Friday 30th of April 2021

Packers Fans Seeing The Aaron Rodgers News.

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Reigning Aaron Rodgers disgruntled with Green Packers that told some within organization that does want return team, league team sources told ESPN Thursday. More Live now.

49ers have offered Packers overall pick this year's draft, plus other picks number players from their current roster including Garoppolo for Aaron Rodgers. The Packers turned them down. First reported PAOnTheMic confirmed others.

Reigning Aaron Rodgers disgruntled with Packers that told some within organization that does want return team, league team sources told AdamSchefter Thursday.

Great Aaron Rodgers green career superbowl before goes Niners Packers start Love tbh.
Aaron Rodgers openly admitted wanting Packers draft last year, they didnt. first round draft, report that Rodgers wants comes out. sending pretty clear message imo.

Aaron Rodgers' agent with Packers, couldn't agree contract.
Aaron Rodgers listening Packers right now.
Packers can't surprised...They flirt with every girl party...gave them their number (Jordan Love)...And wifey pissed Shocking!!!!!
Aaron told Packers doesnt want return AdamSchefter said think more than contract deal, think pretty strongly convicted that doesnt want back Packers.
Rodgers wont even talk Packers think they gonna standoff with LMFAOOOO.
Happy Packers draft day! Cant wait what mistake make this year!
Thought check Packers friends.
Wait, Aaron Rodgers wants leave Packers.
Andy Reid Brett Veach (likely) will gone time Patrick Mahomes reaches this point Aaron Rodgers' career. Please God, whoever charge then, don't them like Packers. Don't them F-up final years Hall Fame quarterback play.

Trade that fuck Jordan Love want that fucking bum...give Rodgers whole salary need him.
Packers wont trade Rodgers, just hope they finally some help beyond top-10 26-6 coach top-scoring offense.
shouldnt! deserves better! this coming from Packers Fan!
Packers fans reading these tweets.
Packers front office knew Rodgers wanted turned that 49ers deal down, questioning LeFleur/Gutekunst rest life.
Packers fans gonna tell their kids this Yoko Ono.
Is he committed is the better question.
Rodgers Packers: Good, host Jeopardy.
Packers bloggers assured everyone that everything perfect have nothing say.
Rodgers treating packers like family.
chance world Packers will that happen.
your Packers right turn this offer down?
remember story years saying Pats could probably first round picks Brady after their fifth super bowl. Brady expect that what Packers could realistically Rodgers, years younger doesnt have rings.

Packers clear... whole org.
Between HoustonTexans packers having very rough football offseason.
Aaron Rodgers telling Packers going Bearsto kick there TWICE YEAR!
Packers what they thought best protect organization last April, they created this mess.
AaronRodgers12. Drama drama, wanted that yours, matter what happens. hope youll stay with Packers, move hope wish best you, just because drama, because...I just always.

Packers 2021 season suddenly serious Jeopardy.
Please stay AaronRodgers12 Green your home MVP. love you. Packers across world.
Because Shefty just with sound bite. Matt Miller well. They (ESPN) also don't report regularly Packers. ESPN writer once said anything. widely known that they renegotiating 12's contract. That what this about.

should retire host Jeopardy. Really stick Packers lol.
Could imagine...WTF...this potential drive Packers fans into suicidal rage.
Packers Management. Stupid, stupid just stupid. Moving quarterback when have best. Idiots.
dont want return Packers? Aaron Rodgers.
Thats steal, cant believe they parted with that much cheese.
Packers were trade Aaron Rodgers before June theyd take $31.6M hit. they traded after June theyd take $14.4M 2021 $17.2M 2022. Problem Green Bays 2022 situation even worse than this years.

Packers *really* should've gone 4th.
love seeing packers fans suffering.
hearing Packers have Mike speed dial incase doesn't show camp.
Aaron Rodgers rumored done with the.
youre 49ers wouldnt give packers pick plus Jimmy Rodgers?
Looked polarity sentiment last night stream. packers from last year yikes
Jets packers next number ones well.
Aaron Rodgers "disgruntled" with Packers told some people organization that doesn't want return team, per.
Aaron Rodgers relationship with Packers: Theyre like family.
factors: Rodgers prefers West Coast. Packers will want conference. Packers prefer handing baton Jordan Love, they dont need return. candidates would seem Raiders Broncos, theyre interested.

Packers fans seeing Aaron Rodgers news.
know Love pick Packers title game-- fucks about? would wait till hours before draft public with this? Keep away from damn Patriots.

Just one call away...
Have been Lions without Rodgers during career. Check records.
Lets look Packers Twitter.
Bears fans Aaron Rodgers Hating Green Packers.
Packers better paying rest contract too. That rounder could valuable
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What You Really Think

Most us Packers fans have been waiting for this moment for a while honestly ..Happy for Rodgers!

Hes calmer than me!! But I support AaronRodgers12. This is packers fault.

Fake news.

49ers can package with 3 to get him.

Dont do this to me.

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