Tuesday 4th of October 2022

1 is Now Officially Offline. First Launched in May 2016, The Game's Servers Are Now Off as The Transition to Overwatch2 Begins. Overwatch 2 Launches Oct 4 at 12pm PT.

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arrived! celebrate, we're giving away Vulcan Max! win, simply follow ROCCAT, like retweet this post comment your favourite hero.
officially offline. First launched 2016, game's servers transition Overwatch2 begins. Overwatch launches 12pm
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work early. about relax play some Overwatch servers.
Finally could send these out! Really enjoy making these Kiriko sprays.
These Overwatch2 hero portraits said "bon appetit, women lovers".
when find these 30,000 people ahead Overwatch queue.
What they lol .
could doing something productive rather than stare Overwatch2 loading screen, alas, here
want many people possible Overwatch2 fun!! were giving away watchpoint packs followers Like this tweet NS Follow Reply with what youre most excited Overwatch Winners will DMed et.

servers ramping FAST launch Overwatch2! That said- aware some issues even more players join fun!
Overwatch2 experience.
many times going have relog queue again lol? just wanna play girl.
watching this overwatch queue mins then getting error.
getting first uprising event flashbacks with servers condition lmfaooo.
When come together, hope becomes force more powerful than weapon. Overwatch2 arrives today 12PM PDT. Free everyone.
Overwatch2 experience far.
being queue Overwatch2 hour minutes stream like.
Blizzard servers when they player count over 10000 first time years.
Searching server simulator 2k22.
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Every fucking time Blizzard.
Overwatch spooky season perfect start 1/5.
Well Happy release everbody!
Thank Overwatch.
Overwatch Unlock Junker Queen's Cute Pixel Sprays.
y'all watch while smoke?
here overwatch queue Overwatch2 because work.
which launch worse: Overwatch2
Look this tier, level Overwatch gameplay!!!!
huge Overwatch fan, really excited play more Overwatch However, free-to-play game still feels more like necessary update rather than full-fledged sequel. Read thoughts here!

just trying play maaaaan.
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Guys, please stop shitting Blizzard. knew jump that they multi-dollar, indie company. really thought that Overwatch2 would working game release, then obviously don't know Blizzard.

BEST thing about overwatch2 that merge accounts. console skins one. have peace.
watching friends down queue, GOING
Overwatch tomorrow when 1mil same time.
Overwatch2 hurry
Alguem sabe Cross save? quero usar minha conta overwatch overwatch Overwatch2 does anyone know there Cross save? want overwatch account overwatch 2.

Devs when they realize more than FUCKING PEOPLE MIGHT WANT PLAY GAME (they have SERVERS).
playing >> Overwatch2 volvido... NERFEA ESHTOOOOO.
Knock knock.
deleting this game first time shit dont account.
Better than login error, failed connect game
Sombra POTG Highlight intro!!!
Overwatch2 Watchpoint Packs Giveaway enter: Follow officialvalkia Like Retweet Comment with your main.
Nerf this
without meee ill waitin here <.< to back line again.
from 20000 9000 people then connection server ERR!!! wanna play about photos queue
Nooooooo. Whyyyyyy?
Everyone seeing 50-20k queue while sitting here with after only waiting 15m.
Atleast Overwatch2 menu includes background music whille wait...
It's been years.
actually overwatch
more likely into VenusCityRP servers than Overwatch2 servers!
Kiriko cured depression.
This everyone complaining about game when just came alley minutes ago.
Went from 1000 players ahead 4000, 6000, 9000, stuck 7000... Thia game been development years wtf.
short story.
What when this happens?
your favs Kiriko, Sojourn Junker Queen Overwatch2 live free play Xbox right now.
have been this PlayOverwatch queue players ahead minute.
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What You Really Think

It's literally the same. Lol I felt absolutely no difference.

Friendly reminder that if you play support on OW Ranked, the game hates you and will not rate you fairly compared to your dps teammates, it's been that way for as long as I can remember, and I don't think they fixed it in 2.

I cant even play.

Its the end of an era and the beginning of a new one.

A 40 dollar reskin with things to buy... less shields is good thought.

I was interesting in seein' the new maps and character changes. Sadly tho I have Metro so my number can't be linked to my account for the SMS shit. us MetroPCS and Cricket peoples.


12pm PT already. So where tf are the servers.

Hopefully it never comes back.

Feels so good to be forced to play a version of the game that you don't want to play.

This is exactly why I dont buy blizzard games. Who tf pays $60 $100 for cosmetics for a game to shut off faster than GTAV was relevant and making money. Fat L and completely unfair to the entire player base. OW sucks ass.

I just bought this fucking game. God dammit thank god I can go back to GameStop.

I like how saying the game is dead for you already or that you won't be playing "2" and peoples first reaction is always "all because you don't have a number?".