Saturday 6th of February 2021

Dems Should Consider a Plan B immigration Bill, Jorgeramosnews Says, Using Budget Reconciliation to Protect as Many Ppl as Possible w/ Simple Majority.

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I still can't quite believe how many people behaved in ways that only made sense if Trump succeeded in open ended authoritarian rule. Like no Plan B whatsoever.
Sections in FIR are 124 A IPC-spreading disaffection against Govt of India, it's regarding sedition, 153 A-promoting hatred amongst various communities on social/culturaleligious grounds, same is 153 & 120 B for criminal conspiracy to give shape to such a plan: Praveer Ranjan.

I like the Romney child benefit plan. It's DOA b/c of the pay-fors, but it can and should move the window. It's a bigger and much more sensibly distributed benefit than the current CTC. My favorite part is the phaseout. This is the right way to means test.

Good morning How is everything according the plan? Plan A or B? Your choice In the end, they will be the same.
No we were in great after the restart and the start of this season but theres one plan only and thats to counter no plan b if there was at 4-0 down at united the plan would of changed but it didnt, why not say to the players were 4-0 down show me that we can not concede more.

Imagine the Chief Medical Officer of your company being a Plan B adherent. Ew.
Then yesterday a new paper gets published by the Plan B boys, arguing for a loosening of our border restrictions. Its part funded by.
I dont know if FlyAirNZ feels like it got its moneys worth, but the next time Plan B push the low IFR the rest of us can cite Thornley et al in response.
A Plan B for Immigration Reform.
What the Plan B people seem to ignore is that "living with the virus" also means giving it a good chance to mutate into something worse. We've already seen this with the more contagious variants. They have come from countries which didn't pursue elimination.

Has Thornley changed his tune? No, the Plan B crew were still pushing a low IFR as recently as last month, which would have been well after any changes to this paper had been made. 4/N.
For the most part, the studys authors play the science with a straight bat, but I did raise an eyebrow at some of the content. And the fact that Simon Thornley, the Plan B spokesperson, is the last author is definitely of note. 2/N.

Please provide examples of any Democrat in office A. calling for the death of a Republican. B. denying horrific factual events. C. harassing people and yelling they are armed. D. helping plan an insurrection. We'll Wait.

Imagine your Chief Medical Officer being a Plan B guy though. Yuck.
Please let me know what Bidens plan is.
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I agree. Plan B might be even better than Plan TB.
Plan B fucks your cycle up for like 4 months.
Im super disappointed by the lack of leadership shown by FlyAirNZ during this pandemic. Its only because we followed Plan A and not Plan B that we are even able to safely fly internally right now. Yet they continue to undermine our public health messaging. Shame on them.

Lmao friend please have a plan B.
Because THEY wish to be armed as a plan B?
Democrats have the power to make real the promises they've made to Latinx voters for decades, starting with legalizing essential workers reconciliation.
Americans need to vote ALL Corrupt Qpublicans out of every elected office in America while we still can. Nobody wants to resort to the "Plan B" option.
"It is now obvious to me that Nicola, Sturgeon has become the biggest obstacle to Scottish Independence we face. There is no credible Plan B. In May a vote for the SNP is a vote for Gender Politics, it is not a vote for independence.".

Good morning to all the girls that rather take a plan b then have him wear a condom.
>> The latest column by UniNoticias anchor jorgeramosnews for the nytimes: A Plan B for Immigration Reform.
Havent been on a plane for almost a year, totally unaware that AirNZ would be closet Plan B truthers. This is incredibly disturbing as someone with friends, family and a daughter all with compromised immune systems. I also have a very good memory. cc.

Ah, plan B: Brexit is bad because of remainers. That "thought" is hardly original - it's a sad, sad excuse. Now, are you going to tell me some benefits of Brexit?
To me it's just a business. And like all business I hope everyone has a plan b and plan c incase everything goes to hell at once.
Nigeria is getting older but regressing instead The only thing that gives me hope is the fact that no matter how much our government tries to frustrate us, we always have a plan B. They don't know the generation they're dealing with.

I do think there are some valid points there, but like any thread with multiple criticisms, the weaker ones get attacked the most vocally, distracting (IMO) from the stronger ones: Like mask use on flights and the choice to engage the Plan B folk.

The students led their SALLY session today. It was so fun to work with them as they planned, practiced, and executed their plan. These kiddos are amazing!!! Thanks Mrs. B. for the opportunity.
Excellent piece by jorgeramosnews argues that given the challenge of getting the Biden immigration package through Congress, the administration should also prepare a Plan B to protect as many people as possible.

I already know. We dont have snowflakes chance in hell against the US military so whats plan b?
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Lmfao plan B.
8 weeks? dis plan b getting popped like a tylenol on february 15th.
CAP. Ill swallow ten plan bs foh.
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41,700 fewer British Columbians are working compared to pre-pandemic levels last February. Its more important now than ever that John Horgan comes up with a jobs plan to restore the health of BCs economy.

Moline, IL artist Gggerio previews No Plan B He talkin that sh*t??? or BeatsByZuri Moline, Illinois.
On 14th when i find a couple wearing red i will just shout people power plan B tetujakuyigerezibwa goverment at nawe mutulumye ffe abali single.
Thats the plan.
Dems should consider a Plan B immigration bill, jorgeramosnews says, using budget reconciliation to protect as many ppl as possible w/ simple majority.
Plot= store selling/buying games, pandemic, store suffers (note suffering long before pandemic due to games being downloaded), Wiley kuds on reddit hatch plan, chaos ensues, hedge funds loose, all b/c of those meddling kids...

Absouletly true analysis and we agree selecaoportugal has 4nulb talented players Cristiano play head role and the most important footballer forVnulb B_Fernandes8 will score and assist his teammates DiogoJota18 and joaofelix70 will be usually at second plan.

Why indeed when they have a common goal. Or do they? It appears theSNP are not keen on looking at every possible route to ScottishIndependence when they know BorisJohnson will refuse their request. Plan B is it is then... What is Plan B.

My thoughts: b/c they were against Martin & now they think they won. And they feel they stopped Martin. Neither of the sides won. But they're not very bright, and they obv haven't read he's appealing. & fact there is now a Plan shows intention.

But theres no real winning in this race. Canada has lost 20,000 souls and counting. There isnt a vaccine on the planet that can fix that. Plan B Emergency Measures Act Canada's COVID-19 vaccine plan: What went rightand then so wrong.

Definitely Plan B if the starving masses don't eat them all alive on the Capitol stairs.
Some people plan on trick-or-treating in Toronto despite public health advice Toronto News GTA Say what you want you about Ontario's wishy-washy Thanksgiving public health recommendations, but officials from all three levels of government have b.

How are there still Plan B people? Can they show us a country that has successfully "lived with the virus"?
Titles, money, assets, businesses & whatever youre building can change. I wanna marry for love. True love doesnt change. The No plan B, crazy about you, cant live without you love.
The fear for Latinos, writes jorgeramosnews, is that the Biden-Harris plan which would give the nations nearly 11 million undocumented immigrants a road map to citizenship "will turn out to be yet another false hope.".

God, Im ready for your plan because I know it favours me.
It's high on the list. People don't realize how dangerous this is to national security. If you control the grid you control the populace. They may not have to go to plan B afterall. EMP's on the east and west coasts. This is not science fiction or fantasy.

The nuclear condition: French nuclear corporation EDF shares fall 18%, huge debts, needs another Govt. bail-out.
Ill overdose on plan bs before a mf call me his babymomma.
Well when you give up draft capital and make your entire offense based off on player who ends up not playing a snap, then of course youre gunna suck! There was never a plan B! Only a plan AB LOL.
Agree, but i get the feeling if Labour etc had of prescribed plan B instead of elimination then they would be screaming full lockdown. i mean look at hoskings contrarian flip flopping at the start.
Shes fucking trippin plan b all day.
Unless when the actual counts started rolling in and the establishment saw their plan wasn't going to work they went to Plan B and stopped counts on key areas for a time to get back on track and it really was flat out stolen.

Plan B: Sign.
WTF game plan that was coach B?
Someone really returned a plan b, because it didnt work.
I and i know many others on here have many many times and so far never had a coherent logical answer, how can we achieve independence with a fantasy S30 and no plan B? This boarders on insanity waken up people for goodness sake.

Adaba o naani a nkun'gb[?]; papa njo [?]y[?] oko fo l[?]. / The dove is unmoved by the bush being set on fire; once on fire, it simply flies away. ]Be strategic; in every situation, always have an assured plan B: it engenders calm in the midst of a storm].

, Other countries use medicines to fight Cv19! We Will NOT stay locked in until we have vaccines - we deserve medicines as plan B. This is beyond ridiculous. You are all killing us slowly! No word that 1 million immigrants are arriving from.

Thanks!!! Two weeks ago I was terrified I wouldnt get in anywhere and I was tryin to come up with an ideal plan B but thats not necessary anymore!!!
No credible plan B! There is no bloody credible plan A.
Whats the link?
Like bruh, going to the pharmacy to buy a plan b didnt make sense, but attempting to scoop semen out of womans vagina did.
Heres my column for The New York Times. The all or nothing strategy hasnt worked on immigration. But there is an alternative if Republicans dont want to cooperate for immigration reform.
Smart to be ready to pivot to this - A Plan B for Immigration Reform.
Maybe this will be the 2021 version of the crying Wilmer moment where plan B works out better than plan A.
Portishead-Dummy Public Enemy- It Takes a Nation of Millions to hold us Back Plan B- The Defamation of Strickland Banks The Verve-Urban Hymes Now THATS a wide range of music.
I sort of learned that game that framing the most obvious guy is a big double edged sword. A role watcher was on him and it ruined our justice plan and exposed the framer. I'd go for a B list target next time tbh.

What You Really Think

No plan B.

Sometimes difficult-to-pass legislation proposals especially ImmigrationReform have the inherent objective of only making politicians look good, and with the understanding that those proposals will not be approved.

Undocumented immigration is reunification of undocumented people in the US with loved ones abroad. Legal or illegal immigrants are separated for decades because of the broken indentured servitude legal immigration system.

No plan B. First amnesty included only farm workers. Now we have 12 plus million of people underground. These people have been here for decades and only reuniting with loved ones. 80% of kids that cross border are placed with a relative. We need to fix status for all immigrants.

Funny how Ramos is now supporting a piecemeal approach to amnesty for illegal immigrants but opposed it when Trump wanted to do the exact same thing.