Wednesday 20th of May 2020

Paul Pierce

Someone needs to give Paul Pierce a drug test. They hate on lebron and that s he s not top 5 is ridiculous. You can tell he still spiteful.
Paul Pierce gives his all-time top five: MJ Kareem Russell Magic Kobe Pierce leaves Bron off his list ( NBA Countdown ).
When LeBron does his doc, I hope he sees the value in a whole account. Give DeShawn Stevenson an interview, let Paul Pierce talk that talk, Draymond s gonna say his bit.
TB to when the Cavs ruined Paul Pierces Jersey Retirement.
Seeing Paul Pierce constantly make a fool out himself with his ridiculous takes is hilarious considering he dosent even get paid for it anymore.
Paul Pierce left LeBron off his Top 5 all-time list. He still salty from this.
Draymond gets a lot of heat on here but him telling Paul Pierce "you thought you was Kobe" was an all-time shit talking moment.
This is why Paul Pierce left LeBron James out of his top 5.
Somebody faked that the Crossfire Hurricane team had a FISA on Paul Manafort & "leaked" this to CNN And the culprits may have been the Special Counsels Office, trying to influence s Chief Judge into allowing the SCO to pierce Manaforts Attorney/Client privilege THREAD.

Paul Pierce is my guy but cmon fam y all really dead ass be salt.
Paul Pierce says LeBron is not a top 5 player of all-time when he doesn t even have half of his accomplishments. What makes things funnier is that Paul Pierce, not even a top 50 player of all-time or a top 5 Celtics player of all-time.

Paul Pierce still can t stand the fact he wasn t recognized enough for a retirement tour.
Paul Pierce is just really salty because he spent time in the East getting kicked out of the playoffs by a LeBron James team.
NBA Twitter everytime Paul Pierce says something.
Ok but his top 5 is pretty strong I m not saying Lebrun isn t talented but I ve always thought he was a sell out. So I m 100% on Paul Pierce s side here.
Paul Pierce still hasn t mentally recovered from this:.
Damn Paul Pierce a hater.
Paul Pierce: Says anything about basketball The entire world:.
Why Lebron fans so salty that paul pierce aint out Lebron on his top 5? Ive heard multiple players not put him in the top 5 all for the same reason and thats cause when they talk greats they say they look at little things cause all top 10 players are so.

Never forget when Paul Pierce went on national tv and said he had a better career than d wade lmao.
There is holding a there is Paul Pierce.
Paul Pierce is still swole from that two-piece Lebron put on his squad in Game 6 in the 2012 ECF. KG too.
Paul Pierce really said he had a better career than D-Wade AND LeBron isn t top 5 all-time.
Paul Pierce in high school looked greasier than the back of Windhorst s neck.
That Paul pierce take is a steaming pile of trash. Mf won 1 championship with ppl that had to be brought in. He s an idiot.
Oh, it s Fuck Paul Pierce Day!?!
According to Paul LeBron doesnt crack the top 5.
This is why no one talks about Paul Pierce.
They done let Paul Pierce start trending.
Paul Pierce gotta be the biggest hater.
the way Paul Pierces definition of greatness is clearly constructed around elevating his own careers standing is a magnificent troll. god bless him.
Paul Pierce slander?
Is Paul Pierce even a Top 5 player from his era? This guy just says stuff for attention lol.
Aye man Paul Pierce shitted on his self mid game. Why y all care what he think.
The time Jameer Nelson put Paul Pierce on the ground.
Paul Pierce is still mad that this happened.
As a Celtics fan I can absolutely tell you this is the reason why Paul Pierce doesn t have Lebron top s salty as hell about this.
Paul Pierce is the most overrated player in NBA history.
RT : Paul Pierce says LeBron James isn t a top 5 player of all time ( ESPN).
Paul Pierce - "LeBron isnt in my top 5" LeBron vs Paul Pierce throughout his career. 49 PTS 45 PTS (2x) 43 PTS 42 PTS 38 PTS (5x) 37 PTS (2x) 36 PTS (8x) 35 PTS (5x) 34 PTS (4x) 33 PTS (2x) 32 PTS (3x) 31 PTS (3x) 30 PTS (2x).

Paul Pierce opinion dont matter about Top 5 because he not even Top 100. And this is coming from a non-LeBald James fan.
Paul Pierce: i think The entire basketball world:.
Paul Pierce says LeBron James isn t a top 5 player of all time ( ESPN).
Paul Pierce earning that the truth ... and he used LBJ business in ECF ... LBJ 5th all time 1. MJ 2. Kobe 3. Magic 4. Bird 5. LBJ know what s up he a smart kid he just trolls me ... only poss explanation.

Paul pierce isn t even top 50 lmao.
Paul Pierce left LeBron James off his top 5 all-time list. Were just gonna drop this.
Gonna take this opportunity to point out that Ray Allen should have been finals mvp in 08. Had the voters gotten that right we d be spared from Paul Pierce s awfulness.
paul pierce really woke up from a nap to stare into his zoom call like an uncle and say the dumbest possible nonsense ever.
Of course I open up twitter to Paul Pierce trending for saying some dumb shit.
Paul Pierce says LeBron James is not a top 5 player of all-time. "He went and put together a team in Miami." He explained why and gave his top 5:.
Welp, I guess since says isn t a top 5 player, Paul Pierce moves himself from top 50 all time, to top 50-100.
Paul Pierce is like the Ja Rule of basketball, we respect what he did for the culture but he s a clown.
Oh baby we slandering Paul Pierce today??!?
Who keeps asking Paul Pierce for his input on things.

What You Really Think

Wheres Alex Caruso. Smh.

I hope Bron be reading all these quarantine slander for when the games start again.

The Truth far from the truth!

A bunch of players don t have lebron in their top 5, it s nothing surprising.

Wilt-C. B Russ- PF. MJ-SG. Big O PG. IceMan Sf.

Got smoked too many times by him apparently.

Well when starting from premise that is a flaming knucklehead whose career was derailed by King not surprising unfortunately. PP had the vaunted original Big 3 yet only one ring? .. & even that was a struggle to get. Hard Pass on his Top 5.

Who y all replacing???

How do you put Magic over Kobe? Is it drugs??? Magic isnt even top 5 material, please.

His list though.

Rightfully so.

Paul Pierce is a sore loser.

I d too.

duh i don t have him the top 8.

but he put Magic Johnson twice.

He s top 3 for sure, but he s no goat.

Hater. Lol.

So what?

He s still salty after the 2012 playoffs.

Remember unbiased sports opinions.

1. MJ, 3. LBJ. SIMPLE.

And it surprises a total of 0 people.

Lebron is the only player in history that was given a top 5 spot how he earn it with his record in the finals.

Paul Pierce just salty cus Lebron ended his career.

Damn man people cant have their own opinions these days without the media on all on Lebron?!

MJ Kobe Bron Shaq.

Of course he did. He only says stupid things like this just to be relevant cuz nobody talks about him.

Tell me how The Truth stays telling lies? He still bitter.

But what about wilt???