Monday 5th of April 2021

Picture of an Acid Terrorrism Victim.

Social Media Says

"It is our right to walk in the streets of our city without any fear. It is our right to live without terror. **We are not hostages. We are citizens**" Damn, that's powerful.
That was a good read.
The juxtaposition of on one side the visible strength, beauty and resilience, and on the other the permanent damage of complete evil...suddenly caught me in a strange moment. Its not often that a photo simultaneously intrigues me, humbles me, and makes me want to know someone so deeply, yet at the same time makes me question reality to the point where I have to revisit the photo several times. This photo is both heart and heartwarming. There is something about her smile that is more self-aware and seeing right through you than Mona Lisa could ever begin to smirk at. Excellent shot.

What You Really Think

Thank you!! She deserves an identity above and beyond the crime she was subjected too.

Server overloaded. GG.

Religion is cancer of humanity. The faster we get rid of it, the better.

Religious zealots are not exactly known for their rationality.

People who do this kind of thing are the lowest of the low. They use religion as an excuse.

And the same for those members of her community who condone if not outright encourage such an atrocity.

I honestly don't want them to suffer. I just want this to never happen to anyone else ever again. Since deterrence via violence never seems to work, I'd argue we need to try other methods.

I understand your sentiment, but try to think on this: Has more hate towards anything ever led to an outcome absent of suffering? I think the subject of war and evil has to be approached in a more nuanced way than just "Fuck and kill those bad guys".

Doesn't terrorism imply something political? Was she attacked for political reasons?

I was about to say this but I figured I'd check if someone beat me to is this NSFW at all?

I know, it's her face?

That was my first thought!

Woops I said the same thing. She has scars but she shouldn't be hidden away.

Yes this is pretty fucked up.

This comment was a ride.

For anyone curious: am_Cam.

Holy frack shit. We're in 2021 and this kind of horrors still happens... amongst the "ripping out heart" or "cut throat with machette", for instance. Yeah, I've been on r/watchpeopledie. But here, dude has only *doubts* about his follower... and still proceeds to destroy him.

Came to say this, shes beautiful.

Same. She is strong and still so beautiful Vnulb and whoever did this or had a hand in this, they will get whatever is coming to them sooner or later.

Such a reddit comment.

I hate when people say this stupid shit. When someone has so clearly been deformed by something and people say shes still beautiful like no shes not and thats the point. Someone took that from her its the truth shes physically unattractive now shes probably a good person and its sad but you gotta call it like it is no need for these delusions.


Right? This isn't a pic of a still healing wound. This is a picture of a woman who survived a brutal attack. Saying her face is NSFW is incredibly disrespectful.

Calling for the mods to remove nsfw tag. Fuck you for tagging it like so.

Brainwashing is extremely powerful.

Religious doesn't equal good morals AT ALL.

Religion can easily override conscience.

The reason why they use acid is because it's not consider lethal from a legal perspective. It drops the charge range below attempted murder because they know the victim won't die, despite being as premeditated as murder.

It doesn't help that a lot of those trying to treat the victim immediately after the attack do not know that a continuous deluge of water is the best way to neutralize the acid. More often than not, immediate first aid after an acid attack makes things worse.

You think anybody who would do that would respond to a please?

It wasnt marked NSFW so i guess someone other than OP made that descision.

That was my thought. It's a beautiful eye.

There's plenty of hate of violence that can diminish her beauty and strength- that's why it was done to her, and that's why it's an impressive image of defiance. It's important not because nothing can touch her, but rather because it can but she chooses to fight anyway.

> You could get lost for ages in just that one eye. Can't you look at a woman without romanticizing her?

Another acid attack could take her other eye tf you mean by it won't diminish her beauty??

Agreed. If somebody can become NSFW without their consent we've done something terrible on Reddit.

Just plain misogyny disguised as religion.

A very specific religion.

Right? What good has religion done that can be done without...

They occur in the UK *a lot*, hut you're right about the Islam part.

You dont even have to refuse to wear it. If you let your hijab fall slightly, its considered slutty and you can get nasty gestures and insults come your way.

Attacks like this don't necessarily involve clothing. Mutilation and "honor killings" can happen for bringing perceived shame on the family in any number of ways. Men can also be the targets, but the rules are different and these things are more often done to women.

Just look at how often op posts, and it's always this type of content uepostsleuthbot.

The humans that did this were taught ignorance and hate from an early age. Humans are capable of horrible things. Saying they are animals cheapens the understanding.

Some of these comments got redditors sounding like medieval wizards.

I imagine many more operations will be needed, even if it is possible to successfully reconstruct the socket...

For real, if I was her I would wear a half white mask like the phantom of opera, it would look very badass.

I'm not intending to diminish what she went through, but the first thing I thought was Prince Zuko.

Your interaction with any post boosts it's message. If you're thinking about social media as a personal reflection of your beliefs there isn't much point in liking or disliking anything.

As Iranian China just paly with ayatollah let's see They even don't pay oil money.

Did u see the picture. trying to eat breakfast man.

That's what happens when let people practice the religion of peace freely.

Why is her physical appearance all that matters? Shes a fucking badass survivor. No one gives a fuck if shes pretty or not, it literally doesnt matter. Women are worth more than their fucking looks.

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