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Monday 24th of August 2020

Paul George's Last Three Games This Series: 11.3 PTS 21% FG 16% 3 PT 1-2 Record.

Paul George's last three games this series: 11.3 PTS 21% FG 16% 3 PT 1-2 record.
Luka Doncic and Paul George have led a stunning comeback for the Mavs.
That was a bad shot.Paul George, probably.
Paul George talking about Im not James Harden nigga you not Austin Rivers.
It took Paul George playing this bad for people to realize it wasnt Russ fault.
"That's a bad shot." - Paul George.
If you thought things couldnt get any worse for Paul George, Seth Curry just called him a bitch ass.
How many first-round picks did the Clippers give up for Paul George?
That nigga Paul George played for 45 minutes and made 3 shots plz send that nigga to the gulag immediately.
Worlds biggest finesse is Paul George tricking everyone into thinking hes a top 10 player year in and year out.
Paul George in the playoffs.
Paul George: Im open in the corner Kawhi.
Seth Curry to Paul George: Bi**h A**.
Paul George in the postgame interview after getting exposed by Trey Burke and Seth Curry.
Paul George woke up feeling dangerous AGAIN!!!!! 45 MIN [?]***nulb[?]***nulb[?]***nulb 9 points 3 assists 3-14 from the field 1-7 from 3 nulb nulb nulb 4 fouls 2 turnovers Mavs in 7 Eaten alive by Trey Burke 10-47 last 3 games 4-25 from 3 nulb nulb nulb.

Paul George and Kawhi bout to win the championship Luka Doncic.
Paul George needs to be arrested.
Lakers in 5 if this the Paul George that shows up.
Paul George after Luka game winning stepback.
Paul George went 3/14 call him Playoff Pi.
Paul George had 9 points in a playoff game that went to overtime.
Kawhi Leonard on Paul George: "I can't believe I left the Raptors to play with this motherfucker".
Seth had some words for Paul George.
Someone need to remake this but with Paul George.
LMAOO who made this someone check on paul george.
"hi I'd like to book a one way ticket to Cancun for Monday. yea put the reservation under Paul George.".
A commercial to describe Paul George and his ironic, sounds like a disease, nickname. Playoff P has been proven to work in the regular season, for those who have struggled with moderate-to-severe postseason disappointment. It is not recommended as a first option.

Seth curry being married to doc rivers daughter who was once with Paul George untill he got a stripper pregnant doesnt get talked about nearly enough.
Paul George may recover from his G League shooting moving forward but he will never recover from this moment. Seth Curry is married to Paul George's ex, who is Doc Rivers' daughter, who George allegedly cheated on with a stripper. There's no coming back from this for George.

Paul George made 3 shots in 45 minutes and really had the audacity to call out James Harden the nerve.
They callin Paul George PG-13% lmaoooooo.
Paul george trash.
Nah its his fault could have stayed in a great situation in Toronto but instead asked for Paul George to come to La with him ***nulb.
K.Leonard : drops 28 L. Williams drops 31 Paul George .
Paul George in the other room muttering "that's a bad shot".
I just wanna say this Paul George is not clutch.
Paul George: We really battled out there today Kawhi.
Paul George looking like Kerry Kittles with ankle socks.
Kawhi when Paul George checks in.
Paul George watching someone else get buzzer-beated on for a change.
I thought Paul George getting locked up by Joe Ingles was just ya know some fluke shit. Nah. Dude really stinks in the playoffs.
Paul George told the media "I aint no James Harden" yeah dog.. you're Paul George.
Paul George is currently going around to each of his teammates in the locker room and personally apologizing for his disgusting performance so far in this series. When he got to Kawhi, Kawhi just looked at him and said, "no". George is now crying, source tells ESPN.

George Paul will always be great.
I love watching Paul George be terrible.
: if you thought things couldnt get any worse for Paul George, Seth Curry just called him a bitch ass.
Let it be known that Kawhi Leonard AND Paul George, dodged smoke from an injured Luka, and left poor helpless Reggie Jackson out on an island down the stretch. WE ALL SAW IT AND ITS ON TAPE!
Paul George: To be honest, in hindsight, if I shoot the ball better, this series would be a lot different.
Paul George when he walks back into the dressing room.
Seth Curry calling his wife(Doc Rivers daughter)ex Paul George, who cheated on her a BITCH ASS NIGGA came from the heart.
Could the Sixers make a trade for Paul George!?
Clippers' Paul George has shot 20-69 (29%) through four games vs. Mavericks, marking the lowest FG% of any player in the 2020 NBA Playoffs with at least 25 shot attempts.
Paul Georges one remaining fan when he actually makes a shot.
Paul George is 9/45 the last 3 games of this series.
Why I just seen a missing Paul George poster ?
Paul George in his room after telling the media about his shoulder bothering him all game.
Paul Georges last 3 games: 9 points (3-14 FG) 11 points (3-16 FG) 14 points (4-17 FG).
Luka walking past montrezl Harrell kawhi and Paul George headed to breakfast tomorrow.
Paul George with the 9 point, 3-14 shooting night. As the dude hes checking drops a 40 triple double. Fucking loser.
Remember when the lakers wanted Paul George? Dodged a bullet there lol.
They called paul george PG13%.
So Paul George is a shithead?
Paul George: *pump fakes* Defender.
THREEPEAT????? Paul George CRAZY 9 Points, 3/14 FG, 1/7 3PT, 4 Fouls Playoff Highlights vs Mavericks THIS NIGGA IS HORRIBLE!!!!!! FreeDawkins.
Paul George doing all this slaw shit and wanna day some dame time running out.
Its honestly so impressive how Kawhi is carrying this Clippers team against Luka Doncic and Paul George.
Paul George bubble highlights since everyone is clowning him rn***nulb.
Toronto May still be in the Finals I just think they have too many playmakers and Paul George is left out.
Paul George's ex is Doc Rivers' daughter, who he allegedly cheated on with a Miami stripper. Now Doc's his coach. The NBA is wild.

What You Really Think

Thank you for not coming to the rockets.

This is an all time meltdown.

Never fooled me.

Inspired by Danny Green.

Bro just put in flight at this point.

Playoff p.

Pega esses status do menino pg.