Wednesday 29th of March 2023

Police Have Released Bodycam Footage of The Chilling Moment They Stormed a School in Nashville Where a Woman Shot And Killed Six People including Three Children. 7NEWS at 6pm.

Social Media Says

Police have released bodycam footage chilling moment they stormed school Nashville where woman shot killed people including three children. 7NEWS 6pm.
people confirmed dead Nashville Covenant school shooting. Nashville Police released chilling bodycam footage brave officers storming school, neutralizing trans shooter Nashville Covenant School, Nashville, TN.

NEWS Chilling bodycam footage been released police stormed Nashville school where heavily armed woman killed people, including three children.
WARNING, DISTRESSING CONTENT: Police have released harrowing bodycam footage moment they gunned down Nashville school shooter.
Nashville Police have released bodycam footage cannot stressed enough remarkable this response was. These officers real life heroes. Chilling stuff.

What You Really Think

It's called a hate crime .bet you if a white Christian man killed 3 trans kids hate crime would be planted on this news page from dusk till Dawn . Garbage journalism at its best seven but I'd expect nothing less from you.

When will POTUS Force policy to protect the children of America. Parents shouldn't have to worry if their kids are going to go to school and get shot. In Australia we worry about kids getting bullied and picked up. In USA its is my child going to get shot today.

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