Monday 3rd of May 2021

Jonathan Villar Caught The Phillies Sleeping.

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"I feel sorry for the baseballs." Most 115 MPH hit baseballs, 2021 Giancarlo Stanton 15 Angels 5 Blue Jays 5 Other Yankees 3 Nationals 2 Twins 2 Mets 2 Phillies 2.
Jonathan Villar caught Phillies sleeping.
138 years young today. No big deal to us.
You guys deserve another cool view.
Those are the only spots it could have hit while bouncing back onto the field.
they still haven't deleted this.
Thinking they were gonna come back tonight.
Oh just you wait.
This like constructing real statue fictional boxer.
streak coming Phillies. gonna good somethings gonna come this game.
Congratulations 100HR Rhys.
Started with bang! RingTheBell
NO BETTER TIME FOR NO. 100! Let's goooooo rhyshoskins!!!
never been good picking internet trolls.
This is one of the worst calls you will ever see.
MLB: Mets rally with runs inning Phillies
Hes gonna get laid.
There is no question, they zoomed in and it was super clear.
Heck yeah!! watched Mets Phillies game tonight ending crazy!!
Almost game-tying homer Phillies, almost another blown save Mets.
Yea they do huh? Lmaoo.
Phillies happy about games outcome.
mean they really only made call (McCutchen) idk.
Mets Philadelphia 11-11; 13-15
Karma real.
If it did hit off the seat it would have been easy to see it hit one of those red dots. But it clearly hits well before the seat, so...
Wait logical Phillies fans exist??? Good being few.
Hey dummy.
The ball hit the top of the wall and bounced back. How hard is that to understand.
mets, good, took from phillies first place national league east.
Because nothing in the video is conclusive enough to overturn the call on the field Meaning even if it DID hit the railing its not the right call because, again, theres nothing conclusive Its an assumption to say the ball couldve only bounced that high off of the railing.

Rhys Hoskins' would-be game-tying homer ruled inches short Phillies fall Mets, 8-7.
help from replay, hold Phillies wild series finale.
Phillies fans! Spencer Howard rookie auto patch Rhys Hoskins memorabilia card.
You absolutely love to see this.
Phillies fan! You're Welcome!
years ago, fans Phillies Mets game found Laden killed chants broke CBP.
Phillies have found magical ways lose these last games.
When tell your friends went reality didnt past second base.
It did...
Get the ball out next time lmao.
Lmao the Mets son yall yet again.
Might want to remind me who has the longest playoff drought in the NL, both '86 and '08 are ancient history now.
Phillies fans right now.
Rhys homers He apparently didnt.
Hoskins owns the mets, literally better than that bum Alonso.
love self-deprecating social posts after games like this. Yeah multi-billion dollar business, literally also just game. Have with
Which team think root for? want they blew call with Bohm plate! course they egregious! Braves jobbed. watched that entire series. watch this entire series garauntee you'll hopr never this crew DC.

No,. their coaching, Rather. Philliess drafting sucks. Theres talent minors feed into majors trade bait better talent. have endure long reconstruction. Signing Harper Realmuto only band aid.

Bruh this comment love lmao.
Clearly home run! 100% job!
Suck that Phillies LMAO.
No its not. The railing is fair territory in every stadium.
recording TheDirtySports when Mets game ended, think going back reading angry Phillies tweets once better than reading them real time.
phillies Hoskins mega obviously ball railing railing definitely where people their information from over railing over.

Facts suck, dont they?
Phone Tripod Accessory Kits, Aureday Camera Cell Phone Tripod Stand with Wireless Remote Universal Tripod Head Mount, Perfect Selfies/Video Recording/Vlogging/Live Streaming Cubby Libby Hoskins Donnie Stevenson Phillies.

How is this still up?
Only Philadelphia will they complain about their house rules! Lol.
On top of railing. Oh well. LFGM!!!!!
Rhys Hoskins game-tying called back Phillies lose Mets 8-7.
True, that wasn't worst part that game. worst part Phillies singing "Take Ballgame." Also, videography.
Oohie. Phillies twiitter. There will more trouble next time these meet Mets going feign innocence.
Have good man. Haha.
This like blue dress-gold dress thing over. Same exact video, every Mets Twitter thinks railing, every Phillies thinks seat.
Go watch it again dude, it very clearly hits the railing.
When is it my turn to be happy.
Sorry sarcasm missed you.
Poor phillies social wasted cool graphic.
Lmao whos the sore looser now. Ball hit the fence, take the L.
After watching that Mets/Phillies game, how can someone think baseball is boring ?
always time luck coincidence, times pattern lost Wednesday, Saturday, Tonight after weeks killing books Phillies -1.5 Time back basics figure really going back guys.

About phillies? confused... aint even warn Honestly, john been WAYYYY worse... still there.
Suck adick sore loooser ..clearly homerun ...did ball railing onto field ...urtttt LETS METSS.
soon Phillies
Found our new centerfielder.
Holy crap Phillies Mets game. that
As does my reply.
Edwin Diaz departed alongside Mets trainer Brian Chicklo apparent injury. replay, umpires it's home Rhys Hoskins, two-run double. Jeurys Familia will pitch. What. Crazy. Game. Mets Phillies bottom nine.

mean they stole from braves lol.
Hoskins pissed. Were pissed. Phillies lose Mets.
Yeah especially that pitch Harper that last
Red hot brewers just got their asses kicked by AJ Pollock and Matt Beaty.

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