Monday 13th of March 2023

Mike Pence: President Trump Was Wrong. His Reckless Words Endangered my Family And Everyone at The Capitol That Day, And I Know History Will Hold Donald Trump Accountable.

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Pence warns renewed Iran deal would pave path nuclear weapon gold' regime News.
Just Gridiron. listening Mike_Pence giving absurd speech about important find truth about January Left unsaid that filing ridiculous court actions about afraid tell truth about w/bogus privilege assertions.

Mike Pence sad, cowardly little without ounce class dignity. Hell tiny, forgettable footnote history remembered more many failings than anything accomplished pathetic life.

this coward Mike Pence waited issue statement would handle electors until Trump ellipse speech. Didnt even have courage respect down discuss face face with Trump beforehand. Gutless coward.

Pence says Trump 'endangered family' Jan.
You're pushing some serious counterfactuals here, kiddo. During riots, Pence defended democracy opposed Trump, which hardcore Trump supporters still want hang from nearest sour-apple tree.

Trump told them stand Told them fight. Told them come Told them stop steal. Told them capitol. Told them make Pence stand strong. Waited send national guard stop them. Told them loved them.

PINT warm beer barman, PINT mind you, none your 0.568 litres nonsense, with massive crown stamp paid pounds shillings pence yards WW2, 1966, Waterloo etc.
Pence pound sand. Fake Christian lousy American.
yet, Pence will protect American people democracy testifying truthfully before grand jury about Trumps criminal pressure campaign overturn results presidential election. Mike Pence smallest America.

Mike Pence Condemns Tucker Carlsons Portrayal January 6th, Says History Will Hold Donald Trump Accountable That Day.
Last minute move enraged crowd. Videos (Ryan Nichols example) protesters raging about Pence have been entered evidence justify trial detention jail sentences. Pence least partially responsible pouring fuel fire January 6.

done more help country advance human rights than Mike Pence ever dream doing. Mike Pence should know that will forever always known Trumps biggest sycophant only right thing lifetime. hell ever president.

Lets wait history judge him, Mike. nation laws. laws judge him. Now.
Pence will keep whining about treated Trump while refusing testify about under oath. History will judge too, Mike_Pence. your lack integrity cowardice. now, only uphold your duty country when options.

Speaking last night Mike Pence blasted attempts sanitize Jan. not, some would have believe, tourists visiting Capitol. Tourists don't injure police officers sightseeing. Tourists don't break down doors speaker House.".

Mike Pence Sharpest Jan. Rebuke Yet: Trump's Words Were 'Reckless' President Trump endangered every American.
Trump denied election worked overturn. Pence have been conflicted, responsible. Your claim like going after holding killer accountable.
Sean Hannity "News", Republican Rep. Mike wants Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid. Republican Senators Rick Scott, Johnson, Lindsey Graham, want Medicare, does Mike Pence. Governor DeSantis wants privatize Social Security.

Mike Pence fuck himself. History will hold Donald Trump accountable what happened Jan. Mike Pence.
Pence thinks Trump accountable, means knows Trump criminal. wont testify about what knows, supporter criminal enterprise. sure isnt supporting country.
Hey, Mike Pence: your homophobic attack Pete Buttigieg last night disgusting, unsurprising you. Just know that Pete Buttigieg smarter more courageous than ever will messed around with wrong person will regret it.

Scathing?!? From wouldnt testify during hearings? Why attempt give thisperson credit? Mike Pence liar coward. Miss with little late half-assed commentary.

TALK ABOUT CLOSE CALLS! Pelosi hadn't assembled Jan. Committee, wouldn't know: 1. Minutes separated Proud assassins from capturing Pence ending democracy. 2. tRump's mobilization violent supporters traumatized innocent families.

Pence waited until joint session Congress convened release letter informing Trump (and public) didnt have authority halt count. teased days before that might even though aides knew wouldnt anything. His.

Wants respect? press conf. tell American people what know. material witness have incriminating evidence about before, during, after, refuses cooperate comply with subpoenas.

Gridiron Club Dinner, DC. The American people have right know what took place Capitol January expect members fourth estate continue their job, Pence said dinner. Says fighting subpoena testify.

History will judge coward fighting subpoena about what happened 1/6.
mightve heard that Secretary Pete recently adopted twins. couldnt imagine surprise when called tell inspired marriage that wants Chasten call Mother. Theres free ya.

Hypocrite Mike Pence vp45 2021.
History will hold Pence COWARD Pence says history will hold Donald Trump accountable January 6th.
context: Mike Pence spoke dinner last night said that Pete Buttigieg went maternity leave after having child with husband Chasten. This coming from cant even bring himself testify front grand jury about role 1/6. Revolting.

It's good thing, because Mike Pence certainly won't!
"History will hold Donald Trump accountable" Jan. Pence says.
Pence traitor this country.
Mike Pence Touch with Reality!
Mike Pence says Trump should held accountable Jan. 6th, balances this brief moment honesty making vicious homophobic slurs against Pete Buttigieg. Because it's what evangelical base demands pure hate.

indeed! Mike_Pence !!!!
Former Vice President Mike Pence said "history will hold Donald Trump accountable," criticized ex-boss over Jan. riots. Pence considering running Republican nomination 2024 presidential election.

Pence sad/sorry nearly honest pretends
Pence stooped making honest, truthful comments about Trump. also calling hypocrisythe longer considered true conservative.
never forget that lying bigot Mike Pence convinced very last minute commit sedition. hero, accomplice until boss tried have killed.
Pence continues refuse offer testimony.
Some quotes from Mike Pence Saturday night Gridiron Dinner
honestly dont think Pence coward. I truly believe lies, deception criminal activities administration. Thats fights against telling truth. equally guilty Trump.

History will hold Mike Pence accountable failure testify about Donald Trumps criminality, hold Trump responsible rule law. Pence wants both ways. doesnt want testify right side history. weak.

Mike Pence handpicked Manafort, craven politician, coward culpable 100,000's unnecessary preventable Covid deaths >130,000 kids w/out both primary caregivers.
' GovPenceIN down rat, always been, always will Mike Pence tears into Donald Trump over January media dinner
Pence: "History will hold Donald Trump accountable.".
listen entire speech last night? Mike_Pence said, "But since spineless, two-faced, coward will fight subpoena avoid having tell truth about what know about 6".

JUST Mike Pence, stranger homophobia, made horrible homophobic comments tonight about Pete Buttigieg mocking going "maternity leave." Mike Pence couldn't shine Secretary Pete's shoes.

Heroes!!! Trusted friends bab_102 follow: ConnieBabe4 SuzieBird4 Gdad1 GroovyChic1960s TonyHQ1985 Eathbound420 Len_Future realTuckFrumper TRUESAY14 Len_Future Pence says history will hold Donald Trump accountable January 6th.

Normal tourist visits dont result millions dollars worth damage. Normal tourist visits dont lead grave injuries multiple deaths. Normal tourist visits dont involve chants hang Mike Pence.

Dear media: Pence telling something won't testify judicial process. That story. Telling Pence's feelings under these circumstances advertising, journalism. Advertising Pence's presidential appropriate function media.

book seller just like moron down south, cant find good thing about disantis except,he needs WOKE idea what touting about should back seats educational system LEARN SOMETHING! LIAR!

I've seen reporting that former Vice President Pence also made several jokes about Transportation Buttigieg taking parental leave when twins were born. (?).
Mike Pence: History Will Hold Donald Trump Accountable January DAMPER. LAWYER!
Pence says Jan. 'disgrace' 'history will hold Trump accountable'.
Mike Pence, just reminder that noose January meant you.
history will forget Mike Pences name.
'History' abstraction that does nothing human effort. 'History' would aided task Pence assigns Pence would reveal what knows; stunning hypocrisy
Pence weighed made decision, much about presidential ambitions (effectively ended) about probable consequences refusing testify under oath. Pence KNEW what coming down; pressured participate weeks minions. 1/.

Haha. think most Americans joke about him!
Mike Pence: history will hold Donald Trump accountable over Capitol attack.
Pence: right overturn election. reckless words endangered family everyone Capitol that day, know history will hold Donald Trump accountable.

What You Really Think

History does NOT put Trump in jail. Prosecutors do.

What's the over/under on how many hours until he walks that back?

Too little, too late.

His words , to little to late!

He should've been saying this all along. His family was in danger. They wouldn't have stopped with him.The Secret Service team knew that. Heck, watching the violence taking place on TV, I knew it. I'll never understand how he protected 45 after having experienced the 1/6 madness.

What changed?

This comment means nothing until he agrees to testify.

But Mr Pence of course wont hold him accountable. Mother wont let him.

Is that a little bit of a backbone Pence has found?

It will hold you accountable as well you spineless christofascist.

Id rather the Justice Department indict him immediately.

Uhhow long has it taken for this to come out of MikePences mouth? So whats the reaction from DictatorDonald?

Hes a coward.if he would testify then the courts would hold Trump accountable.

Yet he still kissed his big ass.

Lying Christian Pence admitted long after he was asked many times. This man must not be taken seriously. Hes worse than weak sauce.

Too little too late. Weak man.

Too little too late.

He flip flops more than anyone.

He needs to admit president could care less if they hung mike.

So History will say Trump was a bad man then theyll ban those history books that state this *** F**k history The DOJ needs to hold him accountable.

Spin Doctoring aint gonna work.

Way too late, not genuine, and guaranteed he will sing a different tune if it benefits him. This means nothing coming from him. He is a cowardly traitor with no honor.

A bit late, is he not?

All the while Pence is cowardly hoping that he doesnt have to testify.

History? Mike is calling the DOJ history?

Pence got the memo for Ronna to officially move on from TFG.

Is Pence "Navarroing" himself?

Finally but too late. No ones voting for Pence in 2024 except Mother.

"But I'm still going to do everything I can to avoid testifying under oath and telling the American public the truth they deserve to know.".

Translation: I was hoping to hold onto my job, even consulting Dan Quale, but Trump was hell bent on on getting impeached again.

But he wont - because hes a COWARD.

Pence is gross.

Both are human filth!

What has gotten into to Mr. MealyMouth?

Politicians will say anything to further their career.

History will, but I wont.

But I wont, because Im a giant pus$y.

...But I refuse to testify because I'm a coward.

Which way is the wind blowing now, Mike?

My informal morning poll has confirmed my rhetorical thesis. Predatory capitalism is a redundant term. Lets just end this life-crushing madness before its finally too late!

Isn't that the task of himself testifying in front of the jurors in the criminal court of justice?

He knows it and yet hes willing to put our country through all this again because he thinks he has a chance of becoming P? History will hold Mike_Pence accountable for not telling the truth to the.

What?? Mike Pence is waking up!! Mike, go in front of the Grand Jury!! Be a man!!

Hey Mike..

The former Vice Poodle turns ferocious once released from his leash/choke hold.

Shut up coward!!!

Pence's God forbid he be the one to help do that. He's nothing but an ass kissing, spineless coward.

What words? Peacefully and patriotically make our voices heard? Lmmfao.

But I wont, Pence added.

Will the real Mike Pence please stand up ...


For a moment there, Pence almost had a chin.

What abut Pence being complicit in everything trump did? History wont b kind to him.

A day late and a dollar short.

It was YOU that threw America under the bus because youre a spineless little man who sold out your country! Youre responsible for the rioting that day. Because of YOU our country is now being destroyed! When YOU stand before God, your lies wont help you! REPENT!

Pence is so wishy-washy. One day, he holds DJT accountable...the next it was just a misunderstanding.

...endangered my family... Werent they chanting Hang Mike Pence with a gallows set up to do it? Why is he so afraid to say that?

Mike Pence leaving to history what testifying would help DOJPH do now.

History??? Thats all ya got?

Wait! Was there another insurrection, or is Mike talking about the one from TWO YEARS AGO!!

Wow. Mother must have allowed him to take his spine out of her purse for a test drive.

Anyone remember milktoast?

This guy is a joke. Hes such a weenie. Just a tad late saying this now.

And yet, he fights the subpoena.