck your feelings party feelings about Facebooks oversight board upholding Trumps ban.
Facebook Oversight Board LMFAO gives shit.
Analysis: Facebook Oversight Boards Decision Upholding Trump Suspension Requiring Facebook Reconsider Indefinite Suspension Good, Doesnt Enough Requiring Trump Abandon Claims Stolen Election Platform Restoration.

Facebook rules uphold Donald Trump's from platform Sent.
This great decision Trump's lies about 2020 election incited deadly insurrection have caused massive damage democracy disinformation about public health deaths hundreds thousands Americans.

Facebook Oversight Board Keeps Trump Place Now.
Facebook's Oversight Board upholds Donald Trump's from platform. A tech platform Francisco power withhold free speech then-democratically elected leader free world. No matter what your politics, this decision chilling.

Donald Trump's from Facebook Instagram upheld Facebook's Oversight Board.
Well this interesting. Facebook declined answer questions from Facebook-appointed Oversight Board.
THREAD: History proven time again that controlling what people think believe always ends badly freedom loving people. discussed this last week op-Ed(Via thehill).
Facebooks oversight board uphold Facebooks decision restrict then-President Donald Trumps access posting content Facebook Instagram accounts, gives Facebook months determine justify response consistent with rules applied other users.

What call when actual fascists censor quasi-fascist?
Facebook Liberal one sided crybaby oversight board?
Oversight Board upholds Trump's Facebook ban.
Donald Trumps Facebook account will remain suspended, companys Oversight Board ruled. former president banned from major social media platforms following Capitol Hill insurrection January which helped instigate.

herby nominate Facebook Oversight Board Nobel Peace Prize.
don't have particular affinity Facebook oversight board, fairness, it's still improvement over
STATEMENT May 5, 2021 "Facebook Oversight Board Proves its Pointlessness".
Facebook-appointed Oversight Board upholds decision Trump company must review again months after Jan. suspension. This ain't over.
Facebook Oversight Board Upholds Social Networks Ban of Trump.
So... how does this jibe with 230?
The very existence of the Facebook Oversight Board is an example of Facebook making up the rules as it goes.
thank OversightBoard care attention they gave this case. will consider boards guidance develop response that clear proportionate. meantime, Trumps accounts remain suspended.

Facebook Oversight Board upholds Donald Trump's suspension from platform.
Trump's Facebook ban upheld by Oversight Board.

What You Really Think

I think hell be back on FB.

Am I understanding this right. Everybody made this big hub of about this independent board and all these scholars and lawyers Facebook's to chicken shit make a decision so let's get these guys. And they say let's wait six months and you do it.

This is a good reminder for all media to think about how they address his antics here. Stop helping him get around bans by amplifying his press releases & other actions etc.

Facebook will always suck.

Why are they still so afraid of him?????

Shameful censorship.

OK this part is fire. "In applying a vague, standardless penalty and then referring this case to the Board to resolve, Facebook seeks to avoid its responsibilities. The Board declines Facebooks request and insists that Facebook apply and justify a defined penalty.".

Lets be honest trump doesnt need it for the next six months what matters is closer to elections.

Surprising. But it's easily the correct decision.

Better than nothing, but still plenty of time for Facebook to cave in time for 2024.

Now do the 95% of elected Republicans whove bought into the big lie.

The guy attempted to overthrow the elected government Facebook Twitter with the help of social media. If that doesn't deserve a lifetime ban, not sure what does. ***.

Im very surprised.

Just make it a 99 year ban so its not indefinite.

Good. I was going to deactivate today if I had to hear his blabbering lies.

While I am shocked, this statement is a JOKE. This whole circus is a joke. Dude messed up. Dude got banned. Play crappy games, win crappy prizes.

Great news. So good for my mental health. And probably for the countries.

All right, Ms Zadrozny, we're starting a band called "Facebook Oversight Board." What instrument do you play? Don't worry, they're all air instruments.

I am absolutely shocked and grateful at the same time.

Wow! I am shocked!

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