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class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/Twitter">Twitter swear jar feature incoming!
class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/Lol">Lol like those 4chan losers actually have money.
It's all about the cosmetics. Sell swastika emojis and other racist shit class="u-nolinkc" href="https://worldnewsinpictures.com/I">I won't say...

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The twitter swear jar.

U underestimate the depth of his petty.

"bUt My FrEeDoM oF sPeEch!" Literal definition of "Fuck around and find out". Elon wants to fuck around then he's gonna find out why Twitter was doin well without him.

The new rightwing money club is racking up some big tabs... First, Alex Jones, then Kanye, now Musk. Wonder who's next...Rogan?

I am excited to watch his net worth burn. Nothing makes me happier than the prospect of Anal Musk destroying his fortune.

Twitter failing and becoming unused is a positive for humanitt.

Musk is an idiot and this week has gone a ways to prove it (yet again). He doesn't understand what's generating value on the platform. You don't charge people like King for producing content; you do whatever you can to encourage more of it, and you charge otherwise "insignificant" people a pittance for viewing it, which would solve at least some of the bot / troll problem as well while they're at it. And if you're clever about it, you go the FB route and make it so the users hardly notice you monetizing them. You load up on ads, tickle still more information out of users and sell it on, anonymized if need be, as long as you improve your ad targeting algorithms.

Yeah, the major reason I used to go to Twitter was because many good writers were only active on twitter. If even that will be taken away, then it will surely drive away a lot of users. Making a platform where just hate speech will remain.

> Stephen King writes in twitter for FREE, thousands of renown writers, journalist, politicians, artist do the same Not for long.

Wants to charge them less than you or me. This is highschool bullshit all over again. "You're not popular enough to be on my media platform!".

Its like a venue keeping all of the ticket and concession sales, and charging the band to play there.

Lol I think elon is forgetting that twitter is worthless without the work it's users put in.

Elon is sort of a fucking idiot.

There was a ]reuters article]() which showed that there's 10% of twitter users that generate 90% of tweets and half the revenue, so you're right that Stephen King is generating money for twitter and for some reason Elon really wants to alienate them. >These "heavy tweeters" account for less than 10% of monthly overall users but generate 90% of all tweets and half of global revenue. Heavy tweeters have been in "absolute decline" since the pandemic began, a Twitter researcher wrote in an internal document titled Where did the Tweeters Go?

Well aint that a shame, i should be verified but ya know im not because i cant, twitter hands out the checks to rich people and not to poor people.

The funniest part is not only would this idea make Twitter far worse than it is, it would only generate a little over $3 million a month. Twitters revenue last year was $5 billion lol.

He bought the company because his mouth got too far from him. The SEC already has him tried for saying dumb shit like Tsla to be privatized at $420 which ran his stock up. Fast forward 5 years, he does the same shit by not disclosing his twtr purchases, does an entire media circus with the entire buying more than 15% and getting a poison pill activated, and having stupid public statements like buying it at $54.20 and transforming Twitter if he owns it for the betterment of humanity. Which again made the stock run. Either he gets barred from interacting from the market or he gets jailed for market manipulation. Or finally buying out the company that was only worth $33 at nearly double the price and trying to pay off the hundreds of lendors.

He's not "struggling for funds," he turned a publicity stunt into an extremely bad investment and is now trying to make Twitter users pay for it.

Well when part of your purchase means you saddle the company with an extra $900 million in debt payments owed *per year*, you do have to start finding money somewhere. For a company that already had a fucked up business model, giving it massively more debt as part of purchasing it probably wasn't the best move.

He spend money he doesnt have. He is the f\* richest guy but his money is in his overrrated companies. He basicly levered StarLink in Ukraine to get some liquidity because he couldnt afford it and now he has to make it profitable somehow or go down with it.

I'm having trouble understanding why a man with $200 BILLION this year (who presumably didn't pay ALL his income taxes) and $2 Billion prior to the pandemic needs to charge anyone for a service that's been free to use since it's inception. But, then again I'm a working class moron. Imagine having $1 million. Takes a long time to go through if you're just paying bills, right? Now imagine having 999 millions and then add 1 million more to that. And he has more than 200 times THAT amount. Abandon Twitter and find a new platform.

He bought a $44 billion company that isn't profitable. Why do you think they sold it? Twitter is not profitable. Thats why Elon is scattering to think of ways to being in more revenue.

Twitter is notoriously not profitable. It has had 2 profitable years in the past 10 years. They are also the smallest of the big social medias (not even in the top 10 biggest), with one of the oldest user bases (30% of users are 35-44), and is already aging out with slowed growth and stalled revenue over the last 2 years. Over the past 2 years there has been a massive advertising push on twitter, it is extremely monetized now. This also contributes to its decline. The less ads soc med has, the happier users are, no one wants to stare at 1/4 of posts being ads.

Hes been sucking investor PPs since the absolute start of anything. Thats his bread and butter. Why would he stop now? It works.

I would bet that he actually *is* richer. Stephen King makes money through being a popular author whose books sell and get optioned for hit movies and TV series. Elon Musk's "money" is entirely contingent on The Stock Market *believing* his companies are worth billions. If tomorrow the world woke up and decided that Stephen King were overrated, he would still *have* that money. If the world decided the same about Elon Musk, he would be ruined.

Ive never liked Elon pre-Twitter days when he just owned Tesla. Now seeing him owning twitter and the tweets that have been coming out for the last few days, hes even a bigger douche than before.

Im sick of seeing his face everywhere. Though its kept me off my computer and phone a lot more so maybe its healthier lol.

He thinks he's funny but he's a fucking idiot.


Mob of angry Elon dick riders incoming in 3 2 1.

Twitter has been unprofitable for 8 years out of the past 10. Only in 2018 and 2019 did advertisers pay the bills.

To be fair, Twitter hasnt ever been profitable except for once in 2018 with inflated asset valuations. Advertisements never paid the bills at Twitter.

>but advertisers flee when you make bad choices about the content you allow AND when your decisions drive away good content generators.

I agree with everything you said except twitter actually hasn't consistently been profitable with or without advertisers. It was only a few years ago that they had their first ever year of making any profit. By far a majority of quarters they take a loss. I imagine that will remain the case now under this new management.

Twitter didnt turn profit for a long time.

In general I think having advertisers as your main (or even worse as your **only**) revenue stream has a really negative effect on a platform because it encourages clickbait, low-effort content and meaningless interactions that mainly aim to promote ads. Twitter needs to find other means of revenue streams and share these revenues with influential users like Stephen King, not ad revenue though like Youtube.

I know you! Youre the Loch Ness monster.

Now, it was about that time I realized, that the Girl Scout was 8 storeys tall and a crustacean for the Paleozoic era.

He has to pay back the loan he took out somehow. My prediction is he wont be able to and will decide to just run it into the ground on purpose.

You have to wonder whether maybe he should have thought of that before he looked to buy?

Hes the legal richest man on earth. Im pretty sure that there are people way richer than Elon musk illegally.

As soon as they said $20 a month, I said it's one of those negotiating things: say you want something outrageous, then you get credit when you "back off" to a less extreme position. That said, the customers, their data, their likes and dislikes, have always been the real product for Twitter. While I may be a product for some ginormous Silicon Valley firm, I'll be damned if I actually *pay* for that 'privilege'.

Cannot rely entirely on advertisers?ehhmore like.Dont want to rely entirely on advertisers because Im about to let things get ugly.

He overestimated the numbers of pepelords over non racists. Turns out, they're loud, but not so much in terms of profit.

Hell give free accounts to the racists. Mark my words.

Musk already said he wouldnt let Twitter turn into an alt-right shithole. The biggest challenge wont be fighting racism on the platform, but misinformation. I reckon its a solvable problem. They can use independent fact checkers and simply tag the tweets as false instead of deleting them. If people choose to believe something thats clearly marked as fake news then its only because they *want* to believe it.

Look at the replies to his tweet, they already do.

Totally agree. Stephen King is a legend.

Odds are more likely that more people have laid eyes on SKs work more frequently than EMs.

King's from rags to riches, Elon, he ain't dumb. 99 Bestsellers and paying for checks ain't one.

Musk-huffers, is that a thing?

But they sure owned the libs here.

I always figured Tesla employees found out what they'd be working that day via a 3am tweet or email from Elon.

He made a terrible mistake.

He blue himself.

That depends on whether the advertisers think they can still make a profit advertising to the Nazis lol.

Let them pay for certain emoticons or words they use.


He's going to destroy it entirely out of spite because things didn't go his way. Good thing he's intelligible for the presidency. He's got the same fundamental mindset as Putin and the only reason we can laugh about this is that he doesn't have the power to bomb anyone.

The Saudis are not gonna lose $44bn on his stupidity. They will remove his ass before that happens. You think they love Teslas?

I absolutely did and Id been on since 2009.

Eh the problem isn't that Elon Musk is a monster he "Couldn't have com up with" The problem is that King would think the writing of the character was just lazy and lacked any depth. I mean compare Annie Wilkes, who's a briefly back storied villain...and compare to musk whose backstory is "was a BB Forum troll...but born rich.".

Its definitely true. $200 billion in a savings account making 2.5% would earn Musk $571k an hour. While eating lunch Musk could earn more than what 10 average Americans earn in a year.

Twitter verification to identify the account is actually owned by who they say it is. So famous authors, politicians, entertainers, etc.

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