Tuesday 13th of April 2021

REPEAT PSA: It Does Not Matter What Laws You Pass to Address Police Brutality if The Laws Are Never Enforced Against Police. Police Commit Crime in Broad Daylight, With Witnesses, on Video, And The District Attorneys Offices Tell us we Didnt See What we Saw.

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Remember when Capitol Police shot an unarmed woman in the neck and killed her on camera and all the people whod been screaming about police brutality for the past five years either pretended it never happened or actually cheered it?

My God. America, how do we sleep when this is our reality. 20 yrs old! Another precious life lost to racist police brutality. No justice, no peace.
This ghost town is all that remains of Montreals airport. In the before times it would have been packed with passengers coming & going and hundreds of stores & restaurants. Those jobs are gone and the life that came with them. Montreal is about police brutality and curfews now.

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TW // police brutality hello i dont know if you guys are aware but please spread DaunteWright name hes a 20 yr old black man that was murdered by police for having air fresheners in his car please lets help him get justice.

Tw/ police brutality pls dont stay silent on this or wait until you see other people/celebrities talking about this. a black man named Daunte Wright was murdered today by police officers in minnesota for having air fresheners on his rearview mirror. im linking resources below.

Police brutality continues killing black and brown people and its gotten to the point where the idea of justice is so skewed and seems unattainable especially in situations like these. Its exhausting to know these situations like these contiue to repeat over and over again.

No more slave films. No more help films. No more police brutality films. No more historical accuracy portrayal films. No more trauma.
Tw // death, police brutality, racism a warrant should never be a death sentence, hes a human being before anything else. all he did was get back in his car and they took his life and endangered so many others. so fucking disgusting.

REPEAT PSA: It does not matter what laws you pass to address police brutality if the laws are never enforced against police. Police commit crime in broad daylight, with witnesses, on video, and the district attorneys offices tell us we didnt see what we saw.

Tw // police brutality DaunteWright was murdered by police in minneapolis yesterday. he lost his life for having an air freshener on his rearview mirror. BlackLivesMatter and they always will. thread is filled with resources and info about Daunte Wright.

Tw// police brutality, death, racism an innocent black man was murdered by police today. DaunteWright was shot and then left on the sidewalk for hours. yet another life has been taken and the blood is at the hands of our criminal justice system.

// antiblackness , police brutality , ableism there's a cashapp in the thread where you can support the family, please share!
Tw / racism, police brutality, racism DuanteWright is a black man, he was murdered by the police man for having air freshener in the car. lets give him justice, big or small account please help in spreading awareness pls lets refrain from dropping hashtags & trending anything.

"Blue lives matter" flags are just a slap in the face to the families of police brutality victims. I absolutely have no respect for anyone who flies that shit.
Tw: anti-black violence, police brutality can yall please take the time to learn about what happened to Daunte Wright? he was a 20 year old black father who was murdered by police today (Sunday). if you google his name, a bunch of articles are available so please read them.

Put a trigger warning for videos with police brutality in them .
Tw // police brutality , racism - - whats going on rn? daunte wright was shot by the minneapolis police around 2 pm for having air freshener is his car. THAT WAS THE OFFENSE. pls spread awareness, idc how big or small ur platform might be, this deserves justice.

Oomfs and non oomfs: if you are just logging on please open this thread. /srs BlackLivesMatter DaunteWright tw // police brutality, racism.
Daunte Wright's life mattered. My heart goes out to his family and all mourning him. We must respond with actionorganizing to end police brutality, anti-Blackness, and racial injustice. A first step is to eliminate the filibuster & pass the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act.

Tw // police brutality , death , racism people who are unaware about what has happened to DaunteWright pls read thru these threads , i will also include resources to help , i haven't seen anyone talking about this on my tl.

Lest we forget the phrase is say HER name bc of all the black women that have died due to police brutality. theres nuance. fuck yall.
Right now, a black man is going about his business not knowing that he'll be the next victim of police brutality. It's dark, I know but that's the reality.
To people who just opened twitter / woke up READ THIS /srs // possible tw racism , police brutality , death , murder.
Our hearts go out to Daunte Wright's girlfriend, family, and friends. The racism that drives police brutality and systemic oppression is a public health crisis. We must invest in community-based solutions, education, and health care instead of militarizing police forces.

To oomfs who are unaware/just opened twitter !! /srs tw / racism, police brutality.
Tw // police brutality , death - - this is daunte wright. at around 2pm cst on april 11th, he was pulled over by brooklyn center police. the cop who pulled him over meant to taze him, but shot him once instead, killing him.

Nigerian technology start-ups are founded and led by young people that are challenging Nigerias political establishment and police brutality, writes TOkunoye.
It's official! I'm running for Congress against Jeff Van Drew. As a former law enforcement officer, survivor of police brutality, & civil rights attorney I know what integrity is. Van Drew betrayed his principles. South Jersey deserves better. Join us.

How to reduce police brutality & killings: Repeal qualified immunity to hold officers who betray the public trust accountable Ban dangerous police practices like "no-knock" warrants Push for better de-escalation and use-of-force training Stop criminalizing EVERYTHING.

This POS spent more time telling people not to loot than he spent talking about how tragic this loss is. He hasnt even called the family yet. Saving buildings is more important. Once again: FUCK JOE BIDEN. & fuck everyone that said voting for him would end police brutality.

Tw // death racism police brutality - - - - Daunte Wright, a 20 years old father was murdered by the police in MN for having air fresheners in his car. an innocent man's life was taken. If I see any of my oomfs tweeting about kpop I will block you. kpop can wait.

Tw // racism , police brutality. Duante Wright, a 20 yr old, Was murdered by the police in MN, for having air fresheners in his car. The body was left in the street for 6 HRS. can yall believe that? please go through the thread below !!! /srs.

Tw // police brutality thread of resources on what has happened today in Minnesota.
Tw // police brutality DaunteWright, a 20 year old father of a two year old, was killed by police in Brooklyn Center for having an air freshener in his car. he was unarmed and his body was left on the ground for hours. please spread the word and help get him justice.

Wants to bring his experience as a survivor of police brutality to Congress and help change how policing works in this country. Lets help him unseat traitor Jeff Van Drew in.
Tw // death, police brutality educate yourselves. this cannot be justified in the least.
Hello! so i know that 28 st4b w0unds is trending on accident (it's a meme from the videogame detroit become human) but um... let's not do that right now??? there are protest going on right now over a case of police brutality so this might scare/misinform people.

Tw // police brutality in case anyone wants an actual article instead of trying to pick through copy-paste threads for information, this NYT article sums up what we know so far pretty well and is easy to understand.

Tw // police brutality DaunteWright, a 20 year old father of a two year old, was killed by police in Brooklyn Center. He was on the way to have his car washed when he was pulled over by the police for having an air freshener obstructing the view of the rear view mirror.

It's devastating that during COVID-19, Black folks are forced to process the trauma of police brutality, state-sanctioned violence, and nonstop fear they're not safe. I'm grieving for Daunte Wright, with every Black mother, family, and community enduring this over and over.

Tw // police brutality, violence, racism DaunteWright was murdered by police in minneapolis today and was left on the sidewalk for hours. he was only 20 years old and a father of a one year old boy. he was murdered by cops for having air fresheners on his rear view mirror.

Tw // police brutality, death DaunteWright was just 20 years old when he was shot and killed a minneapolis police officer for having too many air fresheners in the car he was in, please share his story so we can get him justice.

TW // death, police brutality no literally what the fuck?? STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR THEM.
Tw // police brutality, racism, death I'm telling you guys, this is not a good time to have jokes and flirting, a guy named DaunteWright is murdered by a police man because of an air freshener and his body was left in the street for 6 whole hours, and we wont let this slide!

I'm not entirely informed on what happened today. I've been mostly offline. But who the fuck said to not post about racism and police brutality on actwt? Imagine being that heartless and racist because you don't wanna see reality outside of your switch screen.

Watching liberals bashing cops is really annoying once you realize their solution to the problem of police brutality is just to give them more money.
When white terrorists like kylerittenhouse can get away with murder and black people who comply with police officers can still experience police brutality and systematic racism, I can understand why rap groups are coming out with songs that say f$& the police.

Just because I was at an anti-police brutality protest, doesn't mean I'm anti-police. We want justice, but stop shooting unarmed people. -- Quentin Tarantino.
Greg Kelly attacking the Lt. who was a victim of police brutality reminds me of how the NY Post attacked the women who accused him of rape when he was at Fox and his daddy was NYC Police Comm.
Tw // police brutality , death thread filled with resources and informations about.
The police embrace their brutality. They are proud of themselves.
Tw / mentions of black death, police brutality, antiblack racism . . .
Ive been trying to avoid all news relating to police brutality. Just to change up the genre trauma I gotta deal with.
TW // police brutality, murder - - - If you are from the US, you need to be aware of what is happening. Daunte Wright, a 20 yo black man, was shot by police in Minneapolis during a traffic stop only a few miles away from where George Floyd was murdered. We need justice for him.

Its to draw attention to the continued problem that is police brutality. Tons of sporting events have been cancelled in the wake of terrorist attacks. These unarmed killings are terrorist attacks on American communities.

Tw// police brutality Daunte Wright, a 20 year old innocent black man was killed by the police for having air fresheners in his car. thread below on information and resources.
Tw // police brutality , murder twitter is so quick to add a description when a random yt streamer does something stupid but now they wanna be silent ? like why is this not being spoken about in the big news header they have for trends? they actively suppress EVERY TIME.

Stop making arguments for police that they wont endorse. If brutality and violence were not entrenched in policing, if it were a problem for them, when it occurred police would condemn it and root it out themselves. They dont. They double tf down, because it is. Wake up.

What You Really Think

Pretty sure the jury was also hand picked to go in the cop's favor, but hey corruption doesn't exist right.

This is due to the strength of the police unions! If only those Amazon employees were allowed to unionize in Alabama recently, imagine livable wages, healthcare, pension! Everything that the police have except for immunity, what they call qualified immunity!

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