Wednesday 5th of May 2021

Treasury Cabinet Secretary Ukur Yatani Wants Unfettered Powers to Set Value Added Tax (VAT) Without The Need to Seek Parliaments Approval. Thoughts?

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Govt should stop saying much available tell much been supplied which hospital. back October 2020, Standing Committee Parliament Health warned acute shortage cylinders output supply. Govt bother.

14.6 million views! irrefutable evidence ministerial code over over sparked questions Parliament cross party action force Johnson correct lies MPs, backed Speaker public care.

Dear World, As send Covid India, note that narendramodi government spending money Parliament residence complex instead building oxygen plants, buying oxygen containers fixing health infrastructure.

answer because simple truth that Prime Minister misled Parliament. What surprising that senior civil servant should participate attempt disguise that simple truth from people.

whopping million views sparked questions Parliament inspired cross party action force correct lies false statements Provides irrefutable evidence broke Ministerial Code Still silence from.

being paid parliament. something constructive, stop being dickhead!
Marion supported me and encouraged me into politics and Im delighted to see her standing for the Scottish Parliament. Make it BothVotesLabour to get Marion into Holyrood.
Heres what happened about EU-China agreement row: There processes deal looking forward: Step Technical (legal scrubbing translation into official languages) Step Political (Member states Council adopts European Parliament ratifies).

Last one may be fake.
Really powerful video exploiting people planet both burn result political choices WellbeingEconomy policies framed terms human ecological wellbeing, economic growth Sign petition join revolution!

Prime Minister clearly misled Parliament it's quite wrong Cabinet Secretary investigate.
Bill Melinda Gates getting divorce bigger news what their foundation being accused around world. American media doesnt cover this Italian parliament addressed this recently. Lets watch.

Democratic Spaces recently learned that Melkis Faure Hechevarria Edilberto Arzuaga Alcala, Cuban Prisoners Conscience listed petition Parliament Canada were released from prison.

Labour proposed rise care workers taking them PS12 hour PS15 parliament. Incredibly disappointing that decided that they were only worth average rise week. Thats valuing care workers.

"This problem majority unchecked next Parliament this will debate have Scotland... debate recovery rebuilding.".
sent India during COVID19 emergency, that government spending huge money Parliament residence complex narendramodi instead solving pandemic crisis building hospital infrastructure.

Khameneis comments seem issue rest. While parliament still call JZarif respond questions about this point unlikely that will forced resign, especially with nuclear negotiations process.

Laming $100K leaving Parliament. Christensen too. Joyce screwing media staffer, 22-year-old daughter senior advisor salary working Barilaro. worst thing? enough people seem care.

Scottish Parliament election cannot determine there will another independence referendum, because devolved parliament. cannot have mandate issue that outwith your competence.

President SuluhuSamia Kenya two-day State Visit during which scheduled address joint sitting country's Bicameral Parliament.
Parliament said "No" when asked some part tertiary fees Covid-19 pandemic ..but these same parliament suggested they ex-gratia 482,000 Ghana cedis head They don't care about you, truth.

asking moots please sign this, youre from please just rt!!!
weeks ago, revealed that independent candidate hometown Hartlepool convicted offender. I've created petition asking Chris Killick right thing stand down. actions should will tolerated.

Congratulations Josh! These superstars have been voted representatives Pupil Parliament. Well done.
2021 Warning From Italy: Fascism is here! Italys CasaPound neo-Fascists, and their propagandists, are central to normalizing Fascism again in the country of its birth. Now, theyre trying to enter parliament. The past is never dead. It's Not even past.

Excellency President Samia Suluhu Hassan United Republic Tanzania lays floral wreath mausoleum Kenya's Founding Father Mzee Jomo Kenyatta Parliament Buildings Nairobi County.

Diplomatically, Government should apply pressure Ethiopian Government fighting remind obligations under Genocide Convention.
Tuesday, Parliament_Ug passed Prevention Prohibition Human Sacrifice Bill, 2020. Check pictures.
Here imagine 150k lives lost Covid. just taken mins walk half kilometre length national CovidMemorialUK wall, directly opposite parliament. Each heart represents those 150k lost, those families changed forever. Please share.

Modern WorldHistory Presentation: Parliament Limits English Monarchy, It's like buying time teachers!
cannot begin imagine terror faced communities Tigray fighting humanitarian disaster. Tigray.
To remove Unionists from the Scots Parliament.
Chris Bishop destroying Mallard parliament.
youre british please take time fill this sign petition make non-binary legally recognised gender identity youre british please share <3.

Here start again, this state capture started allowed manifest itself throughout government SOE. parliament does perform constituted duties, only courts. hope civil society take this matter soon possible.

first confrontational approach support leaving Zanufied captured institution like parliament because serving them validates Zanu.
Sturgeon some brass neck accusing Boris about sleaze. monumental hypocrite. party full perverts dents. Never Scotland such corrupt bunch crooks parliament.
Us should also stand against museven.
This wild: Belgian parliament targeted large cyber attack just it's about debate China genocide motion.
Yeah! think local councillors below mps, they tend more local work they dont have parliament. think parish council wards constituencies, even more local than them! sure what areas other elections cover, think large!

That same line which keep shouting parliament Stop lies. Will work this time. State Governor also lying
Donald Mackay, says Scottish Parliament joke, elevated political mediocrity into form. BBCTheCampaign live updates.
When you seal the badge. So your vote will go to Imran Khan. With this his candidate Sardar Ali Hussain Baloch will successfully serve your constituency and will represent your constituency in Parliament.

Petition: Enshrine tree planting target law.
Didnt Cyril commission parliament failed when came state capture? They literally doing again see. take lying down.
2001, Rarieda Odeny Ngure went political function Asembo, only hostile crowd saying they won't re-elect him. which responded: "Who told left underpants Parliament desperate back there pick up?".

racked whopping 14.7 million views! More than LineOfDuty sparked questions Parliament inspired cross party action force correct lies empowering millions force change Silence from.

majority, they'll table Indyref2 Parliament. Even parliament refuses Section order. will spend thousands fighting courts. will hold even there Boycott will spend thousands hold illegal vote.

Sturgeon found guilty misleading parliament brazened out. Johnson trying same. peas pod. Power above accountability seems.
These are not fake.
Feds trying claim that their censorship bill doesn't what very Bill says does. censorship bill. written there. should thrown Parliament.
hard Boris Johnson ALREADY broken Ministerial code over over again (giving inaccurate information Parliament refusing correct record). journalists point this when interviewing Ministers asking they agree with Douglas Ross.

Crazy Shit Thandi Modise, Speaker Parliament with powers pass motions like Land Expropriation taking Land from Whites stole from Blacks through colonial conquests crying about White Farmers/Afriforum terrorizing being African Farm Owner. useless.

days left till important Scottish Parliament Election days left secure majority Indy Ref. want join later effort re-elect ChristinaSNP then join these times locations.

2021 Scottish Parliament Election days away. Throughout countdown SP21, will sharing achievements Scottish Government. Funding for.
Scottish parliament voting intention(s): Constituency: SNP: 3) CON: (-1) LAB: (-2) LDEM: List: SNP: (-1) CON: (-) LAB: (-1) GRN: 3) LDEM: (-) ALBA: YouGov, May Chgs. Apr.

Baroness Ruth Davidson, official opposition leader Scottish Parliament, taken part single interview debate during this election.
Senior Counsel James Orengo and Senior Counsel Otiende Amollo have said they have issues with the BBI Report being tabled in Parliament, but someone who went to Rayudhi Paper Chasing Sikul thinks we can listen to him on weighty legal matters?

Polands political fault lines shift vote recovery fund.
Helen loved hugs with Ryan. driver stopped that.Ryan died driver walked free.The needs change Every signature feels like virtual Helen. sign retweet, give faith humankind again.

million views irrefutable evidence broken Ministerial Code over over again Sparked questions Parliament inspired cross party action force correct lies false statements Still silence from.

wonder Bill-218 passed quickly back December 2020. particular attention Protection Liability section.
would funny wasnt tragic. Come electing someone voice Scottish Parliament, playground.
NEW: Cross-party group calls action against Prime Minister misleading Parliament over multibillion pound Covid contracts. wrong Cabinet Secretary refuse investigate this breach.

light concerns public debate over recent rash femicides Jamaica, viral video violent incident parking allegedly involving Member Parliament added fuel fire.

European Parliament last week adopted resolution calling review trade relations with Pakistan ending eligibility Generalised Scheme Preferences (GSP) status.
Former President Morales criticized European Parliament's resolution calling release 2019 coup leader Jeanine Anez.
When talking about ferries scandal? record drugs deaths? Nicola Sturgeon being found have misled Parliament? SNPs broken promises business support, broadband more. When getting these things?

Petition: factory farming.
criminal federal court expert jihadist terrorism, expert opinion that justintrudeau supports terrorist front groups. Within Westminster system parliament, politically accountable responsible Islamist terror attacks.

Trudeau calling initiative call Katie Telford testify, political games. Refusing testify, filibustering committees, shutting down Parliament avoid scrutiny these examples political games that Trudeau playing. What creep is.

You can find all the names of every MP who voted for leaseholders to pay to fix cladding that wasnt there fault here...
Memo chattering classes, political busybodies assorted fools WajingaNiSisi Corruption Amnesty plunderers country going jail. They going parliament governors mansions, elected you.

totally disgusted henokgabisa that thing sexiest believe tried) could they have such small memory very people they concerned about Jawar BEKELE were designates TERRORISTS TPLF controlled parliament .

Vaccine patents midst global pandemic means that most countries cannot access enough /afford vaccines. residents, here's petition suspend patents Covid vaccines allow more countries produce them cheaply.

2/He said people were prison, needed under that first been debated passed parliament, after emerged changes been made Biosecurity that could result five years' jail extreme fines people breach ban.

Petition started Chris Packham already over 153k signatures: Stop work immediately hold vote repeal legislation. Government firmly concluded that should ahead. Keep signing, have until June!

What You Really Think

We are reversing the gains guys. The principle of separation of powers being eroded.

This is pure bulshit.

The issue is not vat % . Its the implementation enforcement and efficiency in Collection by KRA. Goods worth billions enter Kenya and are sold everyday without vat EVERYDAY. Got to Luthuli or river road and ask for a fiscal receipt.

This guy doesn't know what he is talking about.


Why doesn't lightening strike some pple? Y?

I do not have a problem for treasury being given powers. Just make sure that power is for them not be able to set any VAT rate above without approval from parliament but for decrease he can do as he wants.

Bandit economy.

Is this constitutional?

Huyu ataweka 40%...No way we allow him such powers!

Then we don't need to elect MPS since it seems YATTANI sees no need for them to play their part as he plays his.

Completely disallowable.

VAT is established and set by law, and parliament is the legislative law making organ. How do we even have such persons holding public office?

Wacha upuzi bro.

Watafika mwisho always thinking of temporary solutions.


Kenyans want unfettered powers to send politicians (CS/EXGOV'S) to prison without the need to seek judiciary's approval. Thoughts?

Give him the keys to nowhere.

Ukur and your handlers at state house, surely?

Another beast coming up.

He must be on drugs to even fathom that we can let it happen.

Bandit nation, everyone does as they please.

Now tweet in english please.

Haha Meanwhile GOK once this passes.

Ukur Yattani can go and tell the camels and goats.

It's like they own the country.

He has aided the swindling government money and without shame still looking for alternatives to do more harm.

Amelewa power, power iko kwa wananchi.

Parliament is a rubber stamp. he already has the power how much more does he need?

If it might be so then we why should we have parliament. less idea/thoughts.

Let there be war.

And the worst part is that in 14 months time we will forget very easily...***why?

This is not Ukur Yattani's mind. You know who this is. Bypass parliament.

Does Mps pay the VAT?

N***a what?!?!

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