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Tuesday 7th of April 2020

Pope Francis

Im grateful for the priestly leadership of Pope Francis at this moment. He is visibly straining himself at prayer and strained by the suffering of the Church and world. His pastoral closeness is unmissable, as his his faith. There is a bishop in Rome..
Cardinal George Pell is a good guy set up by the church. This is great news as he was set up and on our side. Pope Francis is not a fan of his..
24 carats! God bless you, Pope Francis!.
Pope Francis goes beyond Australias High Court, Pells lawyers, and even Pell. No one in Australia has attacked the complainant in the way the Pope has done..
Hours after Cardinal was acquitted in , prayed for all those who have suffered an unjust sentence..
LOL. Pope Francis tweeting like a bogan gf whose man has just gotten off. No prayers for the victim? Classy!.
He was looking into the Vatican finances - and a strong conservative Catholic leader - opposite of Pope Francis. The case against him was very weak. All seven judges on the High Court agreed it should have never gone to court. Unanimous decision virtually unheard of..
The church must be a field hospital for the sick, not a museum for the perfect.Pope Francis.
Pope Francis has shared a cryptic message on Twitter, hours after Cardinal George Pells acquittal, seemingly comparing Pells experience to the persecution of Jesus. speaks with Vatican correspondent ..
Pope Francis, speaking just a few hours after Australias highest court acquitted Cardinal George Pell of sexual abuse, offered his morning Mass for those who suffer today from unjust sentences..
Difficult to support a Pope who fails to support clergy child sex abuse victims. Pope Francis decries unjust sentences after cardinal George Pell acquitted.
Nice one, Pope.Apparently the judges in todays ruling did not view the video that 2 other courts saw that found Pell guilty.Remember all the Catholic children who suffered "because someone had it in for them"?This is shameful, Francis. Off you go to confession, now!.
12. ...is obvious this could be a huge disadvantage given that in the past weve had collusion at the highest level between church and Mafia, this exposes the pope.Months after this report, Cardinal George Pell was named by Francis to reform the IOR..
Pope Francis decries unjust sentences after cardinal George Pell acquitted.
Alex Jones: Pope Francis is a demon-possessed piranha!.
WOW on how. uses spousal imagery to say priests stand in for the groom and the Church as bride. "This underlines how men can fill all the roles through a gender fluid pansexuality granted for male priests alone".
Pope Francis kicking victims of his Churchs child sexual abuse in the guts, all over the world today. Hey Pope Francis - PELL ISNT INNOCENT..
Blessed Holy Tuesdayand everyone"Let us pray for peace: Peace in the world and in each of our hearts. - Pope Francis.
El supremo, bible thumping, god botherer & cult leader takes todays decision as vindication rather than a decision about legal process. pells not innocent. Hes beaten the rap on legal technicality. He & his cult now face civil action for compensation..
Pope Francis is not a Christian. Pope Francis is not a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. Pope Francis is a fake and a fraud. A very possibly even much worse than that..
The Pope has seemingly compared George Pell to Jesus in a new tweet.
Harmony. Cooperation. . All are important to confront the global pandemic, as Pope Francis & His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan recently discussed. Learn more..
Who is Pope Francis? Jorge Mario Bergoglio and Argentinas Dirty War via.
Vile POS - Pope Francis decries unjust sentences after cardinal George Pell acquitted.
BREAKING: Pope Francis has weighed in on recruit Curtis Scotts court case for allegedly assaulting police..
Pope Francis prays for the unjustly condemned after Pell conviction overturned.
Pope Francis prays for prisoners in overcrowded jails during the pandemic. Fr. Brian Gownas, president of the International Commission of Catholic Prison Pastoral Care, shares how the coronavirus is affecting the lives of prison inmates and those who minister to them.
Pope Francis defending George Pell who covered up for other paedophiles for decades and made sure victims were denied justice and proper compensation. Whats the chance Francis is also a paedophile?.
Im honestly speechless..
Pope Francis is not a Catholic in the sense that Pope John Paul II was a Catholic. Pope Francis is not a Christian. He is not a follower of Jesus of Nazareth. Pope John Paul II was a Christian. A follower of Jesus. Pope Francis is a blasphemous liar..
Why is Bishop Kukah silent on the accusation against Pope Francis by his fellow clergyman Pastor Apostle Suleiman? Does he think it was President that was being referred to by Suleiman?.