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Picture of The U.S. Elevation.

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Thank you! Jeez the highest peak looks about as high as Florida is long on this scale. If you actually had an acurate scale relief of the US it would look basically flat at this altitude!
Start telling those god damned regressive states to legalize it They'll be just as high in no time.
I can't tell if you are being sarcastic or not. Everytime I see one of these it irks the hell out of me that they do that.

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*Rocky Mountain high has entered the chat*.

I expected the Rocky Mountains to be a little rockier than this.

You've had an extra pair of gloves this entire time?!

You guys leave John Denver alone. That man has the voice of an angel.

The north rim of the Grand Canyon is an easy 3000' higher than Denver but you'd never know it looking at this. Denver gets a lot of credit for being a mile high when there are lots of places much higher up than it in America. And don't even get me started on South America.

I mean it's a joke but if you've ever come into Colorado from Kansas, that's the first thought.

Im from the southeast but my husband is from Southern California and we visited a few years ago. Their foothills are the same size as our full on mountains. The Sierra Nevada range is insane compared to our mountains so I cant even imagine how big the Rockies are in comparison. My husband calls Alabama/Georgia/Tennessee mountains hills lol Edit to add: Not that it gives the kind of perspective that actually seeing it does, but the elevation of the Appalachians is around 3,000 on average with a max peak of 6,700, compared to 11,000-14,000 for the Sierra Nevadas. Looks like the elevation range for the Rockies is actually really similar to that of the Sierra Nevadas though? Can someone who knows more expand on or clarify that for me?

As someone who lives in the Rockies, but has frequented Appalachia, the latter are a beautiful sight to see. The colors in the fall are unlike any I've experienced out west.

One thing to keep in mind is the relative elevation. I live at 8700 feet in Evergreen, CO, but it's really only 3500 feet higher than the relative base of Denver at 5280, which mainly flat towards the east. This graph seems to distort that. Eastern Colorado is at 4000 feet, but here it looks like it might as well be sea level.

This is extremely distorted and not an accurate representation of the contours of the land. At that scale it would be almost flat looking.

That's becasue they're baby mountains and ours are old grumpy mountains.

From a quick Google, the highest Elevation in the Appalachian Mountains is Mount Mitchell at 6684 feet. The highest point in the Rockies is at Mount Elbert at 14,433 feet. More than double the height of the Appalachian mountains.

I live right at the foot of the wasatch range (part of the rockys in Utah) the peaks sit around 4000 feet above the rest of the valley. In some areas you can hike for 3/4 of a mile and gain 3000 feet in elevation, thats steeper than a flight a stairs (stairs typically are 37deg the mountain sits at 47deg).

- Appalachian mountains highest point: Mount Mitchell, 5,268 ft - Rocky Mountains highest point: Mount Elbert, 14,433 ft Yup, that's a *huge* difference. I don't think the Appalachians even reach up above the tree line nor into the Alpine zone at all. - ]Tree line](): Altitude above which trees *cannot grow* due to low temperatures, extreme snowpack, or lack of moisture. This is why high summits are bald. - ]Alpine Zone](): Basically the name of the climate above the tree line. See also ]Montane life zones]().

The smokey mountains are higher than people give them credit for especially at dusk when you look up and think thats the sky and realize no thats still the mountain. But the rockies are insanely high and totally different animal.

I live in the Rockies and went to school near the Appalachian mountains and I definitely thought those were hills when I was first driving up to them. Still beautiful and amazing, but very different from western mountains.

In Colorado, we call those hills.

Im from Upstate NY and live in Colorado now- its breathtaking. im in awe every single day that these mountains are real lol.

I flew over the Rockies recently. Those things looked like big hills.


The tallest mountain in the continental US is actually in California!

I just moved from TN from CO and I was like all these lil hills are pretty and everyone is like what, is CO bigger than this? Yes lol much bigger. Its pretty here though for sure.

Moved from the Southeast to Colorado years ago and still can't get over how damn tall these mountains are. You should make a trip out here at some point if possible.

> this tells me just how insanely high the rockies are. To be fair, the mountains on the rockies don't look bigger by the amount you'd expect as the valleys are also like usually like 9-10k feet.

I live out in Denver and have a family house in the mountains of NC. The Rockies are definitely grander and more towering. But we don't get the color changes in the fall like out east. There is just something about the Smokey mountains that I find more charming then the Rockies. Although the world class slopes in the Rockies are hard to pass up.

The first time I went to Salt Lake City I was completely floored as a mostly East Coaster here. Huge mountains to the east and the west, I actually felt slightly trapped lol.

The Rockies are lovely. Unless youre hauling steel coils through the Eisenhower Pass. Thats quite a bit less lovely.

Cascades and Olympics: give us a few more million years and we will see who's bragging!

It has the highest peak on this map too.

Yes the Central Valley looks like I wouldve expected.

Not many places you can go skiing and surfing in the same day, unless you own a private jet/helicopter.

Obviously its not to scale. A scale model of the US would be basically a flat 2D cutout.

Height is scaled by 10x to exaggerate the differences.

Its definitely worth mentioning that this isnt even close to scale. The tallest mountain on earth is about 5.5 miles tall. According to this map, the average Appalachian peak is about 50 miles high judging by the scale of the map width and height.

Quality content.

From Florida. This is accurate af.


The only thing missing from this mental image is a PubSub and some meth.

Yes. Looks pretty dinky compared to the west, but that elevated stripe going up the east is the appalachian mountains.

Petitioning to change the word "river" to "mountain drainage ditch".

Oh god its so much better.

I don't have a source, but I recall reading that both the Appalachian mountains and the Susquehanna river are older than North America, they both existed when the Americas were nut to butt with West Africa.

I used to live in Denver. When looking west toward the front range, you can definitely tell when the first pioneers reached the mountains, they were like. "fuck that, here's fine".

I dunno the whole Manifest Destiny and whitification of the continent probably had more to do with it.

Yeah and explains why everyone in the Midwest is sad.

Saw the big cliffs down by Mexico. WTF does anyone think we need to build a wall there? /s.

Without a doubt. It's cartoonishly exaggerated.

Isnt the Sierra Nevadas the highest point in the continental US? Not sure why it doesnt look like it in this picture.

This post is evidence that most people will believe anything they see on the internet without question.

It's all equally exaggerated actually, 10x height scale to exaggerate the difference. The scale is increased equally across the map.

Nope. Not by a long shot. Even in the Rockies the average elevation above sea level is only like 2km and the peaks around 4km. This image has scaled up the Z axis hundreds of times If you were holding a scale model of the earth the size of a basketball the differences between the highest and lowest points would be so insignificant that running your fingers across it you wouldnt be able to feel them.

Exactly 10x actually.

What do you think is under it?

Ya, gravity is a fucker.

Sure. Land is split into sectors. The highest point of each is recorded. It is multiplied by 10 (so we can see it) and put on a map.

Its pretty damn flat.

Exaggerated to see scale.

Not really.

The UP is a little better tho!

It feeds the nation lmao.

You should visit sometime.

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