Wednesday 4th of November 2020

VP Mike_Pence: "While The Votes Continue to be Counted We're Going to Remain Vigilant.".

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Your judgement is at hand Mike_Pence. There is no person who bears more responsibility for this tragic era than you, with the exception of Trump himself. You are a liar and a fraud. History will be brutal to you.

Happening Now! President realDonaldTrumps MAGARally is underway in Kenosha, Wisconsin! Take a look from above, and get out tomorrow, and VOTE for realDonaldTrump & Mike_Pence!
Its Election Day in America! Get out and VOTE for FOUR YEARS of President realDonaldTrump!
He hasnt won. As far as Im concerned we already have won Its about counting votes, end of story - we knew he would lie and manipulate as always. And pence as always is the epitome of a vacant tool and fuckboi.

It was fascinating to see Pence put a sliver daylight between himself and our lunatic President. How many Republicans will join him?
That was bad. Pence tried to fix it by saying on the path to victory, but there was no unringing the bell.
Hes holding the American flag upside down and letting it touch the ground. Hes counting coup on Trump, Pence and the GOP. This is an incredibly good sign. Fingers crossed.
Vice President Mike_Pence: I believe with all my heart, that we are on the road to victory.
Even at 2 am, Mike Pence really knows how to kiss an ass.
I didn't think Pence seemed comfortable or quite 'on message' during Trump's announcement. I could imagine him being dragged by the ear to the podium..
Trumps Cakewalk Path to a Mickey Mouse Presidency: - Weak Republican Conference - Beats Injured Kamala Harris - Carried by Pence - Avoided Yang - Kanye isnt trying - Saved by Russia If Trump wins he will be 0-0-2 in the elections. rigged big asterisk.

President Trump and Vice President Pence 2020.
To all Americans who went to bed thinking nothing might happen overnight, sorry but your president has just staged a coup in the WH. To the tune of Hail to the Chief. Complete with cheering sycophants. And Mike Pence. And mother.

A/ People over Profits = Biden/Harris or B/ Profits over People =Trump/Pence Which do Americans value more? If you can answer that question, you'll know who will win.
Did anyone else watch this speech on NBC? Cause it looked like they censored Trump... I didnt get to hear the full thing cause they cut it off and started talking then came back to Pence at the end.
It is you who won abi? America isn't Nigeria my brother.
VP Mike_Pence: "While the votes continue to be counted we're going to remain vigilant.".
Pence has dicks like the ninja turtles have hands love that dude twenty years of comfy radio.
As much as this might be in part true, the real issue is the dems picking a candidate who has a fairly high chance of not making it through 4 years. Pence is probably less electable than Harris.
Funny, Pence sats otherwise.
Dont get mad cause he fact checked your image you found from google bud. as far as im concerned this was a live debate and you lost.
He acted like a Dictator: Declared himself & Pence as P & VP!Ordered to stop counting more Votes!Kept spreading COVID-19 irresponsibly & negligently in the WH Event tonight! Uses the WH & Presidential Services, nulb & Vehicles for personal non official duties & for his Campaign now.

Trump and Pence's speeches were not compatible. It's either "we want all voting to stop" or "while the votes continue to be counted, we're gonna remain vigilant." Those are not ideas that co-exist.
Pence just lies with more tact.
I hope Pence does something to save your country if Trump tries to do something even more nefarious than this. He really does care about America.
Funny when Pence is considered to be the sane one.
Pence's fly, you mean???
Yes. He really did that. And Mike Pence came on after him like??????????? LOL.
Thats basically how I felt about the choice of the two. If Pence had run I think it would have been a landslide vs Biden.
VP Pence: "It ain't over till every ballot is counted" Trump: "We've won, stop counting the votes" Looooooooooooooooooool.
Yeah im totally okay with having a pence presidency if that's what it comes to Hes not quite romney level of pushover but hell do.
Trump is an idiot. And a bad American. What kind of Statesman does what he just did. And I am a Republican. Im embarrassed as an American by that idiotic speech. Pence tried to put paint on a pig but its still a pig. Gaaaad.

For the billionth time I find myself thinking what a different world this would've been & what a successful president Trump would've been seen as, if, every so often, he could just shut up & let Pence do the talking.

Fox: Mike Pence had to clean up what Trump said. Shitbags.
If you have any doubt where this is heading: Trump-Pence just sent out a call for donations for the election challenges. As Einstein noted "you cannot prevent and prepare for war at the same time.".
Lmao pence actually just ended that deranged presser in the east room with "we will make amerika great again again".
Super surprised Pence hasnt turned states evidence on Trump yet. I imagine he wouldnt go down with the ship.
Mike Pence is the one trying to fix what the fascist just said dfkm.
Pence is positioning himself for a 2024 run.
Welp. The president is demanding that voting stop and that millions of legitimate votes not be counted. He says the Supreme Court is going to hand him the election. Anybody wanna both-sides this?
Here's the bottom line: "The sluggish first five months of the Obama-Biden recovery led to the slowest recovery in U.S. history . . . The Trump administrations first five months of recovery are the nations fastest ever.".

This is a Coup attempt. Period. I don't care what Pence does or says or what his legacy is. We need to do whatever is supposed to happen when someone attempts to overthrow the gov't. Call the joint chiefs, call our allies. The only puzzle is why they bothered with the election.

Biafra separatist massacred in Port Harcourt, Rivers State by Nigerian security's for supporting Trump.
Mike pence said afterwards something along the lines that they can't do that and that he was wrong.
That whole statement was so incendiary. They predicted it and he's done it. Pence's unwillingness to back Trump's statement was telling.
Yeah, I think Lawrence is onto something with the "what Trump said was not what was on the teleprompter" theory, esp since Pence apparently followed Trump by saying we have to wait till the votes are counted.

We the people won't to know now !! We don't want to wait a week or a few days We want to know the winner!!! Now!!
Pence notably does not parrot Trumps false declaration of victory.
I heard it. A big LIE! Claiming wins in states with millions of votes still to be counted. You are so predictable. This was foreseen by every man and his dog. Even your lapdog Pence couldn't bring himself to run with the narrative.

Oh I'll be Gucci regardless, living in the Netherlands is quite nice. (mad props for the Race Bannon/Pence thing).
It can't be denied that a lot of Americans do love Trump, just like a lot of Russians love Putin.
Pence really wants to protect the integrity of the vote by discarding the votes of millions of Americans.
Pence did contradict trump...
Hayner, Roxas and Pence.
Vice President Mike Pence on 'remaining vigilant' as America continues to count each vote.
Sure WIN! All votes must be counted justice. for all supporters of Pres.Trump and Pence.
Were going to protect the integrity of the vote says Pence during Trumps press conference as they in the same speech openly say they will go to Supreme Court to stop all vote counting? Umm.
Good morning! Victory dance by the chief of the tribe ! Trump/Pence 2020.
Vice President Pence thanks the more than 60M Americans who cast their vote for four more years of the administration. "We're going to remain vigilant" as vote counting happens and will work to "protect integrity of vote." Says he is confident, given margins they hold.

Trump doesnt understand that its numbers and arithmetic. Not what his heart is telling him to believe.
The potential looser is Mike Pence if it goes to the the House n Senate.

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All of the votes cast, need to counted.

Esto no me gusto, para nada.