Thursday 2nd of February 2023

The Chase Have Attempted to Storm George Pell's Memorial While His Body Lies in State at Sydney's St Mary's Cathedral.

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THREAD: Reminded today another requiem mass back 1996: funeral serial paedophile priest Nazareno Fasciale, attended late George Pell weeks after Fasciale charged police multiple counts gross indecency indecent assault four children.

Among those attending Cardinal Pell's funeral: Former PM's John Howard Tony Abbott Opposition Leader Peter Dutton. Those aren't: Anthony Albanese, Premier Dominic Perrottet, Opposition Leader Chris Minns David Hurley.

Chase have attempted storm George Pell's memorial while body lies state Sydney's Mary's Cathedral.
Loves Pedo Pell much beyond thrilled know that other vile Pell supporters will meet their Hell day.
former went heard chant Cardinal Pell should hell, thought, Aha. least, they believe afterlife. Perhaps this Saint George Pells first miracle. sick.

Pell soon become Archbishop Melbourne. years before, churchs Personnel Advisory Board which, knowing Fasciales crimes, allowed retire heath stress. child abuse Royal Commission found Pell knew real reason Fasciale retired.

Dutton reading room. Going Pells funeral upset that Charles going note. Dutton lives bubble 1950s conservatism idea about 2023.
Many shameful episodes Australian politics recent years, hard think lower moment than seeing former Prime Ministers attend funeral cardinal covered institutionalised sexual abuse children protected pedophile priests.

Prime Minister didnt Pells funeral. Even Governor General didnt Peter Dutton went. Knowing controversy knowing that hundreds thousands children have been sexually abused while care organisation Pell represented. chose go.

Protesters gathered mourners began arrive Sydney Thursday ahead funeral service Australian Cardinal George Pell, former Vatican official acquitted 2020 sexual abuse accusations.

Tell where, exactly, George "Pedo" Pell Church vehemently defended maligned defamed this. We'll wait.
George Pells body will permanently stay elaborate crypt Mary's Cathedral Sydney, making this landmark forever symbol Catholic Church indifference suffering little children.

Thank Prime Minister AlboMP having common decency attending Pells Funeral. Couldnt believe there Abbott calling Pell Saint. Makes feel sick.
things troubling today Pell funeral Robodept. Both show total contempt doing right thing protecting vulnerable people.
This Francis Sullivan Sullivan appointed Truth, Justice Healing Council 2012, which remained position until entered retirement late 2018. Spare intrinsic part problem.

Pells ashes swept under carpet, traditional Catholic ceremony.
People media keep saying George Pell guilty. contraire, found guilty people sentence quashed judiciary. He guilty sin. Don't rewrite history with propaganda.

Abbott described Pell greatest Catholic Australia produced Mary MacKillop would like word Tones.
Sadly its an opinion that is all too common, We need to listen to the scientist not the clergy.
irony! - "Alan Jones slams Anthony Albanese lacking 'moral courage' no-show George Pell's funeral" Daily Mail.
televising Pell's funeral Tells need know about arsehole pedophile protectors
those defending Pell (Abbott, Howard, Dutton, Bolt, etc)... admitted defender protector paedophiles persecutor their victims, even conviction being overturned technicality. explain this your children?

Tony Abbott's greatest mistake knighting Prince Phillip instead Cardinal Pell.
Every outlet been quoting abbott pell, only knausc managed properly.
George Pell: Mourners protesters clash cardinal's Sydney funeral.
NORMAL: Liberal Party figures have been condemned flocking funeral disgraced clergyman George Pell, covered child sexual abuse protected perpetrators, spent year jail sexually assaulting children before later getting off.

Pell greatest Catholic ever Australia claimed Abbott, then very very low, actualy ground.
Peter Dutton isn't Catholic. wasn't state funeral. flew Sydney attend Pell's funeral rather than Canberra attend presentation Voice. attended remotely.) Dutton's priorities Australia's priorities.

Here again, Francis Sullivan said. When comes child sexual abuse, Catholic church demonstrated propensity either silent give limited information minimise impact. How true. Stop removing survivors ribbons!

Whatever think Pell, this remarkable Dutton. Rachel says, he's Catholic, wasn't state funeral, flew Sydney there. reason words: "you dirty lefties easy". Sure, wow.

disagree with completely. dont think Abott great what about Cardinal Pell, believe Catholic way), spot Embarrassment Australia your opinion maybe.

Does single journalist have spine Dutton they defend Pell great after findings royal commission??
Pells funeral being televised. anyone tell isnt?
funeral controversial Vatican cardinal George Pell Sydney sees some protesters confronted mourners with chants "shame".
seems crass that youre force teaming with people demonstrating Pells funeral because CSA?
great indictment Catholic Church Pell greatest.
Dutton concerned about sexual predators Alice Springs, joins mourners Pell's funeral??
Archbishop of Sydney Anthony Fishers homily did not once mention the victims of child sexual abuse, or Pells responses to it.
Also, when considering potential innocence Pell, remember lawyers words when defending original case, plain vanilla sexual penetration case where child actively participating.

George Pell died, were mums hospital room, shed been sleeping most morn. said Aunty should know died. Aunty leaned over told didnt open eyes, very slowly lifted hands clapped. perfect.

whole them liars. Pell NEVER EXONERATED justice system, just opposite.
Also would have accepted Pells coffin moved between regional Victorian parishes attempt hide true extent death.
Pell rose offering 'his' church right, including Murdoch, allies right's culture wars. offer gleefully accepted. could never allow personal political power ambitions damaged anything worthless childrens' lives.

Pell "exonerated" High Court all. They decided trial hadn't covered aspect evidence sufficiently. think call this "technicality".
even still alive? mean look him. Come Satan, isnt time Pell some mates?
Tony Abbott others hold Pell great man, martyr suffered before High Court overturned guilty verdict. They continue failing mention Royal Commission's findings that Pell knew, crimes, moved paedophile priests around rape more kids.../2.

Lost argument? revealed Royal Commission. Church riddled with paedophile priests, Pell knew about them chose nothing stop them. worship paedophilia, choosing ignore that you.

dont think Archbishops understanding High Courts decision relation Pell correct accurate. Archbishop cannot change decisions High Court misinterpreting their words.

Good riddance. George Pell.
Pell priests staunch catholic besides what witnessed school what during covid have respect clergy faith nothing with weak men.
Live your life police don't have hold back 1000s people your funeral wishing burn hell eternity.
Rest piss Pell.
fucking surprised that Alan Jones both attended Pells funeral posted page today vilify AlboMP attending? What terminal fucking grub this fermented fuckbonnet
Tony Abbott: "George Pell greatest I've ever known." Pell ignored numerous instances child sexual abuse decades need real massive fckwit think that great. Disgusting.

Tony Abbott. Religious fanatic. Misogynist pig. Worshiper Australias worst child molester protector. Tony Abbott paid tribute Cardinal George Pell, calling saint times said Thursdays funeral mass joyous tribute great hero.

George Pell: cardinal aware children being sexually abused, royal commission report finds great human with this hanging over you.
Protesters clash with Catholic faithful outside Cardinal George Pells funeral BASTARD. PAULA.
true. appeal overturned conviction said nothing about innocence. that appeal means that opinions judges, jury might have taken everything into account. then Pell left Australia case couldnt retried.

Voice working group says Dutton committed further talks happened.
George Pell dead. Thinking children suffered unimaginable abuse watch.
Dear AlboMP, Thank attending funeral Cardinal George Pell. Your decision means much victims survivors child sexual abuse Church.
Abbott came praise Pell, well bury him. Here post-funeral. Spot women?
what will about Pell apologists they certainly help make your list potential babysitters shorter.
Yes! Fuck pell.
George Pell, 2002.
With both John Howard Alan Jones attending George Pell's funeral today, believe them part same (ahem, cough, cough) Boys Club?
hell Pell hell waiting you.
actually what lawyer said sentencing summation after guilty verdict. lawyers defence what they expected after guilty verdict. would think Pell genuinely innocent would have insisted lawyer more ambiguous.

George Pell, 2014.
Pell without question, loathsome.
George Pell, 2016.
being paid what handsomely under table? meant Pell (through lawyers) lodged appeal pled guilty along. then dont appeal.
Weird article. Pell freed because legal technicality because innocent. What's wrong with TND? Protesters rally outside Cardinal Pell funeral service.
Attending Pell's funeral statement unmistakable intent.
their atheist, they dont believe heaven hell They sound fake saying Pell will hell.
Just when think Abbott couldn't more touch, finds way.

What You Really Think

If there really is a heaven and hell then George Pell is in real trouble and getting what he deserves at last, every now and then i wish it was real and not just a fairy tale for dent pedos to hide behind.

How about these protestors give the Catholic Church a break (Pell is dead) and concentrate on paedophilia within the largest institution of all the family. With the breakdown of the family unit its worse than it ever was. The stats dont lie.

I hope this mob are marching for all those Aboriginal children who are being molested by their kind. The truth is they are marching for themselves to show each other their so called moral superiority.

Respect for others is number 1 , this attempt at humour or protest is incorrect.

Great! Well done.

Protesting at a funeral. This is modern Australia. *** how low class can you actually get?

Obscene where are the police in Sydney protecting this religious mourning space ? No end of cops arresting people for not wearing mask outside during " lockdown season".

Good on them.

So Pell was innocent..I guess this means the claimed victims by definition must be liers..I think their is a big difference to the best legal minds money can afford to get you off..and innocence. Been no mention of the victims at all ..!!

The who?

Cannot believe such disrespect is thought of as funny.

Classy aren't they.


Fuck yeah.

Pell was a monster and its good that hes dead.

What??? That axx corpse secretly moved to Sydney with a WHAT- FOR memorial!!! Here we go, our protesting troop to raid that target site for not let him RIP on Australia soil. Sxxx axx.

Great stuff . Perhaps they can go to your office and instil some respect for facts.


I hear these stunning and brave drongos are going to try this stunt at a Mosque for an Imams funeral.

Well done chaser. murdoch a holes.

The Chase storming the memorial.

Absolute Grubs.

Come to my funeral. My people will welcome you. Not.

Who has paid for all the security.

This was great, also, good to see the pedo enablers come out of the woodwork talking about respect...

Good on them Pell is a pedophile protector.

In poor taste as always.