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Saturday 27th of June 2020

Retweet if You Think Mike Pence Has Blood on His Hands.

Pence's cynicism and disingenuousness is bottomless.
Retweet if you believe Mike Pence and this White House are murdering Americans.
BURN!!! ??? Meidas Touch already has an ad out destroying Pence for his blatant lies!!!
Hating mike pence and all his lies - trump ass licker.
Fact check: As pandemic situation worsens, Pence paints a deceptively rosy picture . Call it what it is. The super Christian is lying again.
Mike Pence is a historic sycophant. The idea that he calls himself a Christian is disgusting. He is a weak, pathetic man in total collusion with Trump at every step, and tens of thousands of people have already died of Covid-19 as a result. Like Trump, he has blood on his hands.

You can see the actual moment when VP Pence's soul would've left his body if he still had a soul.
Why did Mike Pence LIE and say we've flattened the curve with nearly 9,000 new cases in Florida? He's speaking to an audience of ONE.

When Mike Pence responds to the US hitting a new record in coronavirus cases by claiming to find that it's actually "very encouraging news," reflecting "great success," I'm reminded of past reporting North Korea.

Mike Pence: If mayonnaise were a human being.
What you are missing, Stevie, is that Mike Pence welcomes the mass death as a sign of the glorious End Times.
I agree. He will most likely pas the baton to Mike Pence so Pence can Pardon him for all crimes ready for indictment.
Impossible to imagine anyone failing at something worse than Trump/Pence have at COVID.
Fact check: As the pandemic situation worsens, Vice President Pence paints a deceptively rosy picture, CNN's Daniel Dale writes.
Mike Pence said that the states are opening up responsibly. And Nixon said I am not a crook.
The latest on what we know about VP's trip to Texas this weekend.
VP Mike Pence: "We slowed the spread, we flattened the curve, we saved lives.".
Pence is congratulating the administration on how successful their coronavirus response was at the same time as Florida, Arizona, and Texas are having to roll back their openings.
And clearly you can participate in the political process/assemble peaceably w/mandatory masks or online. The Trump/Pence campaign chose NOT to do that.
Given his Christian beliefs, Mike Pence must believe the day will come when he will have to stand before the throne of God and explain why he put politics ahead of human lives in the matters of masks and public gatherings.

Pence just casually announces the new projection for American dead as high as 240,000. This is the same man who once projected 60,000 tops by the fall.
Good morning Resisters Hope your all well, Isn't Pence supposed to give a COVID--45 briefing today. I guess he thinks we've forgotten about him. No asshole I told you we will never forget about you, We know who & what the Donald & you are,Evil incarnate & conversation therapy Guy.

The Mike Pence Pandemic Propaganda Power Hour.
Today was a good reminder that Pence is as awful as Trump.
Retweet if you think Mike Pence has blood on his hands.
666 you are.
.jaketapper on VP Pence's claim that "we are in a much better place" on coronavirus: "It's true that things might be better today than weeks ago when 2,000 Americans were dying from Covid-19 every single day, but the curve has not flattened. The opposite is true.".

Pence was talking about his mojo!
Those 1.5 to 2.2 million Americans will still catch COVID-19 and die. It's just that it won't happen until this Fall. The shutdown in April and May only slowed the spread. It didn't stop the spread. Europe and Asia have. They reduced R0 to 0.6 and drastically reduced the virus.

Mike Pence can choke on a bag of dicks.
Yes you are a thoroughly deplorable human being if you support Trump and Pence. If there is a Hell, May you burn alongside them for all eternity! ?
You are a liar... You call it a right to defy public health warnings that bring that back from your idiot followers to people who have brains. You are as sick as the president, worse when you add in your BS religion agenda.

Maybe you could call out states that opened in violation of the gating criteria of your plan, and stayed and are staying open, ignoring the last item of page 4 of your plan?
Mike pence is dumber than a block of velveeta.
Vice President Mike Pence is moving forward with a trip to Texas on Sunday as the state rushes to respond to a coronavirus surge.
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Pence is a pussy!
The administration's failed policies have literally killed thousands of people. God will judge you for your part in that. May you and your family and Trump suffer greatly in your own demise. COVID You had one job: Protect the American people. You failed. You continue to fail.

Accomplice to MURDER !
Florida set a record w/almost 9000 new cases today Pence & Azar claim we've flattened the curve & stopped the spread. Marco says 'no more listening to the experts' DeSantis: "no need to panic" At this rate Florida is just going to rot & fall off the US.

MIKE PENCE: All lives matter. REPOER: So, Americans should wear masks? MIKE PENCE: Wait, no, I was being racist.
Pence still not getting it IMO: "these are specific outbreaks." There are *30* states w/increasing COVID19 cases -- not a collection of isolated events. This is a pattern, a national tragedy, and a failure of a federal leadership.

You lie! You failed and this is what you did to Americans! How do you sleep fake Jesus man?
This is a lie. You are a monster.

What You Really Think

They will be found in history alongside the likes of Papa Doc, Assad, Un etal Today Pence confirmed his eternal reservation in hell, shared occupancy w DJT & family.

He ALREADY had blood dealing with the HIV issues as governor of Indiana...

So much blood.

On his hands?


Do you mean more than any other POTUS or VP?