Monday 5th of October 2020

Arsenal Fans Transfer Deadline Day Expectations: Partey & Auoar Reality: Gunnersaurus Has Been Released by The Club.

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Arsenal make late move to sign Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid. Contacted 27yo camp expressing intention to pay clause. AFC making all necessary arrangements (medical in Spain etc) optimistic. Credit charles_watts More.

And we're back! Partey story now online - Full details.
Atletico Madrid have no intention to start any negotiation for Thomas Partey, as reported by June. Its 50m release clause to be paid immediatly ]NO installments] or nothing. Atleti board still convinced hes not gonna leave the club on next 2 days. NSnulb.

If Thomas Partey does end up at Arsenal, we need to set up a GoFundMe page for TheAFCBeII.
Whats this report Im seeing that now Arsenal have Partey they have pulled the plug on a loan for Torreira and demanding a straight cash sale, if that ends up being true then Edu needs a statue.
Atleti were unwilling to negotiate the Partey fee and at the same time unwilling to compromise on Torreira loan deal. Arsenal were never going to say 'Hey, how are you, we're paying Partey's RC' after what they did.

I am at Vithas medical center where Partey are supposed to have his medical! Trying to find the action now! Wanted to let you know I am there. Will update on anything.
Arsenal will have missed a big opportunity if they dont announce Thomas Partey in arabic.
[?]nulb Thomas Partey [?]nulb Arsenal pursuing since 2018 Top target this window with Aouar Atletico demanded clause so AFC considered Jorginho Aouar ended Jorginho never likely so renewed Partey contact over weekend, accelerated this morning.

Thomas Partey will have his medical in Spain. Player wants to come to Arsenal. ]David_Ornstein].
Silly comparison because Parteys obviously the superior player of the two.
Couldnt afford Aouar 3 days ago. Dropping 50m cash for Partey today. Makes you wonder just how much they were paying Gunnersaurus.
Partey needs to be confirmed soon im shitting it atm.
Paul Merson on Thomas Partey: I think hes a top-drawer player. I nearly fell off my chair, PS45m! I dont think thats a lot of money for the quality of player youre getting here. The one thing he brings as well - discipline. He plays in a disciplined team. ]Sky Sports].

EXCLUSIVE: Thomas Partey to undergo Arsenal medical in Madrid.
I haven't closed Twitter since I came back from work few hours ago. The whole Partey saga has completely changed the arsenal transfer game.
.AlvaroMonteroTV on Thomas Partey : "Arsenal are going to pay that clause. Once you pay the clause the player is yours. Arsenal have already called La Liga to confirm".
It works for getting Europa League for 2 seasons. Then you have to do a massive rebuild. Getting rid of Willian and Parteys wages will prove a massive headache, but at least Ozil has left on a free by then!

No way Arsenal sacked Gunnersaurus to get Partey? We need to tell Fred the Red to fuck off and use his salary to get a new CB.
Re: Partey, a reminder of how release clauses work in Spain: the player's lawyers pay the clause at LaLiga HQ. LaLiga process and approve it, release the player's registration, pass the fee on to the club. Hence no need for talks with Atletico...

Looks like Arsenal got Partey***nulb***nulb.
Thomas Partey - Finally Coming Will Arsenal pay the release clause?
20:00 tonight, Thomas Partey announces Gunnersaurus' contract extension on Arsenal's Twitter.
Why do fans act like Partey is good??? He's bang average.
I think your the only one who thinks that. Ceballos is great dont get me wrong. But Partey will be far more tominsnt and will be great at bringing the ball out.
Massive, massive shoutout to TheAFCBeII - The one person who was unwavering when it came to Partey. For 6 months he's been confident. He's been telling us the player will sign no matter what outlets or journalists reported. He is the real hero of this window and he's a Gooner.

Hy guys if you want to know if partey is taking his medical, follow this fan. He's right at the hospital.
Edu going to pay Thomas Partey's release clause.
Paul Merson on the sacking of Gunnersaurus.. "Is he really? He was the highest paid mascot in the country on 80 grand a week. With the 80 grand they save that might take the Partey one over the line".
Aouar seeing Arsenal pay Partey's release clause.
So Fab no go talk "Here we go" for Partey to Arsenal. Or the thing over am.
Partey in front of Gabriel, would make Arsenal a horrible team to play against. No more getting bullied.
Sign Partey Now.
Arsenal making late progress towards signing Thomas Partey.
If Partey joins Assna he's replacing Pogba in the top 5 midfielders in the league debate.
He said partey is joining.
Arsenal have made a move for Thomas Partey. Story to follow.
Gunnersaurus out, Thomas Partey in Good business from Arsenal?
Arsenal side that finished 8th is able to attract a player like Thomas Partey, a very important player for Atletico Madrid who plays in the Champions league. Unreal pull. Thomas is an Arsenal fan too, I cannot wait to see him in red and white.

Arsenal are making a late move to sign Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid with the intention to pay release clause (50m). Source: David Ornstein.
Partey is the ideal Arsenal signing. Still with plenty of years left ahead of him, Partey is in the form of his life and all the signs suggest he is perfect for the Premier League and only going to get better.

For years we have been screaming for a Partey type player. Now we might have him. Be happy ffs. He's so dynamic, will help with overall creativity with Xhaka and Ceballos.
Update: VAT no longer applies to release clauses, so Arsenal would need to pay the original PS45m to sign Thomas Partey. ]NickAmes82].
Video: Alvaro on Arsenal activating Parteys release clause. ]footballdail].
I'm told Arsenal have indicated they will pay Partey's release clause. Legal team is at Colney now working on the transfer. Negotiations not needed with Atletico. (charles_watts).
He left so that we could afford Parteys release clause. The hero we need but dont deserve.
City also have a different Level of spending potential and dont need to worry about being self sustaining. Id love for Partey to be that type of player but I am not getting my hopes up.
Gunnersaurus sacrificed himself to Partey to come. What a legend !
]AitorGomezR] After paying Thomas Partey's release clause, Arsenal decided to withdraw Torreira's loan offer to Atletico Madrid. The club will only accept a permanent transfer and wants to put pressure on Atletico in the last hours of the transfer window. Deal in stand-by!

Atletico Madrid have *not* received any attempt or bid from Arsenal for Thomas Partey. Atleti are still convinced hes gonna stay. NO negotiations. NSnulb.
Partey about to get a FUT downgrade.
This just summed off this day DeadlineDay partey.
If Partey comes to Arsenal, I will give a free Arsenal merchandise to one of those who this. No lies. It maybe a phone case, COVID mask etc.
Arsenal signing Partey just 5 mins before deadline, recalling Torreira and asking Athletico Madrid to pay 25 million (non negotiable) for a permanent transfer or no deal. Someone should make this happen!!

Told that Wilfried Zaha is expected to stay at Crystal Palace after all barring a late bid from Atletico Madrid if they sell Thomas Partey to Arsenal. They would need to act fast however.
"It seems so, Arsenal are going to pay that clause. Once you pay the clause the player is yours. Arsenal have already called La Liga to confirm" AlvaroMonteroTV confirms that Arsenal will pay Thomas Partey's release clause.

U have no idea Arsenal activated partey's release clause.
Thomas Partey - Midfield General (Part 1) ]Likes and s are appreciated].
Lmao, this guy is just camping outside the place where Partey is supposedly having his medical providing updates... Deadline Day twitter gets more ridiculous every year!
Partey now 2 trending in the world, Arsenal twitter is gargantuan.
"Is he really? He was the highest paid mascot in the country on 80 grand a week. With the 80 grand they save that might take the Partey one over the line" PaulMerse finding out about the departure of.
DEADLINE DAY DRAMA Arsenal have made a stunning late move for Thomas Partey nulb.
Sign Thomas Partey.
Bell interview leaked with SkySports. The man behind the Partey to Arsenal transfer speaks out.
Now imagine if Partey says, "No thanks. I think I'll stay." Arsenal Twitter will eat itself.
Am i the only one who wants aouar more than partey ??
.guardian understands personal terms would be a formality. Thomas Partey would sign a four-year deal worth around PS250,000 a week and seven-figure signing on fee. His release clause is worth PS45m but, including VAT, the transfer fee will total just under PS56m.

This transfer window has been full of pain because I have believed too many rumours about Partey & Aouar. Am I really going to get my hopes on deadline because of unconfirmed reports about us activating Parteys release clause? Yes. Yes I am.

Thomas Partey to become highest earning Ghanaian footballer in history with a jaw dropping PS250k a-week-wages. ]Ghanasoccernet].
If we actually manage to sign Partey & Aouar I will never say a bad word about how this club is run ever again.

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This is so unfair, You can take 0.1% or less from each player to cover his salary. 27 years of loyal service!!! Say day!

Will even release emirates stadium.

Worse deadline day than this.

Us arsenal fans right now.

Done my guy dirty.


Bottom bottom there on Arsenal 's part. Uncalled for.

Yet we keep Ozil. Worlds gone mad. Couldnt make it up.

Can he play centre back? Well take him at United.

Big club.