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Sunday 12th of July 2020

An incredible Display Once Again From Nick Pope This Afternoon The Burnley Stopper Reflects on Shared Points at Anfield...

[?]nulb alanshearer's Team of the Week 3/5 nulb Guardiola Pope Egan Tarkowski Tierney Willian Henderson Pogba David Silva Salah Welbeck Greenwood or 1/3.
Great effort again from BurnleyOfficial who are the first team to take points off LFC this season at Anfield. Pope saves the day.
Nick Pope has kept 1nulb4nulb clean sheets in the PL this season, more than any other goalkeeper.
Again, separate discussion. Pope was fantastic.
Nick Pope definitely should be Englands number one. A great MOTM performance today.
Other than Nick Pope, where do you think it went wrong today?
"There were moments when it was Liverpool against Nick Pope!".
I hope The Next Pope: The Office of Peter and a Church in Mission will provoke a useful conversation about the Catholic future.
The age you are today, that won't cause any dispute anywhere in the world, once you mention it, is being determined by the Gregorian calendar. This calendar was designed by Pope Gregory XIII, who introduced it in October 1582.

Funny eh? I thought he was gonna say the pope jinxed you , but even better reply.
Up and Vanished Someone Knows Something The Pope Next Door (this one is based in Louisville!!).
Guess Pope Benedict is crazy.
Shannon gets pope bess.
Nick pope is the keeper kepa wants to be when he grows up...
Saturday Patriots. TRUMP2020 cbrnetaskforce Lots_Of_Fun_69 MspdcaliKag DollArntzen Iam42800031 MyManMap TerrestrialTwit.
Nick Pope: "You come to big grounds like this you expect to be busy. Liverpool are champions for a reason so youve got to come here ready for action. I was fortunate enough to keep a couple out." Modest that. He was the reason Burnley had the platform to get a point at Anfield.

Saturday Patriots. TRUMP2020 Sassy4Trump ItsJustJill 4RealMom3 happy_gal_ kay4Trump EagleEyeFlyer Debwrightjones jennacathill.
There are arguments for both Obama and the Pope. My choice is the Pope. It fits more of the description.
This is what I mean when I say Kiara doesn't acknowledge her privilege and is just playing at being a Pogue. She can't fathom caring about a scholarship because she'll never need one so she completely dismisses Pope's NEEDS and feelings.

There have been news of Chelsea linked with Pope, Onana and Henderson. You guys need to do us some favor. But I United will never sell to us.
Just when you remove juniperoserra statue the pope comes up with a new missionary filth tribal abuser.
Always been a fan of Jay Rodriguez if the dude could ever stay healthy And Pope is a hell of a GK. But still, we need to be putting in more than just one goal when our front 3 are fit and starting. No idea why thats suddenly such a struggle.

Klopp rues Liverpool profligacy and hails 'sensational' Pope.
Nick Pope: England's best goalkeeper right now?
Nick Pope >>> Pope Francis.
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REACTION: Pope: It's Nice To Help Out!
Based on form Pope.
Saturday Patriots TRUMP2020 LindaNTx Lindamu9 CeeBeesHeart JanetTXBlessed FelixAnchor__ uniquelywritten TaraForTrump.
Been hearing rumours of e-girl weakness caused pope.
Does the Pope shit in the woods?
As an opponent, if you can stay in the game through individual brilliance like Pope and riding your luck with the ref, you've always got a chance. Burnley's biggest attacking strength is set plays and they capitalised with a really nice finish.

Or maybe its cos Pope made a couple of worldies and Bobby hit the post?
KimPKAG2020 JodyBelcher7 pjbowles4 StevenEmery003 deplorable_rube GoboMontaco FairyQ15 Thank you very much for the ride Susan! IFBAP.
Great works Pope !!! Congrats !!!
Awww was.
FairyQ15 491_678 pope_slap blaze0497 Toddscrypto rebel_fla Thank you.
Nick Pope kwasia Wo Maame paaa! Against Liverpool you turn Prime Oliver Kahn. Gbemi!
The vatican and pope are the antichrist and the real one came long ago. Mark of the beast already occurred. Vatican hijacked christianity and merged with devil worship. Christmas is a lie and devil worship. If people want to be saved this is it.

Ivan Lucic is a 79 rated FUCKING KEEPER he had 6 saves my 93 rated Pope easportfifa gave up 1 GOAL EAHelp phuckme.
Good performance today - just didnt put away those chances. Bossed them! Pope had the game of his life nulb.
Nick Pope made eight saves against Liverpool, only Paulo Gazzaniga (12) has made more in a single Premier League game at Anfield this season. Without him, Liverpool's winning streak would have continued. nulb.

The Orange Order denounce gay rights & members cant attend a catholics funeral. Yet they fangirl a prince who was a rampant homosexual, ***nulb who was gifted a pony by the pope. If alive today William of Orange wouldnt be allowed to be in the oo. WTF OrangeOrder Mentalists.

Yes the Pope is the head as he is the Apostolic successor to st Peter.
Another decent game to watch,We had loads of good chances but wasnt at it in the box today.Burnley possibly deserved the draw for defending better than any prem team at Anfield for some time,and when we got past the defence the pope was in goal!Enough said !Champions ynwa.

Pope having the game of his life...
Pope has made 15.4% of Kepas total saves this season in the Liverpool game alone (8).
You know that "warm in the sun, refresh in the breeze, glow in the stars, blossom in the trees" was from Alexander Pope's Essay On Man.
Now Playing : Take the Edge Off by Ron Pope Listen online at.
Is the pope a catholic?
Enjoy, Nick Pope LIVBUR Damn.
Ooh u no be guy kraa.
If I find out one of yall was hiding this band from me and never told me Im unfollowing you.
The Roman Church is Catholic, headed by the Bishop of Rome aka the Pope.
Wyo Im on the block.
I have a lot of Catholic friends and all of this pedo shit in the church pisses me off. Once we figure out this Epstein stuff the Pope needs to start doing some serious excommunications.
Some pretty poor batting in fairness. Windies like many others know if they stay in the game we will make mistakes. Sadly we have. Get some balance with foakes but we still need to let likes of pope Crawley etc continue to learn. There is a great basis here.

17' WOW! What a save! Nick Pope is there once again! Salah's goal-bound strike is palmed away by the Burnley number one. 0-0.
I do. And I thank all the computers, and all the slaves. mueller guadeloupe God 4200gujarat.
Another Gabriel removes Pope for 12! England 279/8, lead by 165 runs.
Can we sign nick pope please Everton??
RIP JACK..Legend...The Pope wouldve stopped that...Vnulb.
Burnley played good. Defense was great, thanks to Nick pope, oh boy! You were something else today. Fantastic saves.
Disgraceful from Pope, how dare he do his job?
95 reasons why the pope succ.
Growing up in Arizona, the life of the Padre on Horseback played a large part in strengthening my own Catholic faith especially the love, care, and sensitivity he showed to the indigenous people of Arizona, BishopWall told CNA.

Sessions SHUCHE SheffieldUnited Tammy LIVBUR Pope Promote your business 3d cartoon funny video.
It brings out the best in them. Pope is a top keeper anyway!
What if rat is controlling the pope and thats why he always has to wear a hat.
Pope is by far England's best goalkeeper.
Chelsea should get Pope.
Should be pope.
10/ The Anti Christ that will come, will align with a religious leader (probably a Pope) and will sign a 7 yr covenant with Israel. This begins the period of judgement for 7 years. Star signs are evil to the Lord God. They say to fulfill Christianity you need to experience life.

9/ records) and ascended to Heaven in front of witnesses. The Catholics do not have his remains that is deception. Pope Francis is pushing a one world interfaith religion, exactly as the Bible predicts. Do not trust the Pope.

But Pope has 8 saves? I think the bonus system is broken.
Pope with no doubt.
The Vatican announced Saturday that Pope Francis has recognized the heroic virtues of a 14-year-old Italian boy who died in 1963.
V Day 4 Final Session Getting Some Fire ENG 8 down 279 O Pope bowled on 12(30) by Gabriel Jofra Archer*: 1 (3) England lead by 165 runs Back to Back Wickets for.
Between tarky pope and Dwight it could easily reach 150m.

What You Really Think

Look Popey1992 climb to the top and you will know that he has the heart and desire and deserves all the plaudits he is now receiving BTFC NSnulb.

You watching Southgate???

My G. Englands G.

Nick Pope should be England's No.1?

Goalie of the year.

Englands No 1 for sure.

.ChelseaFCinUSA and.


He plays for Burnley so hes never going to be a paper or social media star , but boy is he good.

How is he not Englands number 1.

Wasted playing for Burnley I'm yano kids class must burn is head out playing for a manager who can only used Sunday league tactics.

And the ref.

More like awful MoSalah & Mane made a turd shine...overrated crap.

How he's behind Pickford for England is scandalous.. Both him and Henderson are class keepers way way ahead of Pickford.

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