Tuesday 14th of December 2021


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Came here to say this.


GROND **yes**.

What are you doing step grond?

Its new so reddit gives it a response limit in order to avoid bot spam. Look on its profile.

So far I have upvoted every comment and reply.

I was gronding on your moms last night.

Take us to GRONDOR!

Holy grond, i may have overdone it a bit.

We should establisg this as well. DNORG!

And my stony heart.

We cqn change that GROND.

I feel like there should be a grond bot.

Thou fool: a phantom thou didst see that I, I Sauron, made to snare thy lovesick wits.Naught else was there. Cold 'tis with Sauron's wraiths to wed! Thy Eilinel, she is long since dead, dead, food of worms, less low than thou.And yet thy boon I grant thee now: to Eilinel thou soon shalt go, and lie in her bed, no more to know of war - or manhood. Have thy pay!

There is no stop. There is only GROND.

The Gates of Minas Tirith?

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